Douglas Dietrich Critical Omissions Tuesday December 26th 2017 12/26/17

Special guests Michelle Carmela Saldana and her brother Eric Leslie.

Leslie is the author of The Man on the Bench.

Personally signed books are for sale at

The Man on The Bench Facebook page:

Eric Leslie talks about how God literally told him to write a book while we was in prison. It’s an amazing story of faith. The book is fictional but also inspired by real life.

Michelle Carmela Saldana speaks on race.

Merriam-Webster’s word of the year was “feminism”.

Port Authority attempted bombing 12/11/17 was done by a mind control victim, like Anya Briggs.

Anya Briggs is a mind control victim.

On the same day, 12/11/17, a dozen women were gathering to speak out against Trump’s sexual abuse.

The attempted terrorist attack was a planned diversion from Trump’s sexual abuse.

Sexual abuse allegations took out Kevin Spacey, who starred in House of Cards, a TV show used by Russians to train trolls how to pass as Americans while posting comments on US news websites.

Douglas Dietrich’s gangstalkers are all white supremacist paedophiles. They also attack Dietrich’s supporters.

Al Franken’s resignation speech and the Me Too movement. (Sexual misconduct back lash only applies to liberal progressive democrats. Trump and Moore are immune.)

The democrats, having lost the presidential election, are now focused on their own moral superiority and sexual policing.

Gayle Rubin warned of a period of re-regulating sexual behavior leading to more strict control.


Dietrich gives a passionate rant about the double standards of sexual misconduct in the republican party vs the democratic party.

Demand the resignation of Blake Farenthold. Here he is in his duck onesie:

Blake Farenthold (right)

Roy Moore was interviewed by 12 year old girl. (Who thought that would be a good idea? To prove he could get through a 10 minute interview with a girl without molesting her?)

The republican party has basically sunken to the level of pedophiles. That’s why they support a predator like Trump.

Facebook profiles who supported Roy Moore had on their timelines pizzagate bullshit, russian alt right propaganda, and posts saying Hilary Clinton is guilty until proven innocent. At the same time they were saying Moore is innocent until proven guilty.

Michelle Carmela Saldana’s associate in India said ISIS is trying to interfere with politics in Kashmir. He filed a lawsuit against the University against identity politics for the students, in an attempt to stop Muslims with connections to ISIS from gaining special treatment.

It is now illegal in some states to misgender someone.

This comes from the anti-trafficking movement.

For a lot of people, when they are sexually traumatized, their views on sex hold a lot of baggage.

Before, Michelle says victims used to sit and talk, listen, and encourage each other. Now, because of the human trafficking cult, there is a hirearcy of victimization, and people stopped relating to each other.

Sex and identity politics are becoming more extreme.

Eric speaks on his experience living with pedophiles in prison. They are protected by association with each other.

Michelle Carmela Saldana counseled many men who were raped. They were accused of rape, kicked out of college, forced to pay child support, and ended up homeless.

Politicians want you to forget all the evil stuff they did. They only want you to remember the charming moments.

Regrettable sex or bad sex is not rape. If you got pregnant, it doesn’t necessarily mean you got raped.

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