Douglas Dietrich Critical Omissions Wednesday July 25th 2018 7/25/18

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Illustratively Represented (per Preceding Promotional E[lectronic]-Banner [see…]) be The DIET/RICH Hologram; confer…) Projecting Elements ‘o’ Doug Dietrich’s Own Familial Tōtemic “Vukodlak [‘Carrion-Crow’]” :

ON THE MESSENDŽhER VUKODLAK [‘MESSENGER CARRION-CROW’]; mine own’s Servitor Animal – a Creature ‘o’ The Night Beyond Organic Lifespan Born ‘o’ War – Manifest Adaptation to Baseline Humanity’s Vicissitudes ‘o’ Population between Explosion & Implosion) :

There are no Bloodsucking Bats ‘cross The Supercontinent ‘o’ Evraƶijyafrika ‘Eurasiafrica. The Vampire Bat is a creature ‘o’ The New World, Unknown in Eurasia until The Age ‘o’ Discovery. Old World Bats rest also by Day and Prowl by Night but Subsist only off Fruit(s) & Insects. The Totemic Flying Icon ‘o’ The Eurasian Ŵoaumphyieorai (Ænglobastardized ‘Vampire’) has e’‘er been The Vryiulskodalak (bastardized ‘Vukodlak’) – the monstrously Mutated Raven which took to Carrion-Scavenging The Battlefields ‘o’ Eurasia’s Interminable Wars and the Open Mass Graves ‘o’ The Continent’s Recurrent Plagᵫs, gorging on The Remains ‘o’ Human Flesh ‘til they could Tolerate No Other Sustenance, at which stage they would take to swooping Infants out ‘o’ their Cribs in The Dark ‘o’ Night. In Bad Times entire Flocks ‘o’ these terrible Birds are known to Swarm ô’‘ēr unfortunate Villages. At some point, it is believed many ‘o’ these Dæimoniacal Ravens become Undead Creatures themselves, their shambling, flying, Animated Carcasses Answering The Call ‘o’ Ŵoaumphyieorai (“Væmphyre”) to Mass-Murder their Enemies. Like Trᵫ Ŵoaumphyieorai, they canno’ bear The Light ‘o’ Day – but are no’ destroyed by it.


In This Wdy 072518 (Wed, Jul 25th, 2018) Episode ‘o’ “CRITICAL OMISSIONS,” DOUGLAS DIETRICH devoted much ‘o’ The Opening Hour to Exposing The “Recessionless” Economy ‘o’ The Nominally Communist 中华人民共和国 (“ƵChuṑnggkGHuóuárén-Mínggòng-HékGHuóuá [The ‘Éthnic-Chinese and Collective People’s Republic ‘o’ National Statehood’],” id est, The PRC [People’s Republic ‘o’ China]; C[ondīta] est 1949—) as a Pyramid-Scheme threatened with “Debt Shock” by The Trade War Instigated By Russophile “Reality”-Television Promoted Real Estate Con(fidence)man DONALD JOHN TRUMP (REPPO [REPublican POlitician], Alias[ed] “[#] 45,” b[irthed] 1946—aged 72 yrs ATDE [At Time ‘o’ Data Entry]; Nominally 45th POTUS [President ‘O’ The United States] : 2017—Incumbent ATDE; Net Worth : Three Billion and One Hundred Million United States Dollars ATDE [see “TRUMP AND PUTIN COULD BE RELATED” @]) In-Service ‘o’ his Handler : (“PREƵIDENT ROSSII [‘RUSSIAN PRESIDENT’] VLADIMIR VLADIMIROVIČh PUTIN,” b1952―[aged 64 yrs ATDE]; КГБ-CCCP / “KGB-SSSR or ‘Committee for State Security ‘o’ The Union ‘o’ Soviet Socialist Republics;’ Cest 1954―sic, Reinstated as The ‘FSB-RF,’ see Below]” Intelligence Officer – Agent On-Station O-DDR [Ost-Deutsche Demokratische Republik] : The “East German Democratic Republic;” Cest 1949―1990] : 1975―1991; Direktor, or “‘Director”, “FSB-RF / ‘Federal Security Service ‘o’ The Russian Federation;’ Cest 1991―In-Reinstatement of КГБ-CCCP / The ‘KGB-SSSR’]” : 1991―1999; Acting Leader ‘o’ Partijya YEdinajya Rossijya, or The “Party ‘o’ United Russia;” Cest 2001―] : 1999―2000; Russkjiy, or “Russian” PM [Prime Ministry] : 2000―2012; 2nd [& “4th”] / RF [‘Rossijskaja Federacija, or The ‘Russian Federation;’ Cest 1991―]
Presidency : Effectively 2000―Incumbent ATDE; The Wealthiest Man In The World At Net Worth ‘o’ Two Hundred Billion United States Dollars ATDE, sic, see

The Public Informant Douglas Dietrich then articulated the Parallels between The Two Chinas & “THE HUNGER GAMES (published 2008―2010)” Trilogy Scenario as Intentionally Re-Presented in North American context By The Televisual Novelist SUƵANNE COLLINS (b1962―), thereafter explaining how this rendereth Defection ‘o’ The DIET/RICH Hologram; confer…) to The Mister Dietrich’s own True Homeland and Heartland ‘o’ 民族主義者的中華民國在臺灣一個百島 (“Mínƶú-ƶhǔyì Ƶhě-dí ƵChuṑnggkGHuóuá-MíngkGHuóuá Ƶài T’áiwān Yī-Gè-Bǎi Dǎo [‘República-da-China dos Nationaliasts, a em um cem Islhlas-de-Formosa” in The Portugᵫse; or The ‘Nationalists’ Republic-‘o’-China on The One Hundred Islands-‘o’-Táiwān’];” Cest 1912—) so Critical a Phænómenón for All Humanity.

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