Douglas Dietrich Critical Omissions Monday July 2nd 2018 7/2/18

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¡ AMIDST OUR AUTUMNAL TWILIGHT ‘O’ AMERICAN REPUBLIC (Preceding Our Winter ‘o’ Incivil War Anticipating Glorious Springtide In-Democracy [see]) : 臺北-剑杆 (“TÁĪPBĚĪH-JIÀNGĀN [THE ‘TAIPEI RĀPIÈR’]”) HOSTED THE LAST ANTE (“PRIOR”)-INDEPENDENCE DAY (an AFR* Nonbroadcast Day) TRANSMISSION ‘O’ “CRITICAL OMISSIONS” LIVE ON-BANDWIDTH IN AFR (*AMERICAN FREEDOM RADIO @ AMERICANFREEDOMRADIO.COM; C[ondīta] est 2008—) TIMESLOT WHILST CONTINUING PROMULGATION Per OUR PRECEDENT-SETTING ALL-CLEAR (CHATFREE)-BROADCASTING (¡ HAIL & HEÄRKEN ALL YE UNEMPLOYABLE GANGSTALKING PÆDOPORNOHOLIC AQUINO-&-RINGLEY CULTIC BELLGAB-DOT-COM SATANOFAGS [see and Confer All Links w /in ToP [Text-‘o’-Post] therein] : Now that all ye Lonely Buttboys have No Life Left-To-Live since ye can’t be MST3K [“MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000;” 1988—1999] Puppets for The TOS [Temple-‘O’-Sēt’; Cest 1975—]-Controlled “REVOLUTION RADIO [an oxymoronic alliteration if e’‘er therebe one, as ‘FREEDOM-SLIPS-DOT-COM’ be neither ‘Révolutionary’ nor ‘Radio …’]” Opposition anymore, maybe ye can finally find time to Kill Yourselves in a Hale-Bopp Circle-Jerk [THAT Cult literally didn’t have any balls either] – NOBODY will f_cking care !) !


In This Mdy 070218 (Wednesday, July 2nd, 2018) Ante (“Prior”)-Independence Day Episode ‘o’ “CRITICAL OMISSIONS,” Sourcing via AMERICAN FREEDOM RADIO, HOST DOUGLAS DIETRICH Opened Transmission by Covering WBK (What-Be-Known) per The FBI (Federal Bureau-‘o’-Investigation; C[ondīta] est 1908—) Arrest ‘o’ Black Afrikan-American DEMETRIUS N PITTS as an impotent Sacrificial “Scapegoat” for Public Consumption per Stereotype(s) ‘o’ “Foreign (Coloured)” Terrorism.
Thereafter Doug Dietrich Analyzed The Sociodynamics ‘o’ American State-Denial(s) per blatant White European-American Terrorism in-context ‘o’ Ongoing Русскйиы (“Russkjiy [‘Russian’]”) Insurgency as spearheaded by The Treasonous Transnational (sic) NRA (National Rifle Association; Cest 1871—) Terrorist Network before turning to the latest Ongoing Campaign By Российская Федерация (“Rossijskaja Federacija [The ‘Russian Federation’];” Cest 1991―)-Collaborationist Republican Party (Cest 1854—) to Revise History in American Academia and Remove the term “Democracy” from American Textbooks.
Finally : Mister Dietrich Concluded Contextualization in-light ‘o’ his Precedent Analyses per the Permanent Closure ‘o’ The AMERICAN FREEDOM RADIO Chatroom Under-Necessity-‘o’-Redefinition ‘o’ The First Amendment for The Digital Age.

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