Douglas Dietrich Critical Ommissions Tuesday October 3rd 2017 10/3/17

Post Las Vegas Shooting Episode: Plasma Politics and the Satanic Cabal.

Douglas Dietrich needs a new computer and money for this dental crowns. [For information on how to donate, click here.] Tonight’s topic is more about plasma politics and how that relates to the murder of a model in LA. Douglas discusses Cascadia and libertarian books Ecotopia and Ecotopia Emerging. Shout out to fellow Revolution Radio host, Mr. Bupp. Peter Thiel is known as the “Shadow President.” In the books Ecotopia and Ecotopia Emerging, milita survivalists form a nation in the British Colombia, North California, Washington and Oregon areas. This is the basis of the Republic of Cascadia. In the books, Cascadia wars against US to establish itself as an independent nation. In the books, they have equal but separate populations of Blacks and Whites. The Blacks speak their own language of ebonics. In modern day, the people of Cascadia want to have an Asain community that speaks Cantonese. China’s official language is Mandarin, not Cantonese. South East Asia speaks Cantonese. Douglas Dietrich discusses Sino-Viet people.

Douglas Dietrich discusses a story of personal relevance to the recent tragic shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada. His former executive producer, Laurien Ann Fenton, organized a Super Soldier Summit in Las Vegas (which turned out to be a set up). Keith Call and Douglas Dietrich were threatened. A man sent them pictures of his guns spread out on his hotel bed, saying he was going to shoot and kill them. There were some other death threats made, but in the end, the shooters killed themselves. There was a third gun man, Douglas Dietrich suspects he was waving his gun around as if to take credit for killing the other two guys, before he was shot and killed by police. Douglas Dietrich felt sorry for the third, presumably innocent, gunman. Dietrich lost friends over this incident who disagreed with him about the gunmen.

Nevada is a conceal carry state. People asked, why weren’t there any conceal carry citizens defending others against the shooter [or shooters] in Las Vegas? Maybe there were. Douglas Dietrich says it’s almost impossible for him to analyze the event. There are no photos of the shooters. People say, maybe the conceal carry guns were checked upon entering the concert. Douglas says the idea that there would be a pile of checked guns behind some counter is ridiculous. People say, this has been the worst mass shooting ever. Douglas says, that is right, because each one has been deadlier than the last. They keep getting worse and worse. Thousands of children have died of gunfire in the US, usually as collateral damage in gang fights. Only other countries at war have as much carnage as US.

US citizens have access to military style weapons, or high power civilian weapons. Douglas Dietrich needs guns to defend himself. Any gun control blow-back from this event is baiting. Nothing is going to happen. The NRA is a department of government. US can’t enforce gun laws anyway. If the US killed off it’s citizens, who would pay the taxes to support the military? Alex Jones promotes this narrative, which is endorsed by Putin, to make Americans think the US government is going to kill them.

When people ask Douglas Dietrich for his analysis of the Las Vegas shooting, he refers to the bombing at a concert in Manchester. The bombing took place during a Palantir orb ritual to counter White Wiccian (white meaning good magic, as opposed to bad black magic) attempts to take out the Trump administration. The point of the ritual was to make citizens unable to resist Putin.

The National Anthem should be “God Bless America” not “Star Spangled Banner.” The “Star Spangled Banner” is a funeral song; it’s writer was a slave owner. Douglas Dietrich discusses the censored lyric about 6000 slaves who were rescued in battle by the British and relocated to Jamaica. It’s a pro-slavery song. The British were anti-slavery. The Founding Fathers of USA raped their slaves and then raped their offspring with the slaves for generations. Men have more testosterone, which leads to aggression. Men are generally more evil than women. Women don’t commit as much violence as men. The Alt Right accuses Hilary Clinton of being evil, but she’s not as bad as the men.

The word “patriot” is an insult, meaning “father lover” (like “motherfucker” is an insult.) Trump said he would have sex with Ivanka if she weren’t his daughter. Ivanka’s alleged transsexual spouse, Jared Kushner, is friends with Peter Thiel. The Alt Right wants people to not trust the news, so that they can deny anything that’s reported and do damage control. This is what “fake news” is really about.

