Douglas Dietrich Critical Omissions Tuesday October 24th 2017 10/24/17

Douglas Dietrich continues the discussion started on Saturday about evanescers, Niger, and John Kelly’s deplorable response to Congresswoman Wilson.

According to Dietrich’s sources, the special forces in Niger were sent to kill an evanescer living there, who sent it’s own men out to kill the US soldiers. [Update: Sargeant La David Johnson, who was sent home in a closed casket, was tortured and killed directly by the evanescere in Niger, while the other US soldiers were killed by men with guns.]

Congresswoman Frederica Wilson was smeared by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly for her criticism of Trump and questioning of US involvement in Niger. Kelly said during a press conference that only journalists who personally knew a fallen soldier were allowed to ask questions. Douglas Dietrich destroys Kelly’s argument that only fallen soldiers deserve to be recognized as national heroes, by bringing up the fact that millions of American citizens commit selfless acts of bravery throughout the course of daily life.

For example, Iana Kasian endured hours of torture, screaming for her ex-boyfriend, Blake Leibel, to continue attacking her instead of their infant who was nearby. She died a very painful and slow death in hopes that her child would survive. Eventually the police kicked down the apartment door before Leibel had a chance to drain the blood of the infant. Iana Kasian is a true hero.

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