Douglas Dietrich Firing Lines Saturday December 9th 2017 12/9/17

Special guest Michelle Carmela Saldana of

Summary of the transmission:

Recent facebook ban of Douglas Dietrich caused by misreports made by gangstalkers.

Los Angelos area fire. Please pray for everyone in that area.

The fires are likely not caused by North Korea. If it were politically motivated arson, it’s most likely Trump cultists.

Michelle Carmela Saldana fundraiser.

She recently traveled from New Orleans to Florida. Luckily she wasn’t home in LA when the fires spread more, though she did start having symptoms from smoke right before she left.

Facebook gave Douglas a 10$ coupon to promote tonight’s show as an apology for the wrongful ban.

Shout out to Michelle Carmela Saldana‘s brother, Eric Leslie, author of The Man on the Bench.

The story is about two characters who like to sit on a bench and people watch. They react to people in the town. It’s a more light hearted perspective on the town than what Michelle herself typically provides.

Michelle Carmela Saldana sees the dark side of the town.

At the end of the book, Eric gave clues that one of the characters was based on Michelle Carmela Saldana.

Fundraiser to help repair Michelle Carmela Saldana.

She is raising money for chiropractic care that will help treat her rare illness Mastocytosis.

She is getting back into the field.

Spinal alignment will also help balance her immune system.

There is vast organized crime in Puerto Rico. The economy is sustained by child pornography and exploitation.

Michelle Carmela Saldana and Once Upon an Eden has been invited to come help in Puetro Rico. She has access to a large support network there.

Michelle already started suffering symptoms before she left LA, due to fire smoke. Her arms swelled up. Five years ago she was hospitalized for exposure to fire smoke.

Please pray for Michelle’s son, who lives in the valley. She doesn’t know if he is safe or not.

Prisoners are fighting fires in CA, but new laws are limiting the prison population which can fight fires.

People in the District of Columbia are not allowed to vote. They are treated like a colony, like Puerto Rico and Guam.

Once Upon an Eden was designed to help anyone who was suffering sexual exploitation.

Overlords have been trying to buy the name to covert it into porn sites.

Michelle Carmela Saldana started helping children who were suffering any type of abuse. They had after school programs. They set up safe places.

Her Grandfather was recruited into the Mafia at age 5. Michelle was born into it.

In 2005 the name of the organization came to Michelle Carmela Saldana. She needed a separate name from what she was doing for an international mega church, who was taking credit for her work.

“Pray the prostitution away” attitude does not work and is not acceptable.

Jesus accepted people the way they were.

Jesus did not judge the woman at the well. He presented something that would help her. He was also getting his flirt on.

The Bible has sexual content. The Christ was a man in all respects. The prostitute washed his feet with her hair dipped in honey.

We must outgrow certain concepts which we have been matrixed into.

The term human trafficking fails to differentiate between sexual empowerment or voluntary sex workers and involuntary sex workers or sex slaves.

Human trafficking oppresses people for sin crimes. It’s oppressive to people who don’t want to loose their livelihood.

Douglas has been banned again, yesterday morning, after posting about professional escorts, with a picture of one of his escorts.

Douglas has a unique background working security for escorts, illustrating pornography, and also being provided sex services in exchange for his bodily fluids.

People are only tolerant of Douglas portraying male sexuality. People complain when he portrays female sexuality. He follows all facebook protocols but his erotic female pictures still get reported and removed.

His gangstalkers are gay, and try to force Douglas into more and more homoerotic presentation.

This is also happening in society in general. It’s oppressive to females to limit their ability to sell their feminine sexuality.

It disempowers women from protecting themselves, moving on and healing, and it disempowers women and men from having healthy relationships.

Michelle Carmela Saldana observes unhealthy relationships in which wives don’t want their husbands to look at them or touch them sexually.

Sexual identity plays a huge part in homelessness.

Orgasms can help headaches, especially migranes.


Dietrich’s surrogate son was a female prostitute, before she had sex reassignment surgery. Douglas was her client for many years. After the transition, he became his surrogate father.

The name, Once Upon an Eden, is based on the idea that the garden of Eden was a place where you could lay around naked and have sex carefree.

The housewife is the protector of homelife, while the husband is the warrior of the world. Michelle’s grandparents had a plaque in the kitchen that said, “I am the king of my household. I have my wife’s permission to say so.”

The husband is the head of the house, but the wife is the neck. The neck turns the head. The body goes where the head is turned, so the neck has control over the whole body.

Pimps would ask Michelle Carmela Saldana if she was a prostitute because she was in their territory. She would just smile and say she was retired. They built a repor. If they had girls who wanted out or were getting burnt out, they would go to Michelle’s shelter. She ran her shelter like a bed and breakfast. You couldn’t tell the difference between fortune 500 women and prostitute women. They had mentorship programs for both.

The rule was, if the girls went to her shelter, even if they chose to go back to their pimp, they belonged to Michelle, not the pimp.

Michelle keeps in touch with many women and men who she met during this time. Some returned to their families, some started their own companies.

Michelle started getting invited to porn movie sets.

She needed to differentiate this type of work from the other work she was doing in ministry.

Once she chose the name, Once Upon an Eden, she got very large offers for purchasing the name to use in porn.

Michelle Carmela Saldana wrote about her relationship with Hugh Heffner. She read the bible to him, they talked on the phone.

Alister Crowley’s parents were very religious.

Why can’t Jesus get married?

Who is to say if God can get married or not?

The creator created wisdom before he created anything.

Men test ideas and women test men.

When a man desires a woman, he will create worlds for her.

Militant feminism doesn’t do anything to help women, men, children, or society.

Pizzagate was a psyop.

Michelle consulted for Facebook in their early days, to change their image policies. The images on there were very graphic. They depicted child abuse.

Michelle lost a lot of research on her wall when FaceBook changed it’s format.

Other people were copying Michelle’s work, so she was able to recover much of it.

Facebook started monitoring her page because it had so much traffick.

People sent Michelle downloads of her work and campaigned on her behalf to restore her work after it was lost.

Because of the huge response, and Michelle’s reporting of inappropriate images, Facebook security asked Michelle to consult for them.

Michelle Carmela Saldana can affirm that the picture Douglas posted on his timeline did NOT violate any policy.

ICANN also plays a part on what we can see on Facebook. She will explain more on her website. It’s coporations, due to marketing, that control what’s allowed to be said and what’s not allowed to be said. It’s mind control.

Social justice warriors and militant feminists are tools. They are emotionally charged and not willing to listen. They are promoting that women are weak, victims, innocent, should be protected. According to them, men are dogs, horrible.

Now men are afraid of their own sexuality. Men have always been protectors.

Where as a few years ago, women fight back. Use your words. No means no. Wear what you want, but know how to punch.

Now what we have is, if a women posts it, it’s okay, but if a man posts is, oh my God, what is he thinking, he has to take it down.

There were organizations posting images of young girls and boys bound, saying, “stop human trafficking,” yet their imagery is just as erotic and provocative as actual perpetrator’s images. It’s just as bad.

Douglas has age blocks on both his timelines. No one under 18 should be able to see his timelines. Which makes it even more offensive that men complain about his posts. A couple years ago, men would be cheering at the sexual posts. Now they’re reporting.

Child predators look at family photos on Facebook. If you don’t turn off the location setting on your photos, they can tell where your children live and where they go to school. Don’t make it easy for them.

In colleges, some people want to change the wording on course work so it’s not “triggering”. In law studies, they don’t want to have “sex abuse law”.

The transgender bathroom campaign didn’t come from the transgenders. It came from the United Nations.

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