Douglas Dietrich Firing Lines Saturday December 30th 2017 12/30/17

Special guest Abu-Qadim Haqq.

Please continue to maintain Amanda Eut in your thoughts and prayers.

Abu-Qadim Haqq is a techno graphic artist. Tonight he will talk about his trips to Greece, Macedonia and Japan.

Haqq’s son has helped him with his art booth set up at some festivals. Haqq had to talk to his son about the way women were dressing at these events. It was a culture shock for his son, who comes from a more modest Muslim community.

Haqq gave a speech on afro-futurism at a conference in Greece. He described Greece as neighborly, respectful, friendly, and warm.

Macedonia was also very friendly. Haqq’s host was an man with a lot of underground connections. He paid for everything and he used American money.

Haqq was treated wonderfully in Japan. He hasn’t received any racist treatment there. He’s been to Japan 27 times.

In Macedonia, Haqq’s host’s protege, Stephen, said Macedonia would grow the best opium if they were still allowed to do so. Stephen claimed their opium would be even better than Afghanistan’s.

In the old days in Macedonia, opium farmers would give their babies little bits of opium while working in the fields so the baby would sleep all day. They had an “opium room” which was a room built with opium bricks. Whenever someone was sick, they would go to the opium room and feel better within 3 days. The opium room would cure all kinds of aliments.

Haqq had a lot of cannabis in Macedonia.

Haqq felt more at home in Macedonia and Greece than in UK or France or Germany.

Haqq is friends with some ex patriots in Germany and Japan.

The German police took Haqq’s blood pressure medication during a raid on a club in Berlin.

One time, Haqq’s throat became swollen from taking a blood pressure medication. Some blood pressure medications are toxic to African Americans. The medical complex ignores racial differences in their development of medication which ends up being prescribed to all races.

Haqq’s German black ex patriot friends have had better experiences in Germany than he has.

The ex patriots he knows in Japan all like living there and try to settle there permanently.

The radiation levels there in Fukushima are not too high.

Haqq’s son loved Japan.

Haqq’s son was exposed to a lot of drunk people at parties. Japan is the most beer consuming country. It’s a very peaceful place where people look out for each other. You could leave your door unlocked with your wallet on the table and no one would steal it. Drunk people in Japan are helped on their way home and not taken advantage of.

Haqq was a little sad to return home to Detroit.

One time Haqq left his laptop on the train in Japan and was able to recover it in the lost and found. Another time he left his backpack on the train and was also able to recover it.

Air Canada cancelled the flights to and from Japan and lost Haqq’s luggage.

His first time to the UK, they wouldn’t let him in the country and made him go back home the next day.

Haqq’s first time in Berlin, he missed the train and slept in a park.

Haqq felt that his son would be safe in Japan.

The black Japanese people hung out at a tacky bar called the Trump Tokyo. Haqq also saw a lot of black men working as callers or barkers outside strip clubs.

Haqq has seen only a handful of Blaisans (Black/Asian people) during his travels. There were more Asian/white people.

In Macedonia, the communist architecture was very strange. The had sideways toilets. Elevators had no safety doors.

The biggest psyop is that Americans believe this is the best place to live on Earth.

Many black Americans are afraid of racism if they travel abroad. Haqq says they just need to go out and see for themselves that it’s not like that.


Haqq’s daughter was playing in the front yard and his neighbor across the street started masturbating. This is the horror he comes home to after traveling in what he considers to be a much safer place, Japan.

Even though Haqq’s daughter was not physically violated, the innocence of her conscious was violated. Now she only plays in the backyard or with other family members present to protect her.

Dietrich discusses details of the recent swatting attack on an innocent civilian. The man who plotted the attack was a video gamer in a feud with another gamer who gave him the wrong address.

The FBI estimates there are 400 cases of swatting per year. This has been going to since early 2000’s.

In 2012 a 12 year old boy swatted Justin Beiber and Ashton Kusher.

People who are planning a swatting attack use “caller ID spoofing” to make it seem like the phone call to 911 comes from inside the targets home.

They can also use the TTY system meant for deaf or mute people to call 911.

Richard K Cole is in the gaming community. This is where he devised his swatting plan against Dietrich during fleet week.

Jonn Lilyea and Richard Cole swatted Dietrich in an assassination attempt.

Cole is known as Gunner65 online and his background is in marine core porn with underage boys from the Philippines and Mexico.

Lilyea is known as the Bukake Beret because he was the bottom bitch boy in the Marines.

Like Dietrich, Stephen King was also targeted by gangstalkers because he was bringing public awareness to government and military corruption.

Aquino funds Lilya and Cole through Australian billionaire Steven Outtrim, who was a fan of the porn produced by Cole.

Stephen King’s gangstalker claimed that King and the CIA were involved in the murder of John Lennon.

A gangstalker hit Stephen King with a van. He was thrown 14 feet. He broke his hip, leg, and suffered a punctured lung. The man who was driving the van was reported to be Brian Edwin Smith and was reported dead after the crash. It’s not clear if this mas was actually King’s gangstalker or a mind control victim who was used in the accident.

King can’t remember anything now from his brain injury after the crash and from medicating his pain with drugs. He most likely has trained younger people to continue writing under his name, and/or his wife writes for him.

Mona Leigh McCrea and Douglas Dietrich were also in car accidents.

King had built up American distrust of the “system” like the National Security Administration.

TNT consulted Dietrich in 2006 for a movie production of King’s short story “Battleground”. Dietirch offered his knowledge of nano tech and lifelike (…sp?).

Dietrich advised TNT that, ironically, the more experienced assassins are less physically fit.

Dietrich explains the backstory which got cut from the movie for “Battleground”.

Mattel Toys was contracted to build M16 guns for malnourished boy soldiers in South Vietnam.

The toy maker in the movie was killed because he was contracted by the Department of Defense to build nano bots (which looked like toy soldiers). The logic was if you built smaller weapons they couldn’t be hit as easily. The DOD was done with the toy maker after he completed the prototypes so they took him out so he couldn’t talk.

Movie makers gave the main character a Chinatown zip code to honor Douglas Dietrich.

The government hated Stephen King because he wrote Firestarter, which was about the military pedophocracy.

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