Douglas Dietrich Firing Lines Saturday October 28th 2017 10/28/17

Douglas Dietrich opens this episode with current developments on the news about White House Chief of Staff John Kelly’s political attack on Representative Frederica Wilson. Judith Eggart speaks as a guest on the remainder of this episode, discussing the genocide of cetaceans by the US Navy and their human radiation experiments on Marshall Islands.

Wilson was a family friend of Sergeant La David Johnson, and was present for moral support while Johnson’s widow, Myeshia Johnson, took a call from President Trump on speaker phone. Sgt. Johnson was one of four soldiers who died in an ambush in Niger.

According to Dietrich’s sources, Johnson’s body showed signs of being burned slowly from the inside. The evidence suggests that he was interrogated and killed by the evanescere who lives in Niger, while the other soldiers were killed by men who were sent by the evanescere to defend itself.

Dietrich analyzes John Kelly’s racist response to Wilson’s questioning Trump on Niger. Dietrich, who is educated in political science, says Kelly’s tactics are the same as a totalitarian government, in which people are not allowed to openly question authority.

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