Douglas Dietrich Critical Omissions Tuesday December 19th 2017 12/19/17

Tonight’s topics are terrorist politics and sex politics.

Dietrich describes his background growing up in San Francisco being exposed to the sex industry, and his relationship with his surrogate son.

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Sex Workers was December 17th.

A female dog catcher was partnered with Gary Ridgway, aka the Green River Serial Killer, who targeted prostitutes. She reported him bragging about killing “bitches”. Even though she reported him multiple times, no immediate action was taken by law enforcement, because they felt he was righteous by killing prostitutes and “cleaning up the streets”. Jack the Ripper is another example of a serial killer who was allowed to get away with murdering prostitutes.

Angela Davis argued for the sex industry to be decriminalized because it brings more women of color into the prison system.

The World Charter for Prostitutes Rights was signed by sex workers in 1985. Rights remain unprotected around the world.

Indonesia – There is muslim persecution against Christian Chinese in South East Asia.

From Douglas Dietrich’s Facebook timeline:
Today, 19th December 2017, marks the fifty-sixth anniversary of Indonesia’s “Operation: Trikora”, the military invasion to take control of West Papua by force (see Documentary Produced By The Late Australian journalist MARK WORTH : ).
In 1961, Indonesia’s FIRST PRESIDENT SŒKARNO announced the operation and in the next few months, with backing from the Soviet Union, the Indonesian military launched ruthless military attacks on West Papua, from naval shelling to artillery bombing. Hundreds of Indonesian soldiers were airdropped into the country.
Today at least sixty-six West Papuan students and Indonesians in solidarity were arrested in Malang city and four of them were wounded by the Indonesian police. Their crime? Peacefully demonstrating to PROTEST Operation Trikora and demanding an end to the military occupation.


Cetaceans and porpoises are more intelligent than humans. Altering the environment is not a sign of intelligence. Just because humans alter their environment does not make them intelligent. Rather, introducing invasive species into different ecosystems destroys the environment and is a stupid thing for humans to do. Cetaceans and porpoises live in harmony with their environment.

The US military is mass sacrificing cetaceans and porpoises to their antigods.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is part of the military and helping them cover their tracks. NOAA claims the large number of cetacean and porpoise deaths are natural, not genocide.

Dietrich goes into detail explaining the departments of the military and how they are interrelated.


Trump’s proposed 2018 National Security Administration Budget

The white trash (Russian sponsored) insurgency is more of a threat in the form of domestic terrorism than foreign terrorism. Putin orders Trump to take away money from the budget to defend against domestic terrorists and put it towards the Mexico border wall so you can’t protect yourself against the real threat.

White supremacist political terrorist attacks are twice as common as Muslim and Islamic extremist attacks. The white terrorists are under reported in the media.

The white trash terrorists are using social media to view Russian sponsored propaganda and plan their attacks.

The Muslim pipe bomb incident in NYC was used to distract from Trump’s sexual abuse allegations and push his anti-immigration agenda.

Immigrants have lower crime rates than white non-immigrant Americans.

Trump says he wants to eliminate certain public security teams by 2019, while adding more people to the border patrol where they aren’t needed.

Doulgas Dietrich has done more than anyone to shut down sexual slavery.

He exposed the Presidio Military Base as a center for child sex abuse in 1989.

He exposed the Marine Core gay porn ring for exploiting Mexican and Phillipino children.

He witnessed sexual slavery perpetrated by the United Nations and fought on the side of the Axis to free the victims.

He rescued Chinese sex slaves from Jewish American sweatshop owners.

The Russian Alt-R propaganda is claiming the Chinese are involved in an elite paedophilia ring. Dietrich knows from experience the Chinese are the biggest sex slave victims, not the perpetrators.

Russia is trying to smear China because China is critical of Trump, and to distract from Russia’s own sexual slavery crimes. They traffic Russian girls into Israel where they are raped to death.

We ARE at war. You have to report Dietrich’s gangstalkers who try to discredit him with fake documents. The more reports the FBI and VA receive, the more likely they are to respond.

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