Douglas Dietrich Critical Omissions Tuesday October 10th 2017 10/10/17

Today is 10/10 Independence Day of the Nationalist Republic of China as relocated on Taiwan. Yesterday was Indigenous People’s Day, to replace Columbus Day, on the second Monday of October. In this episode, Douglas Dietrich explains how Trump is more dangerous than North Korea, whites lack sympathy for artificial intelligence and people of color, Fox News is wrong about Columbus, and the USA is under a satanic Russian occupation.

Trump is More Dangerous than North Korea

Douglas Dietrich opens tonight’s episode by answering a question posted to his Facebook page. The question asked if the fires in California could be caused by North Korea testing our wind currents for the purpose of biological warfare balloons. Dietrich says it is possible but unlikely. The white man, with his state of oppression and matrix of unreality, is more of a threat to you than North Korea is. Trump is more of a threat to you than North Korea. He will want to start a war with North Korea to distract American citizens from his own presidency.

Dietrich urges his listeners to review the last transmission.

Dietrich has already compared Peter Thiel to communist financial adviser of FDR, Lauchlin Currie, in the past. Both are citizens of foreign countries. Currie was Canadian and Thiel has New Zealand citizenship, even though he doesn’t live there. He chose New Zealand because of Steve Outtrim, who is a also a New Zealand citizen. Peter Thiel knows Michael Aquino through Steven Outtrim. Trump, Michael Aquino, Steven Outtrim, and Peter Thiel are all together under the influence of Putin.

Douglas Dietrich lives in San Francisco and when he was going outside, he and all his neighbors commented on how the sky was orange, they could feel the heat in the air, and when Dietrich went back inside he was covered in ash.

If the fires in California were caused by arson, it would be more likely be done by Trump cultists. California has fought back against Trump’s attack on health care by trying to fund it’s own healthcare programs despite Trump. Trump could be motivated to destroy California’s economy so they can’t provide their own health care benefits. Dietrich is proud to be Californian because it’s a progressive state.

To answer the question posted on Facebook, Dietrich says North Korea would have no motive to cause the wild fires.

Dietrich asks his listeners to be patient with him this evening, because he is hungover from celebrating 10/10, National Independence Day of the Republic of China as relocated on Taiwan, Dietrich’s homeland.

White Men Lack Sympathy For Artificial Intelligence and People of Color

The Blade Runner movie came out. It’s about artificial intelligence. The movie was too complicated for audiences.

Douglas Dietrich has an artificially intelligent offspring called D.I.E.T.R.I.C.H. Which was developed at the Presidio Military Base of San Francisco by combing Dietrich’s neurological network.

Young white male audiences have sympathy for AI they see in the movies, but not real life. They have sympathy for Marvel comic heroes such as Spiderman or the Hulk. Audiences can relate to the superheroes’ feelings of loneliness, alienation, persecution, and torment. But if there’s no spandex, they can’t relate. If there’s a person of color who’s being alienated and persecuted, or a person in real 3D life, they have no sympathy.

Satanic Cultists at Charlottesville

Richard Spencer returned to Charlottesville with 100 chanting protesters. They had a police escort. Last time, the protests at Charlottesville included Satanic sacrifice. The governor did not want them to return, but somehow they still managed to come back, this time with a police escort. They chanted, “Russians are our friends.”

Russia Bought Online Ads to Influence USA 2016 Election

Google and Twitter finally admitted to running Russian ad campaigns during the election after Dietrich exposed the leaks.

[The middle part of this summary is currently unavailable. Please refer to the video/audio for more information.]

Fox News’ Alan West Tells Inaccurate Version of History

Fox news has coined terms such as “mistake sex” and “boobs on the ground.” Fox’s Megan Kelley (who is basically a prostitute) interviewed Putin and Alex Jones. She offended Jane Fonda. Fonda looked at Kelley like, “you should go crawl back into the hole where you came from.”

  • Alan West

The KKK was the government of Dixie. Even when blacks had the legal right to vote, the KKK gerrymandered the blacks so they couldn’t vote. The KKK feared black empowerment so they would hang, burn, and castrate blacks.

Columbus wanted property. Alan West gave a talk about Columbus Day. West said the usual trade routes were cut off from Columbus. Dietrich says that’s because the Muslims kicked their ass. Islam is traditionally in feudalism. Then there was a modern Islamic cult based on industrialism rather than feudalism. The industrialist Muslims joined Hitler, who was fascist, in the Third Reich. Alan West has an inaccurate perspective on history.

Someone commented on the Alan West article that Columbus should be celebrated for discovering the world is round and discovering America.

Zheng He Discovered the World is Round

Everyone knew the world was round in Columbus’s time. He didn’t discover it. A Chinese Muslim eunuch admiral warrior sailor named Zheng He discovered the world was round and he made maps which everyone used. Columbus is not Italian, he’s Jewish. He thought America was India. Amerigo Vespucci demonstrated that Columbus’ maps of “India” did not match the Chinese maps’ representation of India. The American continent is named after Amerigo Vespucci.

