Douglas Dietrich Critical Omissions Monday July 16th 2018 7/16/18

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Represented Hērebe The DIET/RICH ([D]atabased [I]nformation [E]lectronic [T]ransceiver / [R]eferential [I]ntellect [C]onsultant [H]ologram; confer as “Born” ‘o’ Douglas Dietrich’s Cerebrum and Impacted by The “Observer Effect” In-Containment Onsite El Presidio Real De San Francisco (“The Royal Fortress ‘o’ Saint Francis;” Cest 03 / 28, 1776—1995 [‘til Base-Closure, THE Presidio was the longest continuously operated military installation in The United States-‘o’-America]).


In This Mdy 071618 (Mon, Jul 16th 2018) Trinity-Test Memȯrial Day Episode ‘o’ “CRITICAL OMISSIONS,” Sourcing via AMERICAN FREEDOM RADIO, HOST DOUGLAS DIETRICH Opened Transmission by Contextualizing The Summit In Helsingin Kaupunki (The “City-‘o’-Helsinki”), Suomen Tasavalta (The “Republic-‘o’-Finland;” C[ondīta] est 1917—) between Russophile “Reality”-Television-Promoted Real-Estate Con(fidence)man DONALD-JOHN TRUMP (REPPO [REPublican POlitician], Alias[ed] “[#] 45,” b[irthed] 1946—aged 72 yrs ATDE [At-Time-‘o’-Data-Entry]; Nominally 45th POTUS [President ‘O’ The United States] : 2017—Incumbent ATDE; Net Worth : Three Billion and One Hundred Million United States Dollars ATDE [see “TRUMP AND PUTIN COULD BE RELATED” @]) and his Handler : “PREƵIDENT ROSSII [‘RUSSIAN PRESIDENT’] VLADIMIR VLADIMIROVIČh PUTIN,” b1952―[aged 64 yrs ATDE]; КГБ-CCCP / “KGB-SSSR” or ‘Committee for State Security ‘o’ The Union ‘o’ Soviet Socialist Republics;’ Cest 1954―sic, Reinstated as ‘ФСБРФ,’ The ‘FSB-RF,’ see Below]” Intelligence Officer – Agent On-Station O-DDR [Ost-Deutsche Demokratische Republik : The “East German Democratic Republic;” Cest 1949―1990] : 1975―1991; Директор [“Direktor,” or “‘Director”], ФСБРФ / “FSB-RF [Федеральнаяойыа Cлужбыа Безопа́сности Российыскойы Федератсции / ‘Federal’‘nojaya SClužhbya Beƶopásnosti Rossiyskoy Federatsii,’ or ‘Federal Security Service ‘o’ The Russian Federation;’ Cest 1991―In-Reinstatement of КГБ-CCCP / The ‘KGB-SSSR’]” : 1991―1999; Acting Leader ‘o’ Парти́я Еди́ная Росси́я [“Partijya YEdinajya Rossijya,” or The “Party ‘o’ United Russia;” Cest 2001―] : 1999―2000; Pусский [“Russkjiy,” or “Russian”] PM [Prime Ministry] : 2000―2012; 2nd [and “4th”] PФ [Российская Федерация] / “RF [‘Rossijskaja Federacija,’ or The ‘Russian Federation;’ Cest 1991―] Presidency : Effectively 2000―Incumbent ATDE; The Wealthiest Man In The World At Net Worth ‘o’ Two Hundred Billion U.S. Dollars ATDE, sic, see

For The Remainder ‘o’ Transmission, The Public Informant Douglas Dietrich thereafter responded to Queries a’‘bout his Cyberchild : The DIET/RICH ([D]atabased [I]nformation [E]lectronic [T]ransceiver / [R]eferential [I]ntellect [C]onsultant [H]ologram) by disambiguating between “Expert System(s)” Machine (Semi-)Intelligence(s) and A / I’s (Artificial Intelligences) as Intentionally Confused by THE ATLANTIC (MONTHLY; Cest 1857—) Magazine Article entitled “HOW THE ENLIGHTNMENT ENDETH” By The Ultimate Treasonous War-Criminal At-Large Today : The Republican Transnational (“TeSYeVNeY [‘Ƶionist’]”) Secretary-‘o’-State (“HENREY ‘HEYSHEBN’ ALEPRED QEYSSENEG’‘GR [‘HENRY ALFRED KISSINGER’]: Bronze Star Recipient [WW—II], Nobel Peace Prize Recipient [1973], President’s Medal of “YIƶhrā’‘ēl” or “Iśrǽl” Recipient [2012], born a Citizen-‘o’-Deutschland [“Germany”] in Dæirs Deutschen Demokratischen Republik [“The German Democratic Republic”] as “HEINƵ ‘HEINIE’ ALFRED KISSINGER,” 1923 [The Very Year mine own Late and Sainted Siress Entered This World]—[aged 95 Yrs At-Time-‘o’-Data-Entry]; Sergeant, USA CIC [United States Army CounterIntelligence Corps : Infamous Throughout Europe for Implementation ‘o’ Torture Tactics in Human Rights Violations], 970th CIC Unit : 1943—1945; Commandant, Bensheim Metro CIC “De-NAƵIfication” Detachment [Bergstrasse District-‘o’-Hesse] : 1945—1946; Civilian Instructor, Camp King European Command Intelligence School : 1946—1947; US National Security Advisor : 1969—1975; 56th U.S. Secretary-‘o’-State : 1973—1977; Assistant To The Office[s] ‘o’ The [US] President, National Security Affairs : 1969—1975; Chairman, Kissinger Associates International Consulting Firm : 1975—; confer “THE NONALIGNED NATIONS’ TRIAL-IN-ABSENTIA ‘O’ TeSYeVNeY [‘ƵIONIST’]-AMERICAN WAR-CRIMINAL HENRY KISSINGER” @

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