Douglas Dietrich Critical Omissions Tuesday April 24th 2018 4/24/18

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* DER FEÜEHRER (lit[erally] “THE LEADER”) ADOLFUS (lit “WOLF-KING”)-JACOB HITLER (NSDAP [NAtional-SoƵIalistiche Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei, or “National Socialist German Workers’ Party” – pejoratively The “NAƵI” Partei; Condīta est 1919, mine own Late-&-Sainted Sire’s Birthyear—sic], Alias[ed] “DER SCHŴARƵENFUCHS [‘THE BLACK FOX’],” Awarded Six Medals for His Service on The Western Front in WW—I [World War 1 : See “A DEFINITIVE NOTE ON THE TWO WORLD WARS ‘O’ LE VINGTIÈME SIÈCLE / ‘THE TWENTIETH CENTURY’ …” @; among which Hitler Received Two Iron Crosses : The Second Iron Cross in First Class, a Rarity for Footsoldiers; The Bavarian Medal ‘o’ Military Service, Third Class w / Bar and, as was Granted All Wounded Soldiers in Bavarian Service, The Cross ‘o’ Military Merit – in Hitler’s Case : Third Class w / Swords and, later, Wound Badge in Black In Acknowledgement ‘o’ Hitler’s barely Surviving a Mustard Gas Attack Resultant In an Extended Period ‘o’ Blindness], born a Hitler [sic, see below], 04 / 20, 1889—[?]; Freelance Illustrator, Locale : Ŵien (“Vienna”) : 1907—1918; Gefreiter, Deutschens Heer-Armee [“Lance-Corporal, Imperial German Army”] Squad Leader : 1914—1918; Vorläufige Reichswehr [“Provisional Realm’s Defense”] Agent On-Assignment : Infiltration ‘o’ Radicalized Political Movements as Formed by Disenfranchised Veterans [one such Target-Organization being Der DAP : Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei, or The “German Workers’ Party”] : 1919—1920; Fëᵫhrer [“Leader”], NSDAP [see above, Hitler’s Reorganized DAP] : 1921—1945 [+ ?]; cKhanƶcellor Dæirs Deutsche Demokratischen Republik [“Chancellor ‘o’ The German Democratic Republic”] : 1933—1945; Der Deutschenfëᵫhrer-und-ReichscKhanƶcellor-von-Größdeutschland [“Leader ‘o’ The German Peoples and Realm’s-Chancellor ‘o’ Greater Germania”] : 1934—1945; Entered Ŵoaumphyieorai Estate [?] : 1942—1945; Der Fëᵫhrer Dæirs Tausendjährigen Reiches-Im-Exil [“The Leader ‘o’ The Thousand Year Realm-In-Exile”] ? : 1945—[?]; Rumoured Decedent / Assassinated [?] / Slain [?]; Note[s] : Adolfus Hitler’s Middle Name ‘o’ “Jacob” was once Writ on a Police Report Filed in France, on which Adolf Hitler’s DOB [Date-‘O’-Birth] is Translated to : “… sometime after 1880,” this being the only Known Documentation ‘o’ a Middle Name writ for Adolf J Hitler – the Hollywood-disseminated “Full Name” ‘o’ “Adolf ‘Elizabeth’ Hitler” is Satirical, Sourcing from White-יהודי-אמריקאי [“Hvd-Mrk;” pronounced “yĪdmærck,” id est, “Jewish-American”] Comedic Actor, Lyricist, Composer, Screenwriter, Film Director and Producer MEL BROOKS’ [birthed 1926—Aged 91 Yrs At-Time-‘o’-Data-Entry] Broadway Musical Comedy “THE PRODUCERS [released 1967],” while Adolf Hitler’s Last Name has always been just so, as He was ne’‘er a “Schicklgrüber [w / but modest Alteration in both Spelling and Pronunciation via The Austrian Dialect the term ‘Schickelgruber’ projects Insult and Implies the individual so-called a dimwitted Fool – a crude, unsophisticated country bumpkin]” : Though the colourful Canard that Adolf Hitler’s Surname was “originally” Schicklgrüber continues to live on through the [Thankfully] e’‘erdiminishing New York City Reunion[s] ‘o’ The USA’s [United States-‘o’-America’s; Condīta est 1776—] MOB-RAD [MOBile RADio] Broadcasting Companies ‘o’ WW—II [World War 2 : Ibidem, As Above; The Psychological Warfare Experts Responsible for “boosting” Allied Morale while supposedly Demoralizing “The Enemy” via ceaseless repetition ‘o’ Lies] : In-Case ‘o’ Hitler’s Presumed