Douglas Dietrich Addresses Michael Aquino 9/19/17 – Fishing For Gangstalkers

If Douglas Dietrich was a liar, he wouldn’t be a threat. They wouldn’t be so preoccupied with attempting to shape the opinions of people who post a comment on one of his videos. They make it apparent they listen to him frequently. Almost as if it’s their ‘job’. -E. Lee

Wherever you are in the world right now, whomever you may be, I’d like to thank you for reading this. I hope that in some small way, you and I can help each other. We’re human beings. Our languages and appearances, backgrounds and cultures, aren’t always similar. There does appear to be some distance between us, but it’s mostly an illusion.

I believe that a human life has inherent value. A value that cannot be imitated, a specific human life has value no matter what and nothing can replace a human life when it’s gone. Regardless of where we are from and what ethnicity we may be.

There was a point in time where I wrote a lot of blogs for a lot of different types of websites, but that’s not something I really do anymore. I try my best not to say something unless I feel it’s necessary.

The things that Douglas Dietrich speaks of are not only worth noting and committing to memory for anyone who wants to have a clue what’s going on in the world around them,- but I believe more importantly the topics discussed by Douglas Dietrich are worth the time, effort, and investigation on part of the individual. No one is going to do this for you, so before you decide that what he says is “far too out there” to be possible, it may be worth doing a little research.

Having been exposed to alternative media and other concepts that differ from what most would call the ‘norm’, long before I heard Douglas for the first time, it wasn’t at all difficult for me to wrap my head around the things he was saying. And of course when I hear something good, as a person who used to assist in looking for anything that might actually be ‘helpful’ in alternative media, I started listening to his personal transmissions. Before I even knew there was “controversy”. Some of the things Douglas talks about have caused a split between me and the people I used to train/prep/plan with, because I realized we had two different agendas: they live in the American paradigm and refuse to let go of some of it’s core beliefs, and I believe wholeheartedly in much of the information Douglas brings to the table, as I was never attached to the American paradigm to begin with. I never really identified with Americans, especially as a whole, and most especially white Americans. My whole life I felt like I was being lied to, but I couldn’t put my finger on what the truth was because I didn’t have enough information. Something was wrong though, and I’ve never had a problem not trusting my government. I wanted to ask myself, -how does this relate to me and what can I do-? I can see the results of the chaos and devastation they cause and the psychological dysfunction of their own citizens, but I didn’t have a way of knowing why all of these things were happening.

Hearing Douglas speak about his time working for the U.S. government and confirming other sources of information I had in the monologues he shared changed a lot of that. The pieces of the puzzle started to fit together, and things began to make sense. It’s apparent to many Americans that the government lies to them ad infinitum, but to the extent those lies go is where the rubber meets the road. The explanation given by Douglas in regards to Roswell alone makes far more sense than the bizarre and delusional narrative of ‘extraterrestrials’ that can allegedly travel through the stars via manipulation of space and time itself, but for some reason crash into the earth in the middle of a desert at night, conveniently in a remote location where it was likely not to be seen by too many people. That being said, most Americans would RATHER believe a fantasy that someone or something came here from across the galaxy than dare even entertain the idea that Uncle Sam had Japanese prisoners of war on American soil and was using them for dangerous and grotesque experiments. Disturbingly, even the individuals who find the “alien” narrative unbelievable would rather believe that. Even though they know their government lies to them. Even though they know that there’s an uncountable amount of corpses, and there’s plenty of evidence that indicates creepy Uncle Sam was responsible for it.

The following screenshots were taken of the comment section on the video clip “Douglas Dietrich Addresses Michael Aquino – September 19 2017” by Taboo Bros.


I don’t have to come out and say it, but this individual displays a lot of bizarre behavior in this conversation. This is what much of Douglas Dietrich’s material goes through when it’s put on platforms like YouTube or other commonly used services. No likes. No comments. Not even disagreements. Not usually, unless someone is a supporter. There’s this artificial feeling of sanitation, as if they wiped down everything they could. That changed recently since more people have become aware of Douglas, and this individual going by the handle presented here (onetruekeeper) made me ask if either they don’t understand the situation or worse, that they work with the enemy. No one in their right mind would demand another user to fork over their personal information, trying to appeal to their ego as this user did. And they were all of about four people posting on this video that I could observe at that time. When claiming he knew Douglas didn’t do him any good, it was straight to teaming up with his buddy.


Which you can see here was Gunner65, who is confirmed by Douglas himself to be a gang stalker. If you observe his behavior, he certainly acts like one. At this point, this looks like a desperate attempt at controlling the situation by sending in a goon squad. They’re sending out people like this to hound and harass anyone who may DARE to say, “I have been listening to Douglas Dietrich for some time, and I stand in solidarity with him on ‘this’ issue.” That’s all it takes. This video in particular by Taboo Bros is aimed at Micheal Aquino, and their attempts at conflating Dietrich with Aquino make everything look like a circus until you factor in that people who practice Aquino occultism are liars by trade. Like many who practice black magick.


