Douglas Dietrich Firing Lines Saturday December 2nd 2017 12/2/17

‘Д (“D”) DREW THE “FIRING LINES” ‘CROSS THE עולמות (“hŒLÆMŒS [‘CONCEALED WORLDS’];” [FOUR] LEVELS-‘O’-BEING) ON-超月出 (“CHĀOYUÈCHŪ [‘SUPERMŌŌNRISE’];” see NOTE below) THIS 120243 (Dec 2nd, 1943) BARIPORTO (“BARI HARBOUR”) PRĒËMPTIVE SURGICAL STRIKE MEMȮRIAL DAY SATURDAY NIGHT INTO SÓLAR RETURN WEEKEND ‘O’ THE LATE-And-SAINTED MATRIARCH ‘O’ HIS DECEDENT FAMILY, THE GRAND SIRESS DIANNA 林蘇錦 (“LÍN SŪJĬN [‘BRIGHT-WOODS / FOREST-‘O’-BROCADE’]”) / 高林秀子 (“TAKABAYASHI HIDEKO [‘SPLENDID CHILD’]”) DIETRICH (Who Graced Our World By Her Presence Circa Annō Dominī MCMXXIII [1923 Commonal Èræ], Leaving Us Amid This Vale-‘o’-Tears Circa Annō Dominī MMXI [2011 Commonal Èræ]; Murdered) ON-TOPIC DECAMPMENT ‘O’ THE DIET/RICH ([D]atabased [I]nformation [E]lectronic [T]ransceiver / [R]eferential [I]ntellect [C]onsultant [H]ologram) And ET ALIA

She Be Properly Entitled 権現-चन्द्र ΣΕΛΉΝΗDIANA (“GONGEN-ChANDRA SÉLḖNĒDIANA [‘SHINING AVATAR, THE DIVINE LIGHT ‘O’ THE MŌŌN’]”) – ΣΕΛΉΝΗ-DIANA (“SÉLḖNĒ-DIANA [Ancient Græcorṓmãn Goddess ‘o’ THE ‘MŌŌN’];” DIANA [literally “DIVINE LIGHT”] being The White Goddess ‘o’ The Mo͞on, Nature and The Hunt, The Forest[s] and Woodland[s], Animals Wild and Domestic, Chastity In-Prenuptiality and Fertility In-Wedlock and Protector ‘o’ Women In-Childbirthing)


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