Douglas Dietrich Critical Omissions Wednesday June 27th 2018 6/27/18

¡ 臺北-剑杆 (“TÁĪPBĚĪH-JIÀNGĀN [THE ‘TAIPEI RĀPIÈR’]”) HOSTED THIS ANNUS’ (“YEAR’S”) LAST NALP / PTSDAM (National Alternative Lifestyles[s] Pride and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder[s] Awareness Mēnsis [“Month”]) EPISODE ‘O’ “CRITICAL OMISSIONS” LIVE ON-BANDWIDTH IN AFR (AMERICAN FREEDOM RADIO [Condīta est 2008—])-TIMESLOT WHILST ANNOUNCING PERMANENT CLOSURE ‘O’ THE AMERICANFREEDOMRADIO.COM CHATROOM And OUR NEW BEGINNING(S) Via ALL-CLEAR (CHATFREE)-TRANSMISSION – ‘Д.RENEGADE HAVING NOW ARISEN FROM OUT ‘O’ THE SH_TPIT DUG FOR THEMSELVES TO WALLER-IN BY THE UNEMPLOYABLE PÆDOPORNOHOLIC AQUINO-&-RINGLEY CULTIC BELLGAB-DOT-COM SATANOFAGS GANGSTALKING HE-And-HIS THROUGHOUT THEIR EMPTY LIVES W(ith) A ROSE ’TWEEN HIS CANINES (¡ Now that all ye Lonely Buttboys have No Life Left-To-Live since ye can’t be MST3K [“MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000;” 1988—1999] Puppets for The TOS [Temple-‘O’-Sēt’; Cest 1975—]-Controlled “REVOLUTION RADIO [an oxymoronic alliteration if e’‘er therebe one, as ‘FREEDOM-SLIPS-DOT-COM’ be neither ‘Révolutionary’ nor ‘Radio …’]” Opposition anymore, maybe ye can finally find time to Kill Yourselves in a Hale-Bopp Circle-Jerk [THAT Cult literally didn’t have any balls either] – NOBODY will f_cking care !) !

See and Confer All Links w /in ToP (Text-‘o’-Post) therein.


In This Wdy 062718 (Wednesday, June 27th, 2018) ARCHDUKE FRANƵ FERDINAND (b[irthed] 1863—d[ecedent] 1914; Murdered w[ith] Wife) and ERƵHERƵOGIN-VON-ÖSTERREICH (“ARDUCHESS-‘O’-AUSTRIA”) SOPHIE-‘O’-HOHENBERG (née CHOTEK, Expectant Mother [b1855—d1914; Murdered w / Child] Triple-Assassination Memȯrial Day Episode ‘o’ “CRITICAL OMISSIONS,” Sourcing via AMERICAN FREEDOM RADIO, HOST DOUGLAS DIETRICH Opened Transmission by Covering WBK (What-Be-Known) per The Assassination ‘o’ the young (aged thirty-five year[s]) Californian Scientist, ALLERGAN (C[ondīta] est 2013—) ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR DOCTOR TRISTAN BEAUDETTE Phd (Philosophiæ Doctor), on Friday ‘o’ The Preceding Week as he slept in a tent with his twa-and-four-year(s)-old Amerasian Daughters Onsite Malibu Creek State Park (Cest 1974—2018 [Indefinitely Closed At-Time-‘o’-Data Entry]).

Thereafter Doug Dietrich Reported the most pressing Developments per Breaking World News before Expositing upon the Effectively Total(itarian) Русскйиы (“Russkjiy [‘Russian’]”)-Machinated Republican Takeover ‘o’ The Third Branch ‘o’ American Government (The SCOTUS [Supreme Court ‘O’ The United States; Cest 1789—) and the Societal Destruction that Российская Федерация (“Rossijskaja Federacija [The ‘Russian Federation’];” Cest 1991―)-Collaborationist Republican Party (Cest 1854—) hath Wrought thereby – as well as The Primary Threat To All(-)American Citizenry that Same Legislative Body has finally been Moved PoC (Perforce-‘o’-Circumstance[s]) to Remove from the Arsenal ‘o’ Our Present Russkjiy (“Russian”)-Puppet President …

Finally : Mister Dietrich Contextualized in-light ‘o’ his Precedent Analyses the Permanent Closure ‘o’ The AMERICAN FREEDOM RADIO Chatroom Under-Necessity-‘o’-Redefinition ‘o’ The First Amendment for The Digital Age.

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