Douglas Dietrich Critical Omissions Tuesday December 12th 2017 12/12/17

The mayor of San Francisco, 李孟賢 LǏ MÈNG-XIÁN aka Edwin Ma Lee, the first Asian mayor of San Francisco, is dead. He changed his original Chinese name to a more Ænglobastardized version, Ed Lee, for the sake of his political career.

He was 65 years old. He reportedly suffered a heart attack Monday night while grocery shopping at midnight. The timing of his death has occult significance, pointing to Michael Aquino.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife, children, and extended family.

The first female black African American mayor of San Francisco, London Breed, is succeeding Lee.

Douglas and his gang brother Beaver smuggled Chinese slaves out of sweat shops in Northern Mariana Islands, where there were no labor laws. Their only offer out was in exchange for their organs or eyes. Douglas is proud to have broken many laws to rescue these people. Lee wanted to distance himself from these gang associations, understandably, to “save face.”

Lee was appointed Mayor in 2011. He was chosen because of his human rights advocacy. He represented low income tenants in his early career. He was re-elected in 2015.

California had many anti-Chinese hysterical raves. Eventually those aspects of the California constitution were taken out because of people like Lee.

California’s economy could not exist without Mexican migrant labor.

“China man’s chance” is an old saying referring to the risk Chinese migrant workers took building railroads in the US. They used dynamite to tunnel through mountains and cliffs. White men would never risk their lives to do this work. The Chinese were given dynamite without wicks. Tens of thousands of Chinese died.

The white community accused Lee of being an accomplice in the shooting of Kathryn Steinle.

The white community is rejoicing Lee’s death.

Republican Augustus Sol Invictus is a known blood sacrifice occultist, who was also involved at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in 2017, where they sacrificed a white woman named Heather Heyer to their anti-gods. Augustus is an associate of Aquino.

Douglas Dietrich and his associates tried to warn Lee about the whites plotting to kill him in an occult manner. Now these same whites are celebrating his death.

Dietrich speaks on The Drudge Report’s connections to Michael Aquino, George Noory, Alex Jones, and others.

An anonymous post on The Drudge Report insinuated that Lee was a child molester, which is not true.

Other posts on social media ridicule Lee for his liberal politics.

Dietrich identified one of the commenters as a Russian troll (fake profile).

Dietrich’s gangstalkers are more dangerous to you and your children than illegal immigrants are.

Dietrich was targeted by trolls who kept reporting him again and again and again until Facebook finally banned Dietrich, even though his post did not violate any FB community standards.

The weather is unusually cold and dry in the South USA. Agriculture will be devastated especially for beef and dairy farmers.

California fires are said to be the new “normal”. It seems about half of California has burned.

Alabama election has taken place to replace Jeff Sessions. Democrat Doug Jones defeated Republican Roy Moore.

Californians call the fires the Trumpocolapse.

Prayers go out to the people who lost their homes, the people who lost their lives, praying for people to stay safe, praying for firefighters to stay alive.

Trump declared a state of emergency in California.

Dietrich’s associates in the underground and silicon valley knew someone would strike on Douglas’s mother’s birthday. To explain how they knew, Douglas talks about people’s animals and remote viewing.

There were horses that died in the fire. Douglas couldn’t bear to watch the entire footage of people trying to save the horses, because the sound of the horses screaming reminded him too much of screaming women being tortured.

While traveling, Douglas came across exotic animals being sold in the open market. He brought home two rare Croatian Salamanders, fearing they would otherwise perish without a good home. Douglas and his parents took care of them until his parents died. One died at the same time his father died, and the other died at the same time his mother died. They didn’t eat anything. They only drank water. It turns out that species only needed to consume food about once every 10 years, which is about how long they lived with Dietrich and his parents.

Exotic animal smugglers bring in animals for silicon valley moguls. Dietrich became acquainted with some of these people through his surrogate son and Douglas‘s need to care for his salamanders.

In some cases, the only way for a species to survive without going extinct is as exotic pets, since their natural habitats are being destroyed. Dietrich sees this as a moral reason to smuggle and buy exotic animals.

Dietrich knows of a woman who was able to evacuate her private zoo of exotic animals before the fire, unlike the horses who died, because she had information via remote viewing.

In old days, it was customary for Kings to employ psychics.

The practice of remote viewing is a relatively new field of psychic practice that developed while academics and the government were researching extra sensory perception. They wanted to use remote viewing to gain access to secret enemy information.


The CIA and Airforce took over area 51 to suppress what really happened at Roswell to hide the fact that USA lost WW2.

Japanese pilots landed there to display weapons of mass destruction and force US to sue for peace.

[Side note: The reason why they landed specifically at area 51 in Roswell is because the US engineers there would be able to recognize the full extent of the weapons they were seeing. The Japanese could have simply killed off most of the US population if they wanted to, but they preferred to force the US to surrender without having to kill everyone because Japan wanted US to open it’s markets for Americans to buy Japanese goods. By displaying their weapons at Roswell, it forced US to sue for peace to prevent Japan from actually deploying their weapons against the civilian population.]

Dietrich had an alternate personality downloaded into him by Aquino to serve as an undercover agent in Vietnam. Since then, his psychiatrist has deprogrammed him.

Project Stargate, CIA, and the Airforce all researched remote viewing.

Now information about remote viewing is accessible to the public since the government programs became defunded and declassified.

Remote viewing products and training courses are there to rip off the public.

Courtney Brown developed the non-profit Far Sight Institute. He has free YouTube videos. The Far Sight Institute predicted the California fires. The description one remote viewer gave matched a Direct Energy Weapon. [which could have sparked fires?]

California is running out of inmates to help fight the fires.

Black firefighters in WW2 were not given the proper equipment to survive the fires. The work was intentionally genocidal, similar to the Chinese railroad workers.

California inmate firefighters, including women and children, are only paid $2 a day. It’s slave labor. They can’t even be employed as firefighters after release because of their ex-convict status.

Commenters blame liberals and say it’s “karma”.

Trump doesn’t command the military to cloud seed, which would produce rain over California.

There is evidence 6 separate fires were deliberately set on Dietrich’s mother’s birthday.

Media reports that the fires were started by an illegal alien.

Lee was a big supporter of Sanctuary City policy.

Kathryn Steinle was shot and killed. They accused Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, a homeless man and illegal immigrant.

The jury was right to let go Jose Ines Garcia Zarate.

There was no motive. It was an accident. He didn’t even know he was picking up a gun at first because it was wrapped in fabric. He was sitting on a bench and picked up the gun, and it fired by accident, ricocheted and shot Steinle.

Special forces under the military junta regime started the fires. They wanted to take out California ‘s economy so no one could work. This is because California has been powerful in federal government.

California would have been the first state to pass a codified consent law. Brown vetoed the bill after the wine industry was destroyed.

The military trans ban was attempted because trans people are pioneers in California.

The recent NYC bombing, by a Muslim immigrant, was used by politicians to push Trump’s anti immigration agenda.

After women came forward with sexual harassment allegations against Trump, he said it wouldn’t matter because of his bombing campaign.

Dietrich and his associates tried warning Edwin Lee that people like Augustus Sol Invictus wanted to kill him. Edwin Lee refused to be involved with ancient Chinese rituals to protect him from the cult assassination. He didn’t want it to look like he was taking part in a gang initiation.

People like Edwin Lee are grassroots organizers who are fighting for civil rights. They are fighting against racism and xenophobia. That’s why he was held in contempt and hatred by the racist white alt right.

Ultimately Lee refused help because he wanted to fit in with white culture.

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