‘Behold a Pale Horse’ and Michael Aquino

‘Behold A Pale Horse’, and Michael Aquino

Milton William Cooper, (Who we’ll just call ‘Bill’) was a pretty fascinating guy when you get right down to it. Second to only the Bible in the amount of copies stolen from book retailers, ‘Behold a Pale Horse’ grabbed the attention of many readers who were eager for a different perspective from the evening television version of events they were subjected to every single day.

So influential was the work that Bill Cooper put in to finding the truth and disseminating it to the common, everyday individual in America, it’s no wonder that the United States Government began to take notice.

And of course, as the government usually does, began to craft his demise.

And we can only speculate whom in particular could have wanted Cooper dead.


Except for one person…

For you see, Lt. Colonel Michael Aquino, former United States Green Beret and psychological warfare specialist (now hiding out in a castle in Europe), is mentioned in the 17th chapter of ‘Behold a Pale Horse’. Indeed, an entire section is dedicated to copies of documentation pertaining to inquiries into the Temple Of Set and a few of the individuals who surrounded Michael Aquino. Also in this section, which is titled, ‘United States Army Intelligence Connection to the Satanic Church’, is a document which denies any knowledge pertaining to any such organization called the ‘Temple Of Set’ in the information database at the disposal of the F.B.I. We know that the Temple Of Set has been around for some time. How any branch of the United States government could not know of it’s existence in the initial inquiry is suspicious to me. All it would have taken would have been a phone call to the United States Army.

But here it is.


In the National Enquirer article which shows a picture of Aquino, the United States Army’s ‘Top Brass’ admits to being aware of Aquino’s Satanic affiliations and also state they are comfortable with his astronomically high security clearances and his proselytizing of his satanic religion. In light of what has been exposed by Douglas Dietrich in ‘Satan’s Crusaders’, how they could not know of the atrocities that plagued the Presidio military based is preposterous. (And the many, many, OTHER bases that follow in the wake of exposure as being centers for child exploitation and human experimentation.)

Here’s the ‘joke’ article, where ‘Poncho Dracula’ taunts you as if this is some large joke. I shudder when I think of how often I passed the National Enquirer in the grocery store as a child, and was told by my parents that the magazines were ‘fake’. Or at least nothing more than satire.


Cooper was quite meticulous in his notes and gathering of documentation, and his approach pertaining to the T.O.S. and Michael Aquino is no different. I have enclosed many pages that I photographed for your perusal, brothers and sisters. There’s so much information, and I would like to do the good Bill Cooper a service and have you go through his information yourself. The pages are well worth reading.

They contain information on the original members of the Temple Of Set, ALL having the same birth year as Aquino, ending in the number ‘6’.


U.S. Army Intel Connection to Satanic Church:


A copy of ‘MindWar’, authored by Michael Aquino and Paul E. Vallely, is included in Behold A Pale Horse. Here is a link to the text:

MindWar by Michael Aquino and Paul E. Valley

I’d like to end this blog with the following; gangstalkers- You are cowards. I’m a 25 year old grown man, capable of wielding a firearm and whatever else I can turn into a weapon. I’m not saying that to make myself sound like some kind of badass, but I’ve been doing more than enough to get your attention.

Instead. You go after the weak, the elderly, the crippled, the mentally unstable. You gangstalk regular civilians who stand up for what is right by sharing knowledge and experience on D.D.D. transmissions, and threaten their wives and their children. In MY state no less. Those are my brothers and sisters. And an attack on one, is an attack on all. But you don’t come after me. You go after VETERANS OF WAR, who served YOUR MILITARY that YOU are serving clandestinely. Men who are so warped from combat because unlike you, they had empathy and war destroyed them. And you push them to suicide… all under orders of occultists, like your ‘god’, Michael Aquino. You’re in a war, and I’m not on anyone’s ‘side’, but I am a combatant. I have my allies, and I will fight with them. As long as the enemies are Chomos like you.

And Aquino?


I want you to read this.

I really do.

Multiple reasons, one of which being; with ONE book that I bought over a decade ago, I had enough documentation in it to show that there are plenty of reasons to question everything about who you claim you are.

That’s just one source of intel at my disposal.


Being mentored by an officer of naval intelligence, I know when I’m speaking to another intelligence officer. I also know when you’re lying. And it’s all the time.

On Geraldo Rivera, you lied the whole time.

What Douglas Dietrich stated about Officer Sandy Daly making inquiries into the Temple Of Set and yourself is confirmed by Bill Cooper’s documentation. If the accusations are false, why was she putting so much time and effort into gathering information on you?

In internet radio interviews, like oh, say on your little propaganda wing alt-information radio program hosted by the Aquino fanboy Micheal Decon, who spoke to you as if you were great friends, you lied nonstop. It’s beneath me to point out all the things you said that were nonsense. Ironically, Decon himself has actually brought up your name out of the blue during the interview with Dr. Colin Ross (who was the only reason I would ever listen to that show, as his credentials as a psychologist and his extensive knowledge of the C.I.A. and United States government’s trauma-based mind control programs make him worth listening to) and he specifically brings up the Presidio military base incident… and attempts to get Ross to agree with him that there was ‘no evidence’ for the accusations against Michael Aquino… the poor, poor, satanist who was victimized through conspiracy. Ross avoided that subject like the plague. Why is that, Poncho Dracula? In the 1980’s, when the children who were kept at a ranch house somewhere in the American Midwest, connected to the child sex slavery ring run in Nebraska through the Franklin Credit Union under pedophile and sadistic maniac Laurence E. King, attempted to escape from their captors, they were hunted down, brought back, abused almost to DEATH, and then branded with a mark using hot iron… by a man who wore a uniform, whom they only identified as, “The Colonel”.

Another question for you, old man.

Who was that ‘colonel’?

Was that the same colonel who was identified by an unbelievable amount of children who were driven by his home on Leavenworth Street as someone who raped, tortured, and abused them in a sound-proof dungeon so no one could hear them scream? The same colonel who can’t seem to get his name off the Criminal Investigation Division of the United States Army’s list of suspects who were involved in the child abuse scandal occurring on site of the Presidio throughout the 1980’s? Only God knows how long it was really going on.

As someone raised by an attorney, I can tell you for certain with what little I do know that there’s more than enough circumstantial evidence to take you to trial. The fact that it hasn’t happened is not evidence of your innocence. It’s only evidence that the United States government is corrupt to the core.

And most of them are just as sick and twisted as you.

For everything you’ve done, everyone that you’ve hurt, for all the lives that you destroyed, that you took PLEASURE in destroying, until your dying day, I condemn you. I will be a thorn in your side. I will be a limp in your stride. I will be a cancer in your public image that will never go away. If possible, I’ll see to it that you pay for it in this lifetime.

If God doesn’t get to you first.

And I’m a lot harder to kill than one of those ‘angels’ that you and your sick occultist followers would “boil for dinner”.

“Hahahaha” Yeah laugh, laugh all you want at statements like that. Mock me. Because when you’re demise finally arrives, we’ll all be laughing at you.

Be expecting me, old man.

Be expecting all of us. Because it’s not just Douglas Dietrich you have to worry about.

It’s the army that stands behind him.

Your occultists may view you as a ‘god’, but when I look at you, all I see is Poncho Dracula. And a human cockroach.

“For it is the Sacred Duty of the Black Catholics to punish the demon, the heretic, and the false god.”

I’m made of wax, old man. What are you made of again?

Come get me.

This Christian has teeth.

– E. Lee


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