Douglas Dietrich Exposes His Gangstalkers – YOU Need to Report Them!

Report Richard K Cole to the VA and FBI for forging federal documents! You can easily tell they’re fake because they lack dates and proper formatting.

Office of Inspector General Department of Veteran Affairs: 1-800-488-8244.

FBI Tip Hotline: 1-855-835-5324 or fill out an online form at

Douglas Dietrich gets death and rape threats on a daily basis. His gangstalkers forge fake documents claiming he was never a marine, and his father did not serve in three wars. These same gangstalkers also harass and discredit other veterans, in some cases driving them to commit suicide, in a diabolical scheme to save money for Michael Aquino and keep all the veterans’ benefits to themselves. It’s up to you, the tax payer, to report these criminals to the FBI and VA. Dietrich can’t report them himself because he’s a public informant and therefore he is also considered a criminal. The gangstalkers target Dietrich specifically because he is trying to bring a stop to child abuse by the satanic military complex, and all his gangstalkers are consumers of child porn.

Richard K Cole aka Gunner65 aka Randy Allan Cramer aka Martian Marine: You can report him on YouTube for his “Debunking Douglas Dietrich” videos, which contain forged federal documents aimed at discrediting Dietrich. Also report him to the FBI and VA for forging federal documents. These documents are also found on the blog This Aint Hell But You Can See It From Here. Thanks to your reporting he has already been arrested for possessing child porn and removed from his job working with children.



Steven Outtrim is a billionaire from New Zealand. He is Richard K Cole’s handler. Outtrim is behind the recently failed assassination attempt on Dietrich. He also has connections with Peter Thiel, another New Zealand citizen. Michael Aquino funds Douglas Dietrich’s gangstalkers through Steven Outtrim. Outtrim is a fan of Cole’s gay porn filmed with Filipino and Mexican boys. Steven Outtrim’s handler is Nicholas Davies.

Jonn Lilyea aka Lily aka Bukkake Beret (deceased) was the owner of the This Ain’t Hell, But You Can See It From Here blog. He posted forged federal documents aimed at discrediting Douglas Dietrich, his late and sainted father George Joseph Dietrich, and other veterans. The name of the blog comes from Michael Aquino’s goals of bringing hell to Earth. He also received both disability and pension payments illegally. He never served a day in combat. was a website where Dietrich’s gangstalkers traded child porn. Thanks to your reporting, the website has been shut down by the FBI.

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