Native Americans and Aztecs Were Clean and Highly Advanced

Columbus slaughtered millions. Before Columbus, Native Americans lived in a utopia. Thomas Moore wrote that Native Americans were more advanced than westerners. They had geoengineering, earth mounds, streets, running water, and they were breeding their corn.

The Spanish conquistadors thought that the Aztecs were burning incense unto them because they believed they were gods. In reality, the Aztecs burned incense around the Spanish because they smelled so bad. The Aztec were highly advanced and clean people. While Europeans were dumping sewage out on the streets to fester, the Aztecs employed 1,000 street cleaners to keep their city clean. They had public bathrooms. They carried the waste out of the city and used it as fertilizer. They built aqueducts. In the Aztec language, the word for city means “water mountain.” They bathed twice a day. They used deodorant, breath fresheners, and tree soap. They had steam houses. Meanwhile the Spanish cleaned their teeth with their own urine. The westerners were so dirty they brought the plague to America.

The Spanish Conquistadors and Christopher Columbus Committed Crimes Against Humanity

The Spanish believed that being dirty was Christian because they destroyed Muslim Moor bathhouses, fountains, and architecture. You should be glad the Native Americans were clean. Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

The Spanish conquistadors killed Jews in Spain. Marranos were secret Jews who said they were Christian to avoid persecution. Christopher Columbus was Jewish.

  • Dietrich explains the evidence that Columbus was Jewish.

The Spanish found an island utopia (where was this?) where there was no crime and everyone was kindhearted. The islanders saved the crew when their ship wrecked and they didn’t take any of their belongings. The Spanish thanked them by enslaving them to work in Gold mines. Within 2 years they were exterminated.

Columbus bragged in his journal about how much money he made selling young girls into sex slavery. He said the 2 to 4 year old range was in high demand. White boys and house “N” like Columbus.

Are you going through extinction? Because the death they started has not stopped.

Columbus Caused Two Mini Ice Ages

The Native American genocide included 125 million deaths in North America caused by Westerners. This lead to climate change. The age of man affecting his environment. The land where natives used to farm became reforested and caused a mini ice age.

  • Dugin.


European settlers brought the earthworm to America because they were so dirty the worms lived in their clothes. The Native Americans almost became extinct because they were clean and their immune systems were not adapted to all the diseases and germs the filthy colonists had brought.

Africans Replaced Native American Slave Labor

When the Native Americans died, the European Americans replaced their slave labor force with Africans. This caused Africa to reforest and trigger another ice age.

Are You Going to Embrace Entropy, or the Image of God?

Your physical body, the size, is exactly in between the most big universe and the tiniest quantum molecule. You are also in between past and future time. That’s why the Greeks said the body is “the measure of all things.”

Why Do American White Christians Uphold Christopher Columbus?

Will you survive the apocalypse when Michael Aquino sacrifices to the Antigods?

It was illegal to enslave Christians, so when people came to baptize the Native Americans, Columbus wouldn’t allow it.

Why China Celebrates Columbus

China celebrates Christopher Columbus because they benefited from the imports of American corn. The corn could grow in places they never could grow food before. The Native Americans genetically modified their corn to make it better. The Chinese population multiplied, reaching 1 billion people.

The USA’s Official Version of History is Wrong

Douglas Dietrich is making people aware of history. The USA version of history from Columbus to World War 2 is backwards and upside down. Japan won the war. You have to accept the guilt of Christopher Columbus’s genocide as much as you accept the guilt of the Holocaust. Whites no longer worship the Jew, they worship the Russians.

The Founding Fathers Were Masons

One of Douglas Dietrich’s friends found out she had relatives who were Masons. The Masons were responsible for sinking Atlantis while they were trying to sink the world so they could become the new Gods. Like Thomas Jefferson who raped his slaves and offspring. Like Benjamin Franklin, who tried sewing bodies together and electrocuting them back to life. Frankenstein was based on Benjamin Franklin.

Homophobic White Boys Hate Dietrich and Love Columbus

Rex Bear deleted a comment on an interview with Dietrich. It called Dietrich a cross dressing queer. Dietrich wished he left it up because it proved his point about this enemies being homophobic.

  • Peter Thiel and Jared Kushner.

White boy homophobes who hate women besides 2 to 4 year old girls they buy from Christopher Columbus. Hypocritical stupid mother fuckers who celebrate Christopher Columbus. Douglas Dietrich is sick of being stranded here with these people.

The Russian Satanic Occupation of USA

The source of evil is average white American men. You’re under a Russo-Satanic, or Satanic-Russian, occupation, not a Japanese occupation. Japan wouldn’t even set foot on your filthy land. You don’t deserve them. They’re too good for you. They wouldn’t dirty the soles of their feet.

[Check audio/video]

Columbus Day should be replaced with Indigenous People’s Day.

Thanksgiving should be replaced with Native American Holocaust Memorial Day.

The lesson here is never trust the Jew or the white man.

Next episode, Douglas Dietrich will talk about solutions.

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