That seemed to be one of the red flags around Alister Crowley that no one paid attention to.

I don’t want to beat a dead horse, but I had a feeling that the system was my enemy a long time ago. I quit saying much about it; people didn’t want to care or take action in large numbers and it put me at odds with so many people around me I felt myself becoming detached from it. A type of dead end. I didn’t quit thinking about it though. And I resented what I was seeing. I resented what these people were doing, especially in my name. Every single time there was a genocide under that flag they taught me at emotional gunpoint to worship in school when I was growing up, that was blood on my hands.

And the hands of my grandfathers who had served in the First World War and Second World War respectively. Regardless of who they were as people, combining their efforts with the military industrial complex made any good aspects of their personalities void. They were enlisted men and they drafted my great grandfather into the army whereas my grandfather served willingly in the Army Air Core as a pilot. He trained other pilots but was not sent to combat. So when he comes home to tell his veteran father how he’s going to make a military career for himself and sees no problem with that, my great grandfather told him to leave the military… Because being gassed in World War I made it easy to shoot at the Germans, but when he saw what they were using his son to do he realized who his true enemy always was. And said something different than what most people would say. I’m glad he did.

My great grandfather was gassed while trying to pull his fellow soldiers out of the trenches during the First World War. In response to this action, he was given a Purple Heart by the U.S. Army. What I’ve gathered from that situation is that my grandfather and his platoon walked into an ambush in a forest in Germany. And what’s more, the military knew they were walking into an ambush but chose to not tell them. Since my grandad survived they gave him a medal, hoping he wouldn’t ask for extra pay for being injured, or benefits. A medal actually has monetary value and the mentality of the military was always to try to dump a medal off on someone instead of actually compensating them. This isn’t to say the medal was not earned, but how would you feel if your loved one was snuffed out of this world and the military shows up and hands you a medal. Is that going to bring your loved one back? He knew his son would be drafted so he didn’t stop him from signing up in advance so he could choose which part of the service he went into. But the minute the war was over, he told his son to get out of the military. He knew that they had been used, and that they were expendable. He knew they had been lied to.


Oh? Douglas owes Aquino huh? So much for “never defending Aquino”. It really doesn’t take much to get these goons to slip up. What was even better was watching Daniel Arola, owner of the Taboo Bros YouTube channel, screw with them for a while. I just sat back and laughed.


The military industrial complex will provide benefits for someone who “fought on Mars” but will try to weasel its way out of paying for anyone who made it back from the Second World War? I find it pretty disturbing that this is the kind of person Douglas has to deal with on a daily basis. Douglas has given so much of himself when it’s apparent that it’s a rough ride. When I listen to him I can hear the fact that he’s still a human being and is detached to a degree for survival (which we’re taught to NOT do now, because wanting to survive is somehow unreasonable and selfish) yet he still cares so much that he’ll read all the comments on his Facebook and respond warmly to people who respond warmly to him. And it’s genuine. Not empty promises that are paid for by millions of dollars of government supplied support. When one of these individuals attempted to demonize Douglas in the comments section by bringing up personal anecdotes about his adopted son, it made me want to puke. There’s nothing monstrous about a man who will take time out of his wacky schedule to post condolences on my Facebook after I got into a car wreck. There aren’t that many people who did, once they determined I was okay. But Douglas checked in on me anyway.

If he’s such a monster and a liar, why do these wackjob gangstalkers spend so much time spying on whatever information there is on the internet in regards to Doug? If Douglas Dietrich was a liar, he wouldn’t be a threat. They wouldn’t be so preoccupied with attempting to shape the opinions of people who post a comment on one of his videos. They make it apparent they listen to him frequently. Almost as if it’s their ‘job’.

I thank you for your time and your patience. I’m grateful to those of you who read this as most people run from a lot of words if there aren’t pretty photos attached. Nice to see that you’ve left kindergarten. I encourage people to listen to Douglas in his entirety which you can find many transmissions of on the Mystick Warrior YouTube channel. For shorter clips of Douglas, Taboo Bros has many, and they are spectacularly done. In both cases I encourage you to visit these pages and click the support button to see what you can do to help out, as this is a listener supported effort. This is not paid for by your taxes. If you have a Facebook, please find Douglas’s page at

I don’t recommend hunting down gangstalkers and attempting to get into a knock down dragout with them. That’s exactly what they want, and it’s unnecessary. These folks will give themselves away due to their antagonistic nature, seeing as they know no other way to communicate and they’re only there to start trouble. They don’t care how they achieve that. Thus this blog is meant to bring awareness to the situation, and it stands as a reminder to be weary and be vigilant. Be careful who you speak to and what you say to them. And please keep your personal information to yourself as opposed to putting it out there for all to see. Remember, if someone is attempting to provoke you, they’re looking for something. Don’t give it to them. I pray for you all, as we go through this together, and I pray that whatever I do is at least adequate in helping my brothers and sisters in this turbulent period. God bless you all.

-E. Lee


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