Fred Korematsu

AMERASIAN IS THE NEW BLACK – THIS DATE TODAY BEING THE APIA (Asian-Pacific Islander American) EQUIVALENT ‘O’ THE RIGHT REVEREND-DOCTOR MARTIN LUTHER “MLK” KING, J(unio)R, PhD (Philosophiæ Doctor [Systematic Theology], Progressive National-Baptist, born MICHÆL KING, JR, 1929—d1968; Assassinated [Recipient, Nobel Peace Prize : 1964, Posthumous Recipient, Presidential Medal-‘o’-Freedom : 1977, Posthumous Recipient, Congressional Gold Medal : 2004]) HUMAN RIGHTS DAY, HONOURING WHEN ONE LONE DEHUMANIZED AND ALIENATED “ET (ENEMY [‘ALIEN’] TERRORIST)” STOOD AGAINST THE AGGRESSION(S) ‘O’ THE EVILEST EMPIRE IN HUMAN HISTORY ALONE W(ith)IN ITS BORDERS

The Thirtieth Day ‘o’ The First Month ‘o’ E’‘ery Annus (“Year”) – ie (id est), E’‘ery January 30th – be “ET (Enemy [‘Alien’] Terrorist)” “FRED-T” KOREMATSU DAY, which Recognizes The Primary Resister to 日系アメリカ人 (“Nikkei-Amerikajīn [‘American Persons of Japanese Descent’]”) Internment during The Second World War (see “A DEFINITIVE NOTE ON THE TWO WORLD WARS ‘O’ LE VINGTIÈME SIÈCLE [‘THE TWENTIETH CENTURY’]”).

是松 豊三郎 (“KOREMATSU TOYOSABURŌ [‘FRED’ ‘TOYOSABURŌ KOREMATSU’],” b[irthed] 1919 [Birthyear ‘o’ mine own Late & Sainted Sire]—d[ecedent] 2005) was a Nikkei-Amerikajīn (“Japanese-Descended American”) Activist.

