Douglas Dietrich Critical Omissions Tuesday January 9th 2018 1/9/18

Michelle Carmela Saldana’s men’s classes are starting after Valentines day. Contact her to sign up. Email or FB message her and tell her why you want to take the class.

Men who take the class see prostitutes because they can’t develop relationships.

Dietrich’s reason for seeing prostitutes is different. People close to him are attacked.

Please send funds to help Michelle Carmela Saldana get medical treatment.

Like Dietrich, Michelle Carmela Saldana was also followed by Michael Aquino. Aqunio does have connections to the Philippines and the Mafia.

Aquino probably started tracking Michelle Carmela Saldana from a young age due to her pyrokinetic abilities. Michelle Carmela Saldana met Aquino for the first time as an adult at an air force base in Texas. They made eye contact and he walked right up to her for no apparent reason.

The Temple of Set had a very weird building on the base.

Aquino told Saldana to go with him. She asked him for permission to speak, and said, “I need to move forward.” Then he left. He walked across the street and joined his family. (He has no biological children but he was seen with two preteen children)

Saldana’s training instructor asked her if she knew who that was. Later that day, he explained who Aquino was.

Michelle Carmela Saldana thought Aquino looked like a Spock vampire wannabe.

Saldana and Dietrich were both born in Taiwan. Saldana was born on an air force base in Taiwan. There were human experiments that took place there. This contributed to Saldana’s father’s alcoholism.

Saldana gathered some information about the past from online forums and talking to her parents.

The Republic of China realigned with the Axis and relocated to the island of Formosa aka Taiwan. It was then no longer a member of the United Nations.

[At about 50 minutes, listen to audio for more historical details]

The Americans used the island of Taiwan for human experimentation and brainwashing sex slaves.
The book The Control of Candy Jones is about a mind control victim who was tortured by the CIA in Taiwan.

Michelle Carmela Saldana has had immense difficulty getting a copy of her born abroad military paperwork. She kept getting responses saying she did not exist or she was deceased. Finally an immigration lawyer helped get her paperwork. What should have taken only 6 weeks took 9 months.


Saldana describes some of the “training” (torture) she went through at a young age.

She finally confided in her neighbor when she was about 14 or 15 years old.

Her neighbor walked Michelle back home and the neighbor told her mother, “we’ll be watching you very closely.”

In this neighborhood, the houses were closer together and you could hear if there was loud arguing.

One time Michelle’s mother tried renting her out. Michelle broke her mother’s glasses.

Dietrich thinks Saldana’s grandfather had connections to Michael Aquino, and that the grandfather had intended Michelle to become a breeder. One time Dietrich heard Aquino mention Saldana’s grandfather’s name.

Saldana has a daughter who is in heaven. She also has two sons.

Saldana explains her experiences with mastocytosis and the Emergency Room.

Dorian Aquino is Michael Aquino’s fake son.

Dietrich speaks on Jesus going to Hell.

Dietrich and Saldana also took trips to Hell during their Near Death Experiences.

Lucy was an anti-Taiwanese propaganda film meant to discredit Dietrich.

“Junk DNA” may contain past life memories.

Saldana discusses a Bible verse about marrying a prostitute. She knows about Dietrich’s relationship and history with his surrogate son, who used to be a female escort to Douglas, which has been discussed on the show before.

Michelle Carmela chooses to continue her association with Douglas because she sees how Douglas and his son love and care for each other.

Saldana’s grandfather invented the 401K household cleaner. He sold it for alcohol.

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