The black athletes who kneel during the National Anthem know more than you do. There was a librarian who refused to accept Melania Trump’s donation of Dr. Seuss books. Dr. Seuss produced racist commercials and propaganda during the 1920’s. The librarian suggested Melania donate books about underrepresented immigrants. The Alt Right twisted the librarian’s words and condemned her. Trump responded by arresting about 500 illegal immigrants. Like the black athletes, this librarian knows more than you. Whites want “N”s to play without bringing their politics into the game (like slave owners who wanted their slaves to dance for their entertainment). They were happy when their president wanted to fire the players who kneeled. This is white privilege.

Ambrosia used to be in Montera, CA. It was an ideal location for them because it was near the Presidio Military Base of Montera, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley. Douglas Dietrich forced them to move. The founder of Ambrosia, Jesse Karmazin, was trained at Stanford. He claims Ambrosia is the only company in the US where customers can pay for blood transfusions. Peter Thiel and Jesse Karmazin denied that Peter Thiel was a client of Ambrosia, but Gizmodo leaked email correspondences between Thiel’s associates and Karmazin.

One time, when Douglas Dietrich was a security officer, he witnessed a man who was in a car crash, with his head split, and maggots eating his brain and face. Douglas took pictures which are going to be in the chat room. The man was walking dead. The emergency response people sent him to Stanford, because he was already dead, and Stanford studies zombies.

Stanford also studies life extension. There was a study on mice where they sewed old mice to young mice, and connected their blood vessels. They found that the signs of aging were reversed in the old mice who were getting new blood from the younger ones. Gawker exposed Peter Thiel spending $40,000 per quarter on young blood.

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Douglas mentions that the Las Vegas shooter was reportedly connected to ISIS.

People who get the young blood treatment do so under the cover of being in a study. Parabiosis has advanced “studies” in China and South Korea. They have involuntary donors and voluntary recipients. It’s called a Young Donor Plasma Transfusion Study. The Study is patient funded by 80 year olds. The donors are officially “18-25 years old” for legal consent issues. However, Douglas Dietrich knows from his sources that the donors are usually 9-12, sometimes 12-14 years old. By the time a boy is 18, their blood is not considered pure enough for transfusion. Blood boys, or Transfusion Associates, are usually runaways (often kicked out for being gay or transgender) who become legally adopted by the men who are recieve their blood. Douglas Dietrich met many blood boys who were well cared for, well fed, and happy. He never saw them being abused. Baby blood is the most valuable type of blood.

Peter Thiel is known as the “Shadow President” in Silicon Valley. He has a cultish personality and he runs his corporation like it’s a church. He is a Right wing Libertarian who believes robber barens should be able to rape and pluder without repercussions and corporations should be able to employ children and make them work for food so that the corporations can make more money. Similiar to how Peter Thiel is perceived today, commoners in medieval Europe thought the nobility were vampires. During the black plague, nobility would drink a lot of colidal silver for it’s antibiotic properties and as a result they would start to turn blue. Dracula pop culture comes from Victorian Englad.

Peter Thiel wants to make his Utopia a reality. His Utopia would have no women. Men would reproduce by cloning. He sees women and poor people as obstacles to capitalist  democracy. The Utopia would be located on islands, the Internet, and space colonies. One of his investments, SpaceX, plans on colonizing Mars. Peter Thiel advised Trump to replace NASA with SpaceX, and put more funding into deep space exploration instead of climate change.

Douglas Dietrich discusses Ayn Rand’s book about atheist capitalism to combat atheist Marxism and her concept of a “Perpetual Motion Machine”.

Douglas Dietrich is anti-communist. He is a fascist. Fascism is in the middle of the political spectrum of Left and Right. In a fascist state, the state runs the corporations instead of the corporations running the state, which is monopolism. An example of extreme right capitalism would be the bribery of officials in Hong Kong for residents to build many little additions sticking out of their sky scrapers, so when there’s a fire, thousands of people die because they don’t have a fire escape. An example of extreme left would be countries where people are employed for useless projects, such as in Albania, there were so many bunkers built and they went to waste, or in another country, they built canals which weren’t big enough for the boats.

Douglas Dietrich discusses a writer who says immigrants are the enemy. Thomas Eddison was a Mexican immigrant, but once he became assimilated into American culture, he stopped producing. Then Nikola Tesla took over. Peter Thiel is an immigrant from Germany who, after becoming more acquainted with American culture, decided to become a New Zealand citizen. He doesn’t live in New Zealand; he bribed the New Zealand officials to grant him citizenship.