Familial Name The Lie has proven most effective – because “Schicklgrüber” sounds far more ridiculous than “Hitler,” e’‘en Today – so The Lie lives on for being more entertaining than mundane Truth to The American Public; said juvenile Rumour being but one ‘o’ the all-too-many enduring Misinformation Successes ‘o’ America’s PSY-WAR [PSYchological WARfare] Experts Under Direction ‘o’ a US [United States] Citizen ‘o’ Österreichisch / “Austrian” Nationality and Magyar / “Hungarian” Ethnicity : JANOS BÉKESSY [Fiction-Writer and “Fictional News” Paper Publisher, Pseudonymous as “HANS HABE” but otherwise known by ô’‘ēr half-a-dozen Criminal Aliases throughout his sordid Career : “ANTONIO CORTE,” “FRANK RICHARD,” “FREDERICK GERT,” “JOHN RICHLER,” “HANS WOLFGANG,” “ALEXANDER HOLMES,” and “ROBERT PILCHOWSKI,” birthed 1911—decedent 1977], Leader ‘o’ The USA’s MOB-RAD AGITPROP [AGITation PROPaganda] Broadcasting Companies and a Post-World War II-Ceasefire Fantasy-Novelist who was personally responsible for having “— broken the story that Hitler’s original name was Schicklgrüber;” Great Britain’s Own LORD-BARON ALAN-LOUIS CHARLES BULLOCK-‘O’-LEAFIELD [birthed 1914—decedent 2004] exploding this Allied Propaganda Myth well ô’‘ēr half-a-century [sixty-five years At-Time-‘o’-Data-Entry] agone through his seminal Work : “HITLER : A STUDY IN TYRANNY [published 1952]” – which Remains a Standard Biography ‘o’ Adolf J Hitler [a yardstick against which Later Biographies were long measured] – by Citing Public Record that Hitler’s Bastard Father ALOIS HITLER, S[ENIO]R [birthed 1837—decedent 1903], had been Born Out-‘o’-Wedlock to MARIA-ANNA SCHICKLGRÜBER [birthed 1795—decedent 1847; as an “Illegitimate Child,” Alois’ Paternity no’ being Listed on his Birth-Certificate and he so-bearing his Mother’s Surname] – The Acknowledged Biological Father JOHANN GEORG HIEDLER [Baptized 1792—decedent 1857; see Image @ ] eventually Marrying Maria in 1842 but ne’‘er bothering to Legitimize his “Stepson” On-Adoption – The British Lord-Baron Alan Bullock Noting that the Brother ‘o’ Johann Georg Hiedler [Then-Decedent] did no’ Initiate Legitimization ‘o’ Alois and Legally Change his Name [Alois Testifying before a Notary and Three Witnesses that Johann Hiedler was his Father] until 1876 but irrespectively, At-That-Moment, his Name Officially Changed to “Hitler [no-one knowing who decided on ‘Hitler’ instead ‘o’ ‘Hiedler,’ but one is almost tempted to suggest a Marketing Expert from The Future]” but it being clear that, By-Time Adolf Hitler’s Elder Half-Brother ALOIS HITLER, JUNIOR [born ALOIS MATƵELBERGER, 1882—decedent 1956, sic; The Junior Alois’ Original Name Consequent The Senior Alois having Impregnated Junior’s Mother while still Legally Married to his First Wife; see Mid-Nineteen-Fifties Image @ ], Entered Our World, their Mutual Father’s Name was already Hitler [Adolf Himself being Born well after the Name-Change in 1889, all three Preceding Children Born unto Alois Hitler, Sr, ‘o’ His Mother KLARA HITLER, née PŒLƵL, b1860—d1907, see , Perishing-‘o’-Diseases Endemic-To-Poverty]; as related by Lord-Baron Alan Bullock : “From the beginning ‘o’ 1877, twelve years before Adolf was born, his father called himself Hitler, and his son was ne’‘er known by any other name until his opponents dug up this long-forgotten village scandal and tried, without justification, to label him with his grandmother’s name ‘o’ Schicklgrüber [but Hans-Habe Békessy’s greatest triumph lives on in the warping ‘o’ The American Mind – for the boldest ‘o’ Lies die hardest ‘o’ all among those whom History judges and finds wanting]”).

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