Douglas Dietrich Critical Omissions Tuesday November 14th 2017 11/14/17

THE ENTIRE TOPICAL Tdy 111417 (Tuesday, November 14th, 2017) PRÓGRAMME CALLED-IN Via ECT (Emergency Cellphone Transmission) ! : ΔÝÁΔ (“DÝĀD [‘DÚO’]”) Д‘ТРĂЦК (“D‘TRĂCK [‘DIETRICH,’ or ‘DRAGON’]”) DID VERILY CONTINUETH COMMUNICATING “CRITICAL OMISSIONS” UNDER COC (Condition[s]-‘O’-Cyber[netic]siege) W(ith) TABOO BROS YouTube, LLC (Limited Liabilities Company) CHANNEL MASTER DANIEL AROLA (Subscribe ‘O’ DAMAG (Daniel Arola Martial Arts Group)-INC(orporated) KALI COMBATIVES (“LIKE”

– Publicly “LIKE” and Follow
Renegatus Humanus Arma ab Massa-Eruditio
(THE “Renegade Human Weapon ‘o’ Mass-Instruction”)

plus Personally Friend & Follow
THE Internationally Recogniƶed Military Historian
and Intraglobal Crises Analyst 林 一平 (“Lín yĪ-Píng
[‘Дукич Димитрич’ / ‘Đûkič Đimitrič;’ or ‘Douglas Dietrich’]”)

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