Douglas Dietrich Critical Omissions Tuesday January 30th 2018 1/30/18


– THIS DATE TODAY BEING THE APIA (Asian-Pacific Islander American) EQUIVALENT ‘O’ THE RIGHT REVEREND-DOCTOR MARTIN LUTHER “MLK” KING, J(unio)R, PhD (Philosophiæ Doctor [Systematic Theology], Progressive National-Baptist, born MICHÆL KING, JR, 1929—d1968; Assassinated [Recipient, Nobel Peace Prize : 1964, Posthumous Recipient, Presidential Medal-‘o’-Freedom : 1977, Posthumous Recipient, Congressional Gold Medal : 2004]) HUMAN RIGHTS DAY, HONOURING WHEN ONE LONE DEHUMANIZED AND ALIENATED “ET (ENEMY [‘ALIEN’] TERRORIST)” STOOD AGAINST THE AGGRESSION(S) ‘O’ THE EVILEST EMPIRE IN HUMAN HISTORY ALONE W(ith)IN ITS BORDERS

The Thirtieth Day ‘o’ The First Month ‘o’ E’‘ery Annus (“Year”) – ie (id est), E’‘ery January 30th – be “ET (Enemy [‘Alien’] Terrorist)” “FRED-T” KOREMATSU DAY, which Recognizes The Primary Resister to 日系アメリカ人 (“Nikkei-Amerikajīn [‘American Persons of Japanese Descent’]”) Internment during The Second World War (see “A DEFINITIVE NOTE ON THE TWO WORLD WARS ‘O’ LE VINGTIÈME SIÈCLE [‘THE TWENTIETH CENTURY’] …” @

是松 豊三郎 (“KOREMATSU TOYOSABURŌ [‘FRED’ ‘TOYOSABURŌ KOREMATSU’],” b[irthed] 1919 [Birthyear ‘o’ mine own Late and Sainted Sire]—d[ecedent] 2005) was a Nikkei-Amerikajīn (“Japanese-Descended American”) Activist.

Aftermath The USA’s Official Instigation ‘o’ World War II, shortly after The American Military Publicly Announced its Operational Objective(s) to Firebomb 七千の島々の大きい日本帝国 (“Shichi-senno Shima-no Ōoki-i i Nīpphôn-Teikoku [The ‘Seven Thousand Islands ‘o’ The Greater Japanese Empire’];” CeAChN [Condīta est Antechristum Natum; Latin, “Established Precedent Christóús’ Deliverance”] II.XI.DCLX [02 / 11, 660] ANCÈ [Français, Avant Notre Commonal Èræ, or “Prior Our Common Era”] – here literally Founded “The Eleventh Date ‘o’ The Second Month, Six Hundred and Sixty Years Antecedent Time-‘o’-Christ—”) w / Intent To Massacre Her Civilian Population (sic : The Marshall Meeting 111541 [November 15th, 1941], wherein GENERAL, USA [United States Army] CHIEF-OF-STAFF GEORGE CATLETT MARSHALL [b1880—d1959; 15th USA Chief-‘o’-Staff : 1939—1945; 50th United States Secretary-‘o’-State : 1947—1949; 3rd United States Secretary-‘o’-Defense : 1950—1951; Only Military Personality E’‘er To Be Awarded The Nobel Peace Prize – Per The Marshall Plan In Reparations For Damages ’gainst The European People[s] As Demanded By Dæirs Dritten Reiches [“The Third Realm;” Constitutionally Condīta est 1919, sic, mine own Late-&-Sainted Sire’s Birthyear—sic, Dæirs Tausendjährigen Reiches-Im-Exil or “The Thousand Year Realm-In-Exile”] conducted Briefing before THE NYX [NEW YORK TIMES; Condīta est 1851—], THE NEW YORK TRIBUNE [Condīta est 1841—], NEWSWEEK [Condīta est 1933—], and THE ASSOCIATED PRESS [Condīta est 1846—], asserting that Bombing Operations would be Initiated – by The United States-‘o’-America [Condīta est 1776—] ’gainst 大日本帝國 [Daï Nīpphôn Teikoku,” or The “Empire ‘o’ Greater Japan”] – w / in The First Ten Days ‘o’ December, 1941 [Provocative 日本人 / “Nīpphônjīn,” or “Japanese People’s” Prēëmptive Surgical Strikes on Pearl Harbour and other Strategic Points Come December 7th ‘o’ That Year]), Executive Order 9066 (which Authorized that All Individuals of Nīpphônjīn [“Japanese People’s”] Ancestry were to be Removed from their Homes and forced to Resettle in Internment Camps) was Issued By The cЗoŵветский (“sƵoŵjetskij [‘Soviet;’ literally ‘Collective’]”)-Sponsored American Dictator FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT (DemP-COMM [Democrat-Persōnāted COMMunist – sic], Alias “FDR,” b1882—d1945; Assistant US [United States] Naval Secretariat : 1913—1920; Contracted Polio : C[irc]a 1921; 44th New York Governance : 1929—1932; American-Socialist Dictator-for-Life [sic, via 32nd US Presidency] : 1933—1945; Assassinated By Axis Agents – aka [also known as] “BOUCHE D’‘AYÏTI [‘THE BUTCHER-‘O’-HAÏTI’]” and Infamous as such Throughout The Southern / Panamerican Hemisphere] – Said Nomme-de-Gᵫrre [“Name-‘o’-War”] Appellāted when Personally Leading US Marines [as Assistant Secretary ‘o’ The Navy] into Repiblik D’‘Ayïti [“The Repubilc-‘o’-Haïti;” Condīta est 1804—] to Overturn The Only Independent Black Republic In The World [The Only Other Contemporarily Independent Black Nation in the World was no’ a Republic but an Afrikan Kingdom : የኢትዮጵያ ንጉሠ ነገሥት መንግሥተ / The “Holy Abyssīnian Mängəstä ye-ÆĪthiyōṗ’ṗ’yā,” or “The Hallowed Ethiopian Empire”] c[a] July, 1915 .. (cont. @


News article about Andrew McCabe “stepping down” from his position as the FBI Deputy by the NY Times:

Biased reporting by Fox News, suggesting that Andrew McCabe was fired, rather than retiring:

Hatch Act, passed in 1939, meant to prevent federal employees from interfering with political elections:




“Images source from The National Security Council PowerPoint Presentation on the Proposed Nationalization of Communications. The Third Graphic is a diagram showing a phone on a 5G network connected to various smart technologies, including a TV, microwave, fridge, battery, and washing machine–the “internet of things,” all listening for their master’s voice… Not to even mention that 5G, being a higher frequency in the microwave range, is just that much more problematic… as radiation. Just what we need, everything around us emitting that!” -Laura Lee Solomon on Facebook

Shawn “Jay Z” Combs responds to Trump’s racist comments

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