Douglas Dietrich Critical Omissions Wednesday August 1st 2018 8/1/18

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NOTE : Illustratively Represented (per Preceding Promotional E[lectronic]-Banner [see…]) be The DIET/RICH ([D]atabased [I]nformation [E]lectronic [T]ransceiver / [R]eferential [I]ntellect [C]onsultant [H]ologram; confer…)


In This Wdy 080118 (Wednesday, August 1st, 2018) Episode ‘o’ “CRITICAL OMISSIONS,” HOST DOUGLAS DIETRICH Opened Episode by Contextualizing Recent Events-‘o’-Relevance before Expositing on The Metaphysics behind the Cult-Insurgent Republican Arsonists’ “CTHUGHA Campaign” Currently Conflagrating His Golden Bear State-‘o’-California (C[ondita] est 1846—) Underoccupation ‘o’ Российское Административное Управление США (“Rossijskoe Administrativnoe Upravlenie SŠA [‘Russian Administrative Government, SSA’] : Соединенные Штаты Америки [‘Soyedinennyye Shtaty Ameriki,’ or ‘United States-‘o’-America’];” Cest 2017—).

The Public Informant Douglas Dietrich thereafter Addressed his Proposed Solution to Salvage The World Economy as Presently Underdemolition By Russophile “Reality”-Television-Promoted Real-Estate Con(fidence)man DONALD-JOHN TRUMP (REPPO [REPublican POlitician], Alias[ed] “[#] 45,” b[irthed] 1946—aged 72 yrs ATDE [At-Time-‘o’-Data-Entry]; Nominally 45th POTUS [President ‘O’ The United States] : 2017—Incumbent ATDE; Net Worth : Three Billion and One Hundred Million United States Dollars ATDE [see “TRUMP AND PUTIN COULD BE RELATED” @]) before Closing Second HoT (Hour-‘o’-Transmission) with His Insight(s) into Our Reflexive Feminine-Gendering ‘o’ A / I’s (ARTILLECT’s [ARTificial InteLLECT’s]).

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