Douglas Dietich Firing Lines Saturday January 6th 2018 1/6/18

Special guest Michelle Carmela Saldana.
She will soon be going into incommunicado status.
Her friends are guarding her website, which has recently been under attack.
She has several large research projects coming up, one of which will take a couple months. The projects involve several different countries but similar topics. The governments and NGOs face similar problems and they seek Michelle Carmela’s help.

Michelle Carmela has encountered women leaving their families because they were disgusted with their husbands. It broke her heart and confused her. It angered her to hear these women say they were inspired by her to leave their husbands.

A week before Michelle Carmela and her husband were to move to Mexico, he came home and said he wanted a divorce. Michelle Carmela walked outside to clear her head and talk to her girl friend. Her husband called her sons to the door and said, “Look, your mother is leaving us.”

She had walked outside in her house cleaning clothes, something she would never normally do. She said, “What are you talking about? I’ll be back in time for dinner.”

He called after her and said, “If you walk out that gate, you’re never coming back.”

Michelle Carmela has had to undo a lot of brainwashing in her children. It’s been very hard for them to stay in touch.

Shout out to Eric Leslie, Michelle Carmela’s brother.

Eric is about 8 years younger than Michelle Carmela. So there is quite a lot they don’t know about each other’s lives. Michelle Carmela raised her brother Eric.

Michelle Carmela doesn’t get along with her mother. She has tried to kill Michelle Carmela 5 times. That fact doesn’t register with Eric. A lot of their family members don’t remember that Michelle Carmela had cancer.

Michelle loves her grandfather, “Papa”, but he was a serial killer. Eric doesn’t know he was a serial killer.

There is a big disconnect in the Mafia.

Michelle Carmela woke up one time when she was 9 or 10 years old and there was blood everywhere downstairs in her house. It was her job to clean it up. When she woke up the next morning there was blood everywhere again. Her main concern at the time was to clean it up quickly before she got in trouble for the mess; she didn’t think about what caused the mess.

Michelle Carmela’s siblings don’t know what she went through, and she doesn’t know what they went through.

Michelle Carmela cleaned crime scenes later in life, but this was the only time she can remember cleaning up a large amount of blood in her house.

Douglas Dietrich grew up in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco. He would often walk over dead bodies in the hallway of his apartment building. He could hear the screams on a nightly basis.

After the incident at Michelle Carmela’s house, the police came and filed a report. Later that day the family went to visit their grandparents. Nobody talked about the crime scene for the rest of the day.

Another example of disconnect in families: The book Daddy Had to Say Goodbye by David J. Brown. The book is about taking care of his brothers with alcoholic parents, who later became great Christian parents.


When Michelle Carmela was working with an anti-poaching group, she saw poaching photos with female victims posing with dead animals. Michelle Carmela recognized by their body language they were victims, not hunters. The poachers also used the IDs of the women to get hunting licenses so the women would take the fall if they got caught poaching.

The men in the anti-poaching groups started asking Michelle Carmela relationship questions. One of the men she worked with for two years. He is happily married now.

Michelle Carmela has a course for men to help them in relationships with women. She teaches them to tell the difference between sex slaves and sex workers and how to report real victims.

Crosswalk lesson. Michelle Carmela was walking across the street and after passing a man he cat called her. She confronted the man and instructed him to go back across the street. This time, she said, when they cross paths he should nod his head and say “hello.” She told him that after practicing this a few times and becoming more acquainted, she would tell him her name.

There are some married couples on skid row thanks to Michelle.
There are some more kids on skid row named Michelle or Michael thanks to Michelle. The men then have something to work towards, to improve the lives of their family, to get out of skid row.

The problem with the “human trafficking” cult is it portrays everyone as victims. It polices everyone and dis-empowers sex workers.

Michelle Carmela has had several near death experiences and medical anomalies. We are very lucky to have her and hear her speak at all.

Prior to the United Nation’s Involvement in human trafficking, society did not like prostitutes. It was wives versus prostitutes and mistresses.

The prostitutes knew who was doing it because they wanted to, and who was doing it because they were forced to. For those who were forced, a lot of people took pity on them. There was a woman in the UK, Sara Louise Elmsie, who was fighting for the rights of the women on the streets, to make things more safe for them.

Read more about about Sara Louise Elmsie on DailyMail:
Saved from the slums by Mrs. Barnardo: Little known wife of the charity pioneer who saved 8,000 girls from a life of begging and prostitution in the Victorian East End

We had an understanding for decades to help each other, before the UN created the anti human trafficking cult.


With the UN’s involvement, we see this hierarchy of victimization.

For example, spousal rape versus rape on the streets.

Before, people would empathize with each other, instead of comparing who’s victimization was worse.

There became a divide between people who were prostituted because they were kidnapped, and people who were prostituted because they were a sex worker. People would say to the sex workers, “Oh, you can’t glorify this, don’t legitimize this torture…”

If there was a prostitute who worked her way up the ranks and became a madam, people would say, “Oh, you’re a pimp,” not a victim.

Michelle hears people’s stories and just listens. She’s been through many levels on the “hierarchy of victimization”. The human trafficking cult is making people judge each other based on their level of victimization instead of listening and showing compassion.

Michelle Carmela has had online smear campaigns against her for her stance on the anti human trafficking cult.

Stephen King was targeted by gangstalkers because he was one of the first men to start exposing the military industrial complex for being involved in sexual slavery, especially with children. This was the subject matter of his novel, Firestarter, which was later turned into a film and mini series. Much of Stephen King’s material was inspired by Michael Aquino. That’s why he was targeted.

Douglas Duane Dietrich was on Aquino’s radar since Dietrich killed his grandfather when he was 3 years old. A number of events were conspired to bring Dietrich into the Presidio Military Base of San Francisco, CA, to work directly under Michael Aquino.

Michelle Carmela was also targeted by Michael Aquino due to her own connections.

People were observing her pyrokinetic abilities since a young age.

When Michelle Carmela was nursery school age, her father worked as a handyman at the movie theater across from their house. He went there on Friday to get his pay. He brought Michelle with him. One time the conversation between her dad and the owner was getting heated and was taking too long for Michelle, who just wanted her candy bar. The owner was refusing to pay her father because, he told him, “You’ll just waste it at the bar.”

Michelle got mad and told the man, “You burn. I hope you burn in hell.”

That same night the movie theater had a huge fire. The flames were so hot it was starting to melt the windows of Michelle’s house.

When Michelle was 12 years old she saw the movie Firestarter and it made her angry.
When Michelle was newly wed, she saw the movie again with her husband. She was upset and sent the energy into her hand, which was resting on her husband’s thigh. He jumped from the burn.

Saldana and Dietrich discuss a man who claims to debunk psychics, but he never returns calls from actual psychics.

Saldana has a Weinstein #MeToo story, too.

Contact Saldana for the men’s classes.

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