Douglas Dietrich Critical Omissions Tuesday October 17th 2017 10/17/17

White privilege is not knowing what other races go through. Whites say, “Why do you hate us?”

They want you to think the axis wouldn’t harm Americans on the home-front, but American women like “Rosie the Riveter” died of sabotage during WW2. In WW1, Americans used the H1N1 avian swine flue, aka the Spanish flu, to kill 100 million Europeans. The Axis never forgot. Axis saboteurs took out American women in WW2. That’s why the women’s rights movement didn’t start until a later generation of women came of age in the 60’s and 70’s. Men controlled the narrative. Women went home after the war. They stopped working. It ruined the economy.

An ethnic tolerance map made in 1940 shows “Negro” contributions to art, culture, and labor (cotton picking). It also represents Japanese, Europeans, and Jews.

Black units in the US military were given to the French in WW1. The African American soldiers wore French uniforms. The French said they were fine soldiers. The US diverted black units for cotton picking. The railroad line in India was built by Blacks?

After Pearl Harbor, US forced Japanese American citizens into internment camps. (Like the National Socialist Germans did to Jews.) Us stole all the land, property, and money from the Japanese American citizens. Nothing was ever returned. Japan won the war and forced US to free the Japanese from the camps. Most of them moved back to Japan or Brazil.

Most of the land that is now affected by fire in California was bought by Whites for pennies on the dollar from stolen Japanese-owned land. Japanese American military units died while trying to save white soldiers. Unlike Blacks, who have a larger population, there are not enough Asians in America to protest racism against themselves.

Trump is using the NFL controversy to flame culture wars.

Dietrich theorizes that the California fires could have been arson caused by Trump cultists. Since California stood up against Trump, the fires would destroy their economy and force them to depend on federal aid so they can no longer resist Trump.

Trump claims that Blacks kneeling are disrespecting troops. There is no connection to what they’re actually protesting: violence against blacks. Trump created the connection to troops. A picture of white roofers in Maine standing for the National Anthem was used as propaganda to shame black NFL players. Trump is a hypocrite. He did not show respect for the music “Retreat” which started playing during his interview with Sean Hannity on a military base. The music plays twice every day and everyone is expected to put their hand over their heart. Instead, Trump joked with Hannity and asked which one of them they were playing the music for. Also, Trump never said anything about the fallen troops in Niger.

The National Anthem should be “God Bless America.”

The Alt Right was happy to make the stealing of Japanese American land constitutional. Douglas would like to see that happen to the White Trash Russian Insurgency.

Putin is working on scalar technology for a doomsday weapon.

Germans had the Bell Bomb.

The National Socialists were working with physics unknown to the Allies. An Indian scientist developed the black hole sun theory, which was rejected by the Allies because he was Indian. So he went to the Axis. The 3rd Reich was four decades ahead in physics than the rest of the world. They also had Einstein’s theories. Their bomb had to do with spiraling space/time. The bell bomb displaced space/time.

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America couldn’t blow up Mt. Vesuvius, but the Germans could.

The United Nations sponsored communist insurgencies in Europe.

The Fascists stabilized the front by using the Bell bomb. Italy is now democratic. It’s never been communist.

Francisco Franco and the Canary Islands.

The US stood back while the National Socialists escaped to Argentina and Unterland under threat of a weaponized tidal tsunami that could wipe out the east coast of the US.

Japan demonstrated the bell bomb to US and forced them to sue for peace.

Dietrich urges his listeners to report gang stalkers to the FBI. They are now targeting a veteran named Peppe Hibbert. For more information click here.

The US was later able to reverse engineer 3rd Reich technology. They created artificial earthquakes to destroy cultures. The earthquake in Indonesia in 2004 was caused by the US. The US did top secret tsunami experiments during WW2. They wanted to submerge Japan underwater. US attacked Indonesia in 2004 because they wanted to destroy emergent East Asian economies. Also, the Muslims in South East Asia hate US. [Due to violent American colonialism.] Australia failed to respond to warnings of the earthquake. US didn’t warn Asia of the earthquake.

Haiti was also targeted for an artificial earthquake attack by USA in 2010. Haiti was about to join ALBA, which is a leftist intergovernmental organization for Latin American and Caribbean countries. The earthquake hit the capital of Haiti. America occupied Navassa Island during the civil war. They took slaves to the island for human experiments. Now it’s being used for scalar weapons. US used the scalar technology so they could strike the capital of Haiti and ruin it’s economy without public outcry. The earthquake destroyed 60% of capital buildings and 80% of the city’s schools. Therefore Haiti became dependent on international aid. US was trying to prevent Haiti from joining ALBA.

The Russians are prepared to use scalar technology on Yellowstone National Park. The Russians already hit Mexico with an artificial earthquake on September 19th, the anniversary of another earthquake in 1985. These two earthquakes would have been geophysically impossible. The only explanation is scalar weapons. The Russians were testing on Mexico to see what they could do to Yellowstone.

The scalar weapon is a back up plan for Russia in case the White Trash Russian Insurgency fails to take over the USA. The White Trash Russian Insurgency, or Republican Party, is your enemy.

Russia could be knocked out easily in world war.

The National Socialists were against Soviet Russians because of their down breeding program. The Soviet Russians literally wanted to breed humans with apes and create an hybrid race, like in Planet of the Apes. The National Socialists had to kill Russians or else they would have ended up as apes. The Russians should actually thank Germany, because at least they are still human.

Christopher Columbus was responsible for killing 124 million people. The massive loss of human life caused a “golden spike” or “orbit spike” in 1610, in other words, it caused global climate change due to reforestation of unattended farm land. Columbus was a Zionist. He wanted to kill the Native Americans and repopulate the New World with Jews. If Douglas Dietrich was alive in Spain during that time he would have eliminated Jews for the sake of humanity. Hitler was faced with that choice.

Judea declared war on Germany in 1933. Hitler tried to help Jews who wanted to redeem themselves by moving them out of the country to safer areas. He helped establish Jews in Manchuria and Palestine (which later became Israel). Jewish scientists helped Japan build bombs. Unlike Columbus, Hitler’s strategy did not escalate to genocide immediately. He tried other ways to solve the problem before turning to concentration camps.

The American and British bombardment of Germany during WW2 deprived them of access to food and infrastructure. As a result, The National Socialists had no other choice but to implement their “Final Solution” in order to ensure their own survival. Jews were placed in internment labor camps. The Jews could no longer leave the country because the Allies blocked them. The National Socialist government couldn’t afford to feed both the Jews and their own German population. The National Socialists used technology to convert ash from cremated Jewish bodies into artificial diamonds. They used the money from the diamonds to help them relocate the 3rd Reich.

Florida is now in a state of emergency because of Neo-Nazi crap. Richard Spencer belongs in Russia with Edward Snowden.

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