Aftermath The USA’s Official Instigation ‘o’ World War II, shortly after The American Military Publicly Announced its Operational Objective(s) to Firebomb Daï Nīpphôn Teikoku (The “Empire of Greater Japan”) w / Intent To Exterminate Her Civilian Population (sic : The Marshall Meeting 111541 [November 15th, 1941], wherein GENERAL, USA [United States Army] CHIEF-OF-STAFF GEORGE CATLETT MARSHALL [b1880—d1959; 15th USA Chief-‘o’-Staff : 1939—1945; 50th United States Secretary-‘o’-State : 1947—1949; 3rd United States Secretary-‘o’-Defense : 1950—1951; Only Military Personality E’‘er To Be Awarded The Nobel Peace Prize – Per The Marshall Plan In Reparations For Damages ’gainst The European People[s] As Demanded By Dæirs Dritten Reiches [“The Third Realm;” Constitutionally Condīta est 1919, sic, mine own Late-&-Sainted Sire’s Birthyear—sic, Dæirs Tausendjährigen Reiches-Im-Exil or “The Thousand Year Realm-In-Exile”] conducted Briefing before THE NYX [NEW YORK TIMES; Condīta est 1851—], THE NEW YORK TRIBUNE [Condīta est 1841—], NEWSWEEK [Condīta est 1933—], and THE ASSOCIATED PRESS [Condīta est 1846—], asserting that Bombing Operations would be Initiated – by The United States-‘o’-America [Condīta est 1776—] ’gainst 七千の島々の大きい日本帝国 [“Shichi-senno Shima-no Ōoki-i i Nīpphôn-Teikoku,” or The “Seven Thousand Islands ‘o’ The Greater Japanese Empire;” CeAChN : Condīta est Antechristum Natum; Latin, “Established Precedent Christóús’ Deliverance” II.XI.DCLX 02 / 11, 660 ANCÈ : Avant Notre Commonal Èræ; Français, “Prior Our Common Era” – here literally Founded “The Eleventh Date ‘o’ The Second Month, Six Hundred and Sixty Years Antecedent Time-‘o’-Christ—”] – w / in The First Ten Days ‘o’ December, 1941 [Provocative 日本人 / “Nīpphônjīn,” or “Japanese People’s” Prēëmptive Surgical Strikes on Pearl Harbour and other Strategic Points Come December 7th ‘o’ That Year]), Executive Order 9066 (which Authorized that All Individuals of Nīpphônjīn [“Japanese People’s”] Ancestry were to be Removed from their Homes and forced to Resettle in Internment Camps) was Issued By The cЗoŵветский (“sƵoŵjetskij [‘Soviet;’ literally ‘Collective’]”)-Sponsored American Dictator FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT (DemP-COMM [Democrat-Persōnāted COMMunist – sic], Alias “FDR,” b1882—d1945; Assistant US [United States] Naval Secretariat : 1913—1920; Contracted Polio : C[irc]a 1921; 44th New York Governance : 1929—1932; American-Socialist Dictator-for-Life [sic, via 32nd US Presidency] : 1933—1945; Assassinated By Axis Agents [sic, see “WHEN THE PENULTIMATE AMERICAN DICTATOR WAS PUT DOWN AS A RABID DOG”] – aka [also known as] “BOUCHE D’‘AYÏTI [‘THE BUTCHER-‘O’-HAÏTI’]” and Infamous as such Throughout The Southern / Panamerican Hemisphere] – Said Nomme-de-Gᵫrre [“Name-‘o’-War”] Appellāted when Personally Leading US Marines [as Assistant Secretary ‘o’ The Navy] into Repiblik D’‘Ayïti [“The Repubilc-‘o’-Haïti;” Condīta est 1804—] to Overturn The Only Independent Black Republic In The World [The Only Other Contemporarily Independent Black Nation in the World was no’ a Republic but an Afrikan Kingdom : የኢትዮጵያ ንጉሠ ነገሥት መንግሥተ / The “Holy Abyssīnian Mängəstä ye-ÆĪthiyōṗ’ṗ’yā,” or “The Hallowed Ethiopian Empire”] c[a] July, 1915, on The American Front : WW—I [World War I] : By All Accounts FDR Administered D’‘Ayïti brutally and crᵫlly with no regard for the Lives ‘o’ those he so obviously considered Less-Than-Human and was initially duped Into boasting Responsibility when Gross Atrocities Against Afrikan-America[ns] – as Haïtians are a People ‘o’ Afrikan Descent in The American Hemisphere – were Reported In The Media Come 1920 but when such Admission[s] Triggered a Backlash that Threatened to Impede his Political Aspiration[s], he quickly Retracted his own Incriminating Statement[s]; still : One ‘o’ The Worst of The First Men out ‘o’ nothing less than a Rogᵫ’s Gallery ‘o’ some ‘o’ The Worst Men to plagᵫ Our Planet who have Occupied The Oval Office : PRESIDENT WARREN GAMALIEL HARDING [Ku Klux Klan Republican, b1865—d1923 – Birthyear ‘o’ mine own Late & Sainted Womb-Matrón – 28th Lieutenant Governor-‘o’-Ohio : 1904—1906; US Senator from Ohio : 1915—1921; Chairman ‘o’ The Senate Committee on The Philippines : 1919, as above by-way-‘o’-my Seedpatrón—1921; 29th US Presidency : 1921—1923, mine own Late & Sainted Mother’s Birthyear – The Shortest Term-in-Office ‘o’ Any Vingtième Siècle US President – Assassinated in The City and County-‘o’-San Francisco : Location ‘o’ my own US DOD / United States Department-‘O’-Defense Employment and Current Residence; Presidential Papers Destroyed – Incinerated In Tōtō – Won The Presidential Campaign ‘o’ 1920 On-Basis his Opponent’s Murderous Infamy, Stating : “Practically all we know is that Thousands of Native Haitians have been Killed by American Marines, and that many of our own gallant Men have Sacrificed their lives at the behest of an Executive Department in order to Establish Laws Drafted by The Assistant Secretary of The Navy … I will not Empower an Assistant Secretary of The Navy to Draft a Constitution for helpless Neighbors in The West Indies and jam it down their throats at the point of Bayonets Borne By US Marines.”]).

Rather than Submit when such Orders went Effective for The West Coast ‘o’ The United States, Korematsu became a Fugitive.

Decades Later : Korematsu v(ersu)s United States, 323 US 214 (1944), was a Landmark SCOTUS (Supreme Court ‘o’ The United States; C[ondīta] est 1789—) Case concerning the Constitutionality ‘o’ Executive Order 9066, which Ordered Nikkei-Amerikajīn (“Japanese-American[s]”) into Internment Camps during World War II regardless ‘o’ Successive Generations ‘o’ Citizenship.

