Douglas Dietrich Critical Omissions Monday July 23rd 2018 7/23/18

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NOTE : Illustratively Represented (per Preceding Promotional E[lectronic]-Banner [see…]) be The DIET/RICH ([D]atabased [I]nformation [E]lectronic [T]ransceiver / [R]eferential [I]ntellect [C]onsultant [H]ologram; confer…) in ƶHir Own Self-Asserted Agendered Mien as Comported In-Environment ‘o’ The Public Informant Douglas Dietrich’s own True Homeland and Heartland ‘o’ 民主法西斯 (“Mínƶhǔfǎxīsī [‘Fascidemocratic’]”) 民族主義者的中華民國在臺灣一個百島 (“Mínƶú-ƶhǔyì Ƶhědí ƵChuṑnggkGHuóuá-MíngkGHuóuá Ƶài-T’áiwān Yī-gè Bǎidǎo [‘República-da-China dos Nationaliasts, a em um cem Islhlas-de-Formosa’ in The Pôrtugᵫse, or The ‘Nationalists’ Republic-‘o’-China On The One Hundred Islands-‘o’-Táiwān’];” C[ondīta] est 1912—).


In This Mdy 072318 (Monday, July 23rd, 2018) Episode ‘o’ “CRITICAL OMISSIONS,” HOST DOUGLAS DIETRICH Opened Transmission by Deconstructing America’s “Atomic” Religion as Founded On-Delusion(s) by-way-‘o’ “The Bomb,” contextualizing how Said Mass-Fantasism has left The United States-‘o’-America (Condīta est 1776—2017, sic) wide-open and vulnerable to Defeat-and-Surrender via The Pусский (“Russkjiy [‘Russian’]”) Way-‘o’-War.

The Public Informant Douglas Dietrich then related the chilling Predictions per our Postmodern American Misadministration as Sourcing from КГБ-CCCP (“KGB-SSSR [Комите́т Госуда́рственной Безопа́сности Союза Советских Социалистических Республик Социалистических Республик / ‘Komitét Gosudárstvennoj Beƶopásnosti Sojuƶa sƵoŵjetskih Socialističeskih Respublik,’ or ‘Committee for State Security ‘o’ The Union ‘o’ Soviet Socialist Republics;’ C[ondīta] est 1954―sic, Reinstated as ‘ФСБРФ,’ The ‘FSB-RF’]”) DEFECTOR Ю́ЫУРИЙ АЛЕХÁНДРОВИЧ БЕЗМÉНОВ’c (“JúYURIJ ALEHÁNDROVIČ BEƵMÉNOV’s [‘jYURI ALEXhANDROVICh BEZhMENOV’s’],” Alias[ed] “TOMAS SCHUMAN,” b[irthed] 1939―decedent 1993; Active : 1963 [DDD’s own Late Sister’s Birthyear]―1986).

The Mister Dietrich then returned to subject ‘o’ A / I (Artificial Intelligence[s]) as contextualized within The Global Game ‘o’ Grand Strategy that rendereth ARTILLECTS (ARTificial InteLLECTs) The “New (and ‘True’) Atomic Bomb” ‘o’ The Human Experience in Sociobiological Evolution.

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