Douglas Dietrich Firing Lines Saturday February 24th 2018 2/24/18

臺北-剑杆 (THE “TÁĪPBĚĪH-JIÀNGĀN [‘TAIPEI RĀPIÈR’]”) WALKED OUR 中越 (“ƵCHUṐNGGYUÈ [‘SINOVIỆT’]”) ƵODIACAL 年 (“NIÁN [‘YEAR’]”)-‘O’-棕色地球狗 (“ƵŌNGSÈ-DÌQIÚ GǑU [THE ‘BROWN EARTH DOG’]”) ‘CROSS THE “FIRING LINES” INTO YOUR WHITEWASHED WORLD Via LAST SATURDAY NIGHT’S 022418 (February 24th, 2018) INTERCALARY TRANSMISSION – Barking Ye Down ‘Til He Took Off For Célébration(s) On The Nighttide Throughout 旧金山-三藩市 (“Jiùjīnshān-Sānfānshì [The ʻHedge-Fenced City On The Three-Peaked Mountain ‘o’ Aulden Gold;’ exonymous throughout The Sinosphere for ʻSan Francisco’ by way ‘o’ The Historic Gold Rush]”) …!


Drive By Clips by Taboo Bros YouTube:

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