In a 6 : 3 Decision, The Court sided w / The Government, Ruling that the Exclusion Order was Constitutional. Six-‘o’-Eight Roosevelt Appointees sided w / Roosevelt. The Lone Republican Appointee, ASSOCIATE JUSTICE ‘O’ THE UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT OWEN JOSEPHUS ROBERTS (b1875—d1955), Dissented. The Opinion, Writ By ASSOCIATE JUSTICE ‘O’ THE UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT HUGO LAFAYETTE BLACK (b1886—d1971), Held that The Need To Protect ’gainst Espionage outweighed Fred Korematsu’s Individual Rights, and The Rights ‘o’ All Americans ‘o’ Nīpphônjīn (“Japanese”) Descent (The Court Limited its Decision to the Validity ‘o’ The Exclusion Orders, adding, “The Provisions ‘o’ other Orders requiring Persons of Nīpphônjīn Ancestry to Report to Assembly Centers and providing for the Detention ‘o’ such Persons in Assembly and Relocation Centers were separate, and their Validity is not in Issue in this Proceeding”).

During the Case, SOLICITOR-GENERAL ‘O’ THE UNITED STATES CHARLES FAHY (b1892—d1979) Suppressed Evidence by keeping from The Court a Report ‘o’ The ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence; Cest 1882—) indicating that there was No Evidence that Nikkei-Amerikajīn were Acting as Spies or sending Signals to Enemy Submarines.

Korematsu’s Conviction for Evading Internment was Ô’‘ērturned on November 10th, 1983, after Korematsu Challenged the earlier Decision by Filing for a Coram Nobis (“Writ-‘o’-Error”). In a Ruling by JUDGE MARILYN HALL PATEL (b1938—), The United States District Court For The Northern District ‘o’ California Granted The Writ (that is, it Voided Korematsu’s Original Conviction) because, in Korematsu’s Original Case, The United States Government had Knowingly Submitted False Information to The Supreme Court ‘o’ The Land that had a Material Effect on The SCOTUS’ Decision.

The Korematsu Decision has no’ been explicitly Ô’‘ērturned although, in 2011, The US DoJ (United States Department-‘o’-Justice; Cest 1870—) Filed Official Notice Conceding that the Then-Solicitor General’s Defense ‘o’ Internment Policy had been In Error. Howe’‘er, The Court’s Opinion remains significant, both for being the First Instance ‘o’ The SCOTUS applying the Strict Scrutiny Standard to Racial Discrimination by The US Government and for being one ‘o’ only a handful ‘o’ Cases in which The Court Held that The US Government had met that Standard.

Constitutional Scholars like BRUCE FEIN (b1947—aged 70 yrs, ATDE [At-Time-‘o’-Data-Entry]) and NOAH R FELDMAN (b1970—aged 47 yrs, ATDE) have compared Korematsu to Dred Scott and Plessy v(s) Ferguson, respectively, in arguing it has become Exemplary ‘o’ RICHARD PRIMUS’ “Anticanon” – a term for those Cases which are so flawed that they are now taken as Exemplars ‘o’ Faulty Legal Decision-Making; The Decision since having been described as “— an odious and discredited artifact of popular bigotry” and as “— a stain on American Jurisprudence.” Feldman summarized the Present View ‘o’ the case as “Korematsu’s uniquely bad Legal Status means it’s No’ Precedent even though it hasn’t been Overturned.”

Today : At this most critical juncture in All ‘o’ Human History – Past or Future – All ‘o’ us should Remember that we are Human Beings – First-and-Foremost Above the emptiness ‘o’ any Anticultural “American” “Identity.”

For Citizenship w / in The Constitutional Republic ‘o’ The United States Permanently Lost All Meaning when Ô’‘ēr One Hundred and Twenty-Seven Thousand United States Citizens were Deprived of their Liberty Sans Due Process-‘o’-Law in The Second World War which that very Republic Precipitated; just as they were most certainly Denied Equal Protection ‘o’ The Law(s), and – most tellingly – were Deprived ‘o’ all ‘o’ their Real and Material Property in E’‘ery Case : A monumental Criminal Seizure where, in essence, the San Joaquin Valley-‘o’-California (Officially Listed as “Jap Valley” on many Federal Maps that I myself was Ordered to DBI [Destroy By Incineration]) was Stolen from United States Citizens ‘o’ Nīpphônjīn Ancestry who had Legally Purchased and Settled vast Tracts ‘o’ California’s Agricultural Basin many Generations before.

