Douglas Dietrich Firing Lines Saturday May 5th 2018 5/5/18

臺北-剑杆 (“TÁĪPBĚĪH-JIÀNGĀN [THE ‘TAIPEI RĀPIÈR’]”) SETS THE WORLD AFIRE THIS SATURDAY NIGHT TONIGHT HONOURING THE 050555 (May 5th, 1955) WEST-DEUTSCH (“WEST GERMAN”) ENDING ‘O’ ALLIED OCCUPATION (sic, see Below) Ô’‘ĒR THE “FIRING LINES (Sourcing out ‘o’ Senior Studio A @ ; C[ondīta] est 2004—, See Below w[ith]in Text for Scheduling from ‘cross The Auld Atlantic into The Global Meditèrranean ‘o’ The Pacific)”

On This Date Sixty-Three Annī (“Years”) Agone Today, Die Bundesrepublik Deutschland (“The Federal Republic-‘o’-[West] Germany;” Cest 1949—) became a Sovereign State when The United Kingdom ‘o’ Greater Britain & (The) Crown Dependency-‘o’-Úlster (Cest 1707—), The United States-‘o’-America (Cest 1776—) and Le Quatrième République Française (“The Fourth French Republic;” Cest 1946—1958) Ended Military Occupation, which had begun in 1945.

W / this Action, “West” Germany Immediately Rearmed and became a Full-Fledged Member ‘o’ The Western Alliance ’gainst The БCсЗCP (“BSsƵSR [‘GUSSR’]” : Большой Союз сЗоŵйётских Социалистических Республик [“Bol’‘shoy Sojuƶ sƵoŵjétskih Socialističeskih Respublik,” or “Greater Union ‘o’ Soviet Socialist Republics”]; Cest 1922—sic, Exiled Ca 1990 to the breakaway and potentially expansionist riverine Communist Retreat ‘o’ The CППМР [“SPRMN,” or “BPPMR” : Сжигание Протекторат Реcпублицка Молдаoвийиняскэ ДНистрянэ / “Sžiganie Protektorat Respublicka Moldaovenească DNistreânăè,” or “Burning Protectorate ‘o’ The Pridniestrovian Moldaovian Republic” – diminutively Приднестровие /“Pridnestrovie,” or “Transnistria,” literally “Beyond The River Dniester” and Ænglobastardized “Trans-Dniester”]) : The Communized Русскыий (“Russkyij [‘Russian’]”) Empire Seized from Former Colonies ‘o’ ТЗь‘сцаррист (“TƵ’‘scarrist [‘Cæsarist’]”) Dominion Then-Célébrating Postmonarchist Independence resultant The ТЗь‘сцарр’c (“TƵ’‘scarr’s [‘Cæsar’s’]”) 1917 Abdication – by 1922 comprising The Forced Union ‘o’ no less than one-hundred and twenty-two (sic) Conquered, Formerly Sovereign States and Nationalities contiguous to Россйиыа (“Rossjiya [‘Russia’]”) or w / in its geosynchronous orbit : The Germanic-European Baltic-Littoral Nations ‘o’ Latvija (“Latvia”), Eesti (“Estonia”) and Lietuva (“Lithuania”); The Caucasusasian Nations ‘o’ Հայաստան (“Hayastan [‘Armenia’]”), საქართველო (“Sakartvelo [‘Georgia’]”) and Aƶərbaycan (“Aƶerbjidƶhan”); The Innerasian Nations ‘o’ Қазақстан (“Qaƶaqstan [‘Kaƶakhstan’]”), Киргизия (“Kirgiƶiya [‘Kyrgyƶstan’]”), Тоҷикистон (“Tajikistan”), Türkmenia (“Türkmenistan”), and Oʻƶbekiston (“Uƶbekistan”); The Тыва (“Tyva [‘Tannu-Tuvisia’]”) and The Siberasian vastnesses stolen from Outer Монгол Улс (“Monggol Ulus [‘Mongolia’]”); along w / The Euroasian Nations ‘o’ Цара Мѡлдовєй (“Țara Moldovei [‘Moldavijinæ’];” Anterôumânian Moldavia), Беларусь (“Biełaruś [‘Byelorussia’];” ie [id est], “White Russia”) and Україна (“Ukrayina [‘Ukrajina’]” ie The “Ukraine [‘Borderland’]”), the lastly-named nation having the same geographic area-size and population-ratio ‘o’ France; et cetera – All Incorporated as de-facto Colonies Under Dictatorship ‘o’ The КПсЗC (“KPsƵS [‘CPSU’]” : Коммунистической Партии сЗоŵйётского Союза [“Kommunističeskoj Partii sƵoŵjétskogo Sojuƶa,” or “Communist Party ‘o’ The Soviet Union”]; Cest 1912—sic), either as сЗоŵйётских Социалистических Республик (“sƵoŵjétskih Socialističeskih Respublik [‘Soviet Socialist Republics’];” ATA [All-The-Above]) or e’‘en Lesser Internal Entities-‘o’-Administration; Government ‘o’ The BSsƵSR (“GUSSR”) being Subject-to-Will ‘o’ сЗоŵйётский Союз (“sƵoŵjétskiy Soyuƶ [The ‘Soviet Union’];” but euphemism for The KPsƵS [“CPSU”]); what was done w / these Satraps serving Template for what The КОМИНТÉРН (“KOMINTÉRN [‘COMINTERN’]” : КOMмуни́сти́ческий ИНТÉРНациона́л [“KOMmunístíčeskij INTƐRNacionál,” or “COMmunist INTERNationalé”]; Cest 1919 [mine own Late-&-Sainted Sire’s Birthyear]—1943, By-Then Ceasing Operations as Redundant – as The Anglomerican Allied United Front was Contemporaneously Under Total сЗоŵйётский / “sƵoŵjétskiy,” or “Soviet [literally ‘Collective’]” Control]) intended to perpetuate ’Round The World – and actualized in Eastern Europe.

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