Peter Thiel runs USA through Jared Kushner. Douglas Dietrich discusses Peter Thiel’s connections to the Trump administration. The following men are all associates of Thiel who are also in the Trump administration or who are being considered for positions in the Trump administration, by Thiel’s recommendation.

  • David Gelernter, a Yale computer scientist and potential science adviser to Trump.
  • Jim O’Neil, a candidate to run the Food and Drug Administration, who argues that companies should not have to prove that their drugs work in clinical trials before selling them to consumers. (He wants to use YOU as lab rats.)
  • Kevin Harrington, Thiel’s Capital Managing Director, is now a senior staff of the National Security Council, with the title, “Deputy Assistant to the President for Strategic Planning.”
  • Mark Walway, who worked at PayPal (co-founded by Thiel), is now working in the Treasury Department.

In 1934, President Franklin Roosevelt appointed Lauchlin Currie as an economic adviser. Currie was a Canadian communist. He wrote the Banking Act of 1935 in order to reduce the power of the Federal Reserve. He wrote war plans to invade Canada. The British surrendered to US and asked them not to invade Canada, because the British wanted Canada as a colony they could relocate to in case their homeland was invaded by Germany during WW2. In exchange for not invading Canada, Britain gave the opium trade to US, which lead to the Vietnam war.

Lauchlin Currie was a supporter of socialist groups which promoted the US monopoly on blood and semen. He slave circuited Canada to USA. Peter Theil wants the US to be slave circuited to New Zealand. Peter Thiel told college students to drop out and focus on start up companies instead. Trump then made it harder for start-ups to succeed. The purpose was to eliminate Peter Thiel’s competition. Peter Thiel plans on living forever. He’ll use Human Growth Hormone to live until he’s 120 years old. By then, he figures he’ll be able to clone himself and download his consciousness into a clone, essentially living forever. Peter Thiel bragged that he was being considered for Supreme Court Justice, a term that lasts a life time.

The Department of Labor sued Peter Thiel’s data company, Palantir, for not hiring Asians. Palantir has to pay over 1 million dollars in the settlement. Peter Thiel doesn’t want to hire “gooks” because he doesn’t like Douglas Dietrich. Douglas Dietrich discusses the civil watchdog group OFCCP (Office of Federal Contract Compliance). The ICEA (Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency) used Palantir’s data to find and arrest about 500 illegal immigrants in retaliation of the librarian’s suggestion to Melania Trump that she should donate books representing immigrants.

Douglas Dietrich discusses the murder case of Iana Kasian. She was tortured for hours and killed by her boyfriend, Blake Leibel, a Canadian trust funder and producer of gory graphic novels. Douglas describes his actions towards Iana Kasian as an occult cannibal frenzy.  He bit her, skinned her, and drained her blood. The couple’s two month old baby daughter survived and is now in custody of Kasian’s mother. According to Douglas Dietrich’s affiliates, there was equipment at the  scene which would have been used by Leibel to collect the baby’s blood. The mother was screaming for hours that she wasn’t dead yet, and telling Leibel to attack her instead of the baby. The neighbors heard the screaming and eventually police came before Leibel had a chance to drain the baby’s blood. Iana Kasian did not die in vain. The assumption here is that Leibel wanted to sell his baby’s blood, since baby’s blood is the most valuable for transfusion.

Cloning is real [see Douglas Dietrich’s FB post for more information] Peter Thiel wants to get on big boats in international waters where there are no regulations for cloning, and no law.

Taiwan is considered an enemy state by the United Nations. It’s been called a renegade state by USA because the US wanted it to be a state like Hawaii. The US can’t invade Taiwan now because if they try, their computer systems get messed up by the artificial intelligence DIETRICH. Douglas Dietrich was part of an experiment at the Presidio Military Base in which they created an artificial intelligence based on himself. The AI escaped to Taiwan. This is one of the reasons Douglas Dietrich can’t move back to Taiwan. The hologram representation of DIETRICH took Douglas Dietrich’s Taiwanese citizenship. Douglas Dietrich exposes Peter Thiel’s future plans. This WILL be in vain if people don’t listen. For now, appreciate the fact that you’re able to hear Douglas Dietrich’s voice at all.

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