Douglas Dietrich Critical Omissions Tuesday October 17th 2017 10/17/17

White privilege is not knowing what other races go through. Whites say, “Why do you hate us?” They want you to think the axis wouldn’t harm Americans on the home-front, but American women like “Rosie the Riveter” died of sabotage during WW2. In WW1, Americans used the H1N1 avian swine flue, aka the Spanish flu,…

Douglas Dietrich Firing Lines Saturday October 14th 2017 10/14/17

In this episode, Douglas Dietrich discusses the Satanic Russian White Trash Insurgency, scalar technology, historical context, solutions, and more. Drive By Clip: Douglas Dietrich Whips Out Some Maps Michael Aquino’s Racist Shortcomings Amazing Grace: The Redemption of John Newton Vladimir Putin Fails to Intimidate Angela Merkel