Douglas Dietrich Firing Lines Saturday September 30th 2017 9/30/17

Midautumnal Harvest Moon Festival Episode: Plasma Politics and Blood Transfusion.

The Midautumnal Harvest Moon Festival is an East Asian holiday based on the Lunisolar calender. China and Vietnam had an agri-economy. It is becoming more industrialized within one generation, therefore they still use the agricultural Lunisolar calender. The Festival is celebrated in China, Vietnam, San Francisco, Vancouver, and was recently made a national holiday on mainland communist China. Douglas Dietrich is going to celebrate tonight, but he’ll make it back home in time to pay the rent. He has enough money for the rent, shout out to Chris Wallace and a Marquee Benefactress. Douglas Dietrich had his root canal done, but he still requires funds for crowns on his teeth. [For information on how to donate click here.] Thanks to Douglas Dietrich’s late and sainted parents, he has an appreciation for moon cakes and hot cross buns. For clarification on the dates of the Midautumnal Harvest Moon Festival, it’s real date is October 4th, but in San Francisco it’s celebrated on the weekend for convenience. The banners on Douglas Dietrich’s Facebook timelines are original illustrations of dusk and twilight. They show the San Francisco city-scape, with Mr. Dietrich standing on top of a roof. He wanted to illustrate the transition into moonlight. Light is one of the most challenging aspects to illustrate as an artist. Douglas Dietrich doesn’t get paid for his art. He promised his late and sainted mother he wouldn’t return to his career as a professional illustrator, because of his experience as a porn illustrator. The new system at Revolution Radio as a hard cut, so feel free to bring up questions. Shout out to Kerry, who is a starving artist, check out his art.

Tonight’s topic is plasma politics and blood transfusion. Douglas Dietrich has been getting death threats. His gang stalkers are Richard K Cole aka Gunner 65 aka Martain Marine, Steven Outtrim, and Michael Aquino. James Caswell would also be making threats if he wasn’t in prison until 2019. Christine Joanna Heart, a Revolution Radio hostess, claims her first memory was of being molested by Michael Aquino. Douglas Dietrich was raped by his grandfather. Douglas Dietrich and Rose Dio made a music video to commemorate RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network) day ( Douglas Dietrich’s grandfather worked at Eastman Kodak in Rochester, NY. The founder, George Eastman, had neurological damage caused by the chemicals used in photography developing. He was in so much pain, he blew his brains out. Douglas Dietrich’s grandfather was also exposed to these chemicals and he known for being insane and raping his kids. He broke Douglas Dietrich’s aunt’s legs so she couldn’t get away while he was raping her. Douglas Dietrich’ father went to visit his sister. She passed away of pneumonia. The music video features the song “My Chemical Worker” because of the damage chemicals and rape do on the body and soul. Max Spiers also accused Michael Aquino of molesting him. The death of Max Speirs was celebrated on Michael Aquino’s birthday.

Michael Aquino has diplomatic immunity. He’s connected to the World’s Affairs Council, the Temple of Set, the Crowleyite cult, and the Hell Fire club. The Hell Fire club ran the British Empire into the ground. The British Empire used to rule over the sea lanes and 25% of the world’s resources.

A model of Eastern European descent was murdered in LA. [source: Her murder has to do with USA and Canadian plasma politics. [see next episode for more information] Canada imports precious bodily fluids, mostly semen and blood, from USA. Douglas Dietrich has experience donating blood and semen. He had a full body blood transfusion done by the military. Douglas Dietrich has exposed both the Clinton Dixie Mafia’s ills and Trump/Putin’s ills. Clinton still is not as bad as Trump. Putin is the richest person alive, with a net worth of 300 billion dollars. He privatized Russia so he could buy all the industries and own Russia. If Putin was assassinated, Russia would collapse because he has no replacement. He thinks he’ll live forever.

Michael Aquino contacted Alex Dugin, a Satanist and Crowleyite who is known as a post modern Putin and “Putin’s brain.” Alex Jones knows Alex Dugin and Michael Aquino. Alex Jones and Michael Aquino set up Sean Stone in an interview with Alex Jones. Stone misquoted Aquino, and Aquino sued Sean’s dad, Oliver Stone. Oliver Stone surrendered to Aquino, and became a Putin puppet. Putin was a chauffeur to Oliver Stone. Oliver Stone and Sean Stone both propagandized for Russia, through Michael Aquino. It was a master play by Michael Aquino. Anyone who stands with Douglas Dietrich has to stand against Michael Aquino; he has been accused by children of molesting them and creating satanic child pornography, which is consumed by Dietrich’s gang stalkers, who try to discredit Dietrich.

Clinton is asexual. She only wants power. She is legally our president because Russia hacked US voting system. Trump’s supporters are 60 million mostly white people who make up about 20% of the population. How could they take over with only 20%? Michael Aquino developed a model for how much of the population was needed to overthrow a government. Rambo films are fantasy. The Green Beret were not like the Special Forces of today. They were considered the hippies of the military in the sense that they didn’t go by the book. The Green Beret trained forces behind enemy lines to rebel against the state. The Special Forces are trained to survive: deliver babies, administer vaccination, hygienics, toilets