Douglas Dietrich Firing Lines Saturday March 17th 2018 3/17/18

A’GAIN 臺北-剑杆 (“TÁĪPBĚĪH-JIÀNGĀN [THE ‘TAIPEI RĀPIÈR’]”) LAY HIS OWN LIFE – And ALL THE LIVES ‘O’ THOSE A’‘BOUT HIM – ON THE “FIRING LINES” THIS 031718 (March 17th, 2018) WEEKEND HONOURING THE FIRST BISHOP ‘O’ ARMAGH, FHÉILE PÁDRAIGQKATRIKIAS, APOSTLE-PRÍOMHÁIDH-NA-hÉIREANN (THE “SAINTED PÁDTRICK, APOSTLE-PRIMATE-‘O’-ÉIRE-LAND,” BAD [Birthed Annō Dominī] CCCLXXXVII [387 Commonal Èræ]—DCAD [Decedent Circa Annō Dominī] CDLXI [461 Commonal Èræ] / AD [Annō Dominī] CDXCIII [493 Commonal Èræ]) – CÉLÉBRATING BOTH GǼILGE (“ÉIRELISH [‘IRISH’]”)-AMERICAN sCELTIC HERITAGE MENSIS (“MONTH”) And OUR COǢVALLY RECOGNIZED NATIONAL WOMEN’S HER-STORY MENSIS BY DONNING DRAG IN DEEPEST RESPECT(S) UNTO THE MOST IMPORTANT WOMAN IN ALL THE NEW TESTAMENT (be Her Ǽngæls appreciative the gesture ?) : TΟ ΕΥΛΟΓΗΜΈΝΟ ΑΓΊΑΣ ΘΕΟΤΌΚΟΥ ΜΑΔΟΝΝΑ ΜΑΡΥĀΜ (“TO ILOYIMÉNO AYÍAS THEOTÓKI MADONNA MARYĀM [‘THE BLESSED SAINT THEOTOKOS;’ literally ‘BEARER-‘O’-GOD’] MADONNA [literally ‘VIRGIN MOTHER;’ and The Proper Italian Honourific by which to Address ‘MY LADY’ – The Mother-‘o’-God being ‘o’ Levantine Southwest-Asian Ethnicity and Judæic Faith but ‘o’ Imperial Rṓmãn Nationality] MARYĀM [‘MARY’ in The Aramaic],” BCAChN [Birthed Circa Antechristum Natum; Latin, “Born Proximate Time Precedent Christóús’ Deliverance”] XX [20 ANCÈ : Avant Notre Commonal Èræ; Français, “Prior Our Common Era”]—DCAD [Decedent Circa Annō Dominī; Latin, “Died Proximate The Year ‘o’ Our Lord”] XLV [45 Commonal Èræ]; see “A GIFT ‘O’ PROVOCATIVE THOUGHT ON ESTATE ‘O’ WESTERN CONCEPTUAL-BLOCKAGE BY-WAY-‘O’ ‘CHOSEN PEOPLE(S)’ AND ‘HOLY LAND(S)’,” @…

Douglas answers a listener’s question:

“Hi Douglas, we were talking politics at my Dad’s house and I said I thought the FL school shooting was planned by the higher ups (Trump/Putin/NRA) my dad said if that were the case the shooter wouldn’t be allowed to live. I said that I heard on the day of the shooting the alt-R media already had their propaganda ready to release immediately as if they had it prepared ahead of time. My dad said I was watching too much YouTube and there’s no way we could know that. I said I wasn’t watching YouTube, just a radio program. My husband smirked and said I’ve been listening to a conspiracy theory program. Then I mentioned Putin’s animated bomb threat on FL. My dad hadn’t heard about that. But he said something dismissive like, it’s nothing new, they can always hit FL. I just thought he brought up a good point about the shooter still being alive and if he was following orders how that could be the case?”

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