Douglas Dietrich Firing Lines Saturday October 7th 2017 10/7/17

Failed Assassination Attempt Against Dietrich And Trump’s Dumpster Fire Presidency.

Tonight’s episode of Firing Lines with Douglas Dietrich takes place the day after a failed assassination attempt against him. He believes the people behind the attempt were his gangstalkers Jonn Lilyea, Steven Outtrim, and probably Peter Thiel. It was a “blue suicide” set up attempt. “Blue suicide” refers to someone instigating police officers to shoot and kill him or her (for example, pointing a gun or something that looks like a gun at an officer, so the officer would shoot in self defense). Somebody (Outtrim?) had the technological capability to hack into Douglas Dietrich’s phone modem and make an emergency 911 call, making it seem like the call was coming from Douglas Dietrich’s apartment.

This past week has been the celebration of the Mid Autumnal Moon Festival in San Francisco, CA, where Douglas Dietrich lives. The past week was also Fleet Week in San Francisco. There were Blue Angel Navy and Marine planes flying throughout the day, demonstrating, and making a lot of noise. The sound of jets overhead can be very frightening and triggering to animals, veterans, the elderly, and immigrants who come from bombed countries. Douglas Dietrich’s sleep schedule was also disrupted from all the noise during the day. He usually sleeps during the day and stays awake at night. Douglas Dietrich has PTSD from his military and mercenary experience. He witnessed bomber planes in Serbia. He was also triggered by so many men in uniform walking through his neighborhood during the festivities.

Douglas Dietrich’s gangstalkers knew he would be vulnerable by the end of the week because of his PTSD triggers and being forced out of his usual sleep rhythm. They were hoping that Dietrich would respond aggressively when the police showed up to his door, and that the police would end up shooting Dietrich. However, many members of the San Francisco Police Department listen to Douglas Dietrich. They were suspicious of the circumstances, so when the police got to Douglas Dietrich’s apartment, they tried communicating with him first before breaking down the door. Dietrich and the police agreed that if anything like this happens again, he’ll immediately call 911. Dietrich thanks the San Francisco Police Department for their professionalism.

Before the election, Trump made a statement basically calling Veterans who have PTSD pussies. PTSD is not a mental illness, it’s a mental injury. You have to loose your mind on the battle field, or else you wouldn’t be able to do what you have to do. Trump is a draft dodger.

Dietrich advocated for his late and sainted father, who served in three wars, to get benefits for all the various injuries he incurred while in service. The VA owed him back pay since 1945. Dietrich’s father was granted permission by congress to recieve pension AND disability benefits at the same time because he served in three wars and they couldn’t afford to pay him disability back pay since 1945. Normally it would be illegal for anyone to receive both pension and disability benefits income at the same time.

Jonn Lilyea double dips illegally when he gets pension and disability. Gangstalkers try to discredit and harass soldiers who were actually in combat, unlike themselves who never saw a day in combat, in order to hoard all the benefits for themselves. This is a budget cutting scheme designed by Michael Aquino and carried out by his cultists of the Temple of Set. Veterans have been driven to suicide by these gangstalkers.

Call to Action: report Jonn Lilyea to the FBI and VA for forging federal documents and illegally collecting pension and disability benefits.

Dietrich urges you to listen to this entire episode. Due to personal time constraints, a full summary of this episode is currently unavailable. Dietrich analyzes current affairs of the Trump Administration and more.

  • Trump’s response to Puerto Rico and the Hurricane.
  • Insurance fraud for his own personal gain.
  • Trump is analagous to a rapist/mugger giving a little money back to his victim so she can buy a burger for her belly so she can make milk to feed his baby.
  • Trump’s failure to nominate and fill positions in government branches.
  • Dietrich analyzes Trump’s statements, “This is the calm before the storm,” and “You’ll see,” in light of the recent tragic events of the Las Vegas shooting and multiple natural disasters.
  • Trump will try to start war(s) to distract you from his dumpster fire of a presidency.
  • The GOP is a Russian insurgency and should be banned like the communist party was banned.
  • The Russian ad campaign influence on USA election.
  • Comparison to fraudulent ad campaign in the 90’s for USA to bomb Serbia.
  • Jeff Sessions and Facebook politics.

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