Douglas Dietrich’s Last 6 minutes on Revolution Radio – Critical Omissions May 15th 2018

RECORD 臺北-剑杆’s (“TÁĪPBĚĪH-JIÀNGĀN’s [THE ‘TAIPEI RĀPIÈR’s’]”) TRANSMISSION THYSELVES TONIGHT WHILST HE RECOVERS RÉVOLUTION RADIO’s STAFF-CONSPIRED (*) “CRITICAL OMISSIONS (Sourcing out ‘o’ Senior Studio A @ ; C[ondīta] est 2004—, See Below w[ith]in Text for Scheduling from ‘cross The Auld Atlantic into The Global Meditèrranean ‘o’ The Pacific)” FROM HIS LATE-And-SAINTED SIRESS’ SUPPRESSED DEDICATED EPISODE

* While it was Published Earlier Mdy 051318 (Monday, May 13th, 2018) and E(lectronically)-(a)ccessed By Subscribers who Confirmed its Audio-Quality as Sound, Station Owner & Proprietor MIKE “NITEHAWK” RINGLEY (FB DIP-MESS [FaceBook Direct Instant Private MESSage] @ and e-relay CommuniquÃé via & ) has Since Permanently Withdrawn DOUGLAS DIETRICH’s Latest 051218 (May 12th, 2018) MATRÓN’S-DAY EVEDAY EPISODE ‘O’ THE “SATURDAY NIGHT FIRING LINES” as Transmitted during 臺灣美國 (“Táiwān-Měiguó [The ʻTáiwānese-American’]”) Cultural Festival amid This National APIA (Asian-Pacific Islander American) Heritage (see ) and Mental Health Awareness (see ) Mēnsis (“Month”) and Dedicated Unto The Grand Matriarch ‘o’ The Decedent Dietrich Family DIANNA 林蘇錦 (“LÍN SŪJĬN [‘BRIGHT-WOODS / FOREST-‘O’-BROCADE’]”) / 高林秀子 (“TAKABAYASHI HIDEKO [‘SPLENDID CHILD’]”) DIETRICH (Who Graced Our World By Her Presence Circa Annō Dominī MCMXXIII [1923 Commonal Èræ], Leaving Us Amid This Vale-‘o’-Tears Circa Annō Dominī MMXI [2011 Commonal Èræ]; Murdered) – From The RÉVOLUTION RADIO Archives On-Demand ‘o’ his Gangstalking Station Hosts “GERRBEAR (GERRY LaBOUYER [])” and DORIAL “MrRHO (‘CRYPTORHO’)” CONGA () Under Orders they In-Turn Received “From Below;” confer .

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