Douglas Dietrich Critical Omissions Tuesday January 2nd 1/2/18

Special guest Eric Leslie.

Michelle Carmela Saldana is under technical attack and couldn’t make it on air tonight.

Saldana’s website is being tampered with.

Thank you Judith Eggart for the prayers to help everyone get on air tonight.

Eric Leslie is the author of The Man on the Bench, order at The Man on the Bench Novel

He wrote the book in prison. It was a gift from God.

Leslie gave in to the Lord and asked him, “why am I here?” in prison, and God said, “Write a book.”

When Leslie prayed, he received the answer that he wasn’t going to leave prison until the book was completed.

Within days after his editor calling him to say the book was done, Leslie was released early from prison.

Now Leslie has a masonry business.

He has friends who are going to leave prison and return to deplorable situations. However, Leslie hopes to inspire others that you can get out and “make it” without selling drugs.

Having authored the book opened up opportunities for Leslie to speak at rotary clubs and Christian clubs.

Being in the spotlight humbles Leslie and makes him want more.

His “neighbor” Jimmy was helping him with the book but then Leslie was transferred. Leslie was angry and didn’t want to be transferred because he would no longer be able to work on the book with Jimmy’s help.

Leslie’s friend Jeff was in the new block he was transferred to. Jeff was supposed to be released earlier but his paperwork got messed up. Jeff’s mother had become a book editor. That’s how Leslie got connected to his book editor.

The Grander Narrative – There are things that happen to us that we don’t understand, but it’s all part of the Grander Narrative.

Even though Leslie has certain familial connections with the underworld, he was not helped out with his prison sentence.

When he was younger he was protected by his family’s lawyers and connections to the judicial system.

This special treatment made him feel very bold.

He got in trouble too many times, so eventually his family turned his back and left him to fend for himself.

Leslie had chemical dependency issues, which lead him to his prison sentence.

Dietrich asks Leslie what is the most respectful term for someone who was released from prison.

Leslie learned in prison to keep to himself and not talk much. So he doesn’t really bring up the fact that he was released from prison unless people ask him about it. Then they are usually intrigued. Prison is not like how people think it is. The legal term for someone who is released from prison is “rehabilitated” but in reality prison screws up your mind; the system does not normalize or habilitate anyone. The term Leslie would use is “released”.

Leslie is now learning how to reconnect to people.


Michelle Carmela Saldana’s fundraiser is ongoing.

Richard K Cole is sponsored by Steven Outtrim, former CEO of sausage software. Outtrim funds gangstalking of Douglas Dietrich.

Michael Aquino lives in Scotland now because too many Americans want to kill him after Dietrich exposed him.

Richard K Cole’s friend Jonn Lilyea forges fake federal documents for the burner man blog.

Report that their disability payments are based on fraud because they forged their own federal documents. If they forged Dietrich’s documents to discredit him they also forged to their own documents to receive benefits. Tell the VA to reassess their cases.


The prison system is really run by the prisoners.

Most prisoners don’t know any other way of life.

Guards become corrupt. According to Dietrich the corrupt guards pimp out white collar criminals to other prisoners.

Porn does circulate through prison.

Leslie says the guards don’t necessarily pimp out prisoners, but they look the other way when inmates have sex with each other.

Leslie doesn’t think female guards should be working in all male prisons.

Female guards often have sex with inmates.

Female guards are usually fat and ugly, but the inmates give them a lot of attention, so they fall for it and start doing favors for the inmates.

Male guards are more harsh on pedophiles because they think, “that could have been my child.”
Female guards don’t think that way, they are more protective of the pedophiles.

Male guards mostly come from the military or marines. They don’t have as much empathy as the female guards. The female guards are mostly civilian, so when they come in, it’s a culture shock.

Some prisoners prefer prison to life on the streets, so they keep coming back.

Pedophiles walk around almost knowing they are untouchable.

All the maintenance jobs are run by inmates, but none of the maintenance workers are pedophiles.

All the pedophiles work the church jobs, cleaning the offices, or cleaning the block. They are like trustees. They tell the staff everything they see on the block.

The pedophiles are the only ones who participate in “activities” so they run the organization. They’re like a clan.

Among the inmates, pedophiles do get messed with, for example people would steal their stuff and no one would care or tell them who did it.

Pedophiles take advantage of the churches and write to church ladies to send them money to pay for porn and sex.

Pedophiles would take flyers from the paper and jerk off over children posed in advertisements.

Leslie could recognize the pedophiles. They had a certain walk and talk. They had a childlike mentality.

Pedophiles would take great joy in playing childish card games like UNO instead of poker like the other inmates.

Leslie saw a pedophile smoking a cigar while walking down the hallway like a pimp.

Leslie would refuse to sit at the table to eat with the pedophiles. He couldn’t stand to hear their disgusting conversations.

There was one pedophile who was in prison for raping his 2 year old daughter with a carrot. Another inmate dumped a tray of carrots onto his lap. That inmate spent a year in the hole as punishment.

There was a pedophile who was in prison for raping his 18 month old daughter and breaking her hips. He would go around telling other inmates, “Just wait til I get out of here. I’ll get your kid.”

Pedos were the biggest rats and manipulators.

So if someone beat up the pedo, the guy who did it would get punished.

The paedophocracy, the military mafia, is in charge of the prison system and allows this peado protected culture to exist.

NSA is set up to monitor and overpower both FBI and CIA. Michael Aquino is protecting other pedophiles through the NSA. was scrubbed after Dietrich reported it to the FBI for pedophilia.

Firestarter by Stephen King exposed the military paedophocracy.

Its mostly the republicans who support the military who are responsible for the pedophocracy.

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