The Word(s) ‘o’ Section One ‘o’ The Fourteenth Amendment to Our Constitution, Declared-In-Force 072668 (July 26th, 1868), are clear :

“All Persons Born or Naturalized in The United States (…) are Citizens of The United States and of The States wherein they Reside. No State shall make or Enforce any Law which shall Abridge (their [~ DDD]) Privileges and Immunities (… [nor] ~ DDD) Deprive Life, Liberty, or Property, WITHOUT DUE PROCESS OF LAW (uppercase emphasis per DDD); nor Deny to Any Person … THE EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAWS (uppercase emphasis per DDD).”

Due to the shameless Revisionism ‘o’ “Professional” American Academia and Collaborationist Mass-Media, relatively few people Today e’‘en realize that the Illegal Internal Deportation ‘o’ Any-and-All United States Citizens ‘o’ Nīpphônjīn Ethnicity into Concentration Camps constituted a shocking Violation ‘o’ Civil Rights on a Mass Scale because, in 1942, Martial Law was NOT Declared in These United States, and The Civil Statutes were Still-In-Force.

No Just – or even adequate – Compensation could e’‘er Atone for a Target Population’s Loss ‘o’ one ‘o’ the most fertile and productive Breadbaskets on the face ‘o’ The Earth …

Virtually no unmolested member ‘o’ “The GI (Government Issue[d]) Generation (the term ‘Greatest Generation’ must Ne’‘er be misapplied in light ‘o’ the repercussions ‘o’ their Actions [and Inactions] from which we all suffer from today)” analyzed what was being done to the future ‘o’ their children’s children or even attempted to comprehend its full, ominous significance; the few people (‘o’ any Ethnic Background) who Objected did no’ Protest loudly enough when they argued that The Cause ‘o’ The Nikkei-Amerikajīn was The Cause ‘o’ e’‘ery United States Citizen.

And it still is Today, for the Constitutionality of The Internal Deportation and Concentration was LATER (that’s After The Fact, for all those who send me communiqués attempting to rationalize this Crime Against Humanity) Upheld by The SCOTUS in one ‘o’ the strangest and most ambiguous Decisions ever Handed Down by that Tribunal.

Because ‘o’ that extremely dangerous and irresponsible Decision : NO Ethnically-Targeted Population (the term “Minority Group” can no longer be realistically applied in light ‘o’ current Demographic Changes – indeed, Caucasians are at “Minority” Status in many Regions – just in time to potentially suffer full “Blowback” from the GI Generation’s original Act-‘o’-Intolerance Above-and-Beyond The Law) in this Republic is safe Today from Federal Search, Seizure, and Impoundment.

NOBODY is safe from unexpected Detention and Incarceration (The NDAA [National Defense Authorization Act] being nôaught but Distraction – such Legislation is simply introduced to provide Americans Delusion that things could actually get any worse) – yet Allegiance ‘o’ both European and Afrikan Citizenry to the very Constitutional Republic which hath Betrayed them All and is doing so yet again maintains irrational Denial ‘o’ the Historical Reality ‘o’ United States Military Defeat in The Pacific as well as Continuity-‘o’-Conflict ’gainst Dæirs Dritte Reich and its Axis Partner on Die Oberflächenwelt (“The Surface World”) : Mine own True Homeland and Heartland ‘o’ 民主法西斯 (“Mínƶhǔfǎxīsī [‘Fascidemocratic’]”) 民族主義者的中華民國在臺灣一個百島 (“Mínƶú-ƶhǔyì Ƶhědí ƵChuṑnggkGHuóuá-MíngkGHuóuá Ƶài-T’áiwān Yī-gè Bǎidǎo [‘República-da-China dos Nationaliasts, a em um cem Islhlas-de-Formosa,’ in The Portugᵫse – The ‘Nationalists’ Republic-‘o’-China On The One Hundred Islands-‘o’-Táiwān’];” Condīta est 1912—).


The Germanic Surname “Dietrich” – as Transliterated into The Ænglish – means “(The) Master Key, Skeleton Key, (a) Key That Can Open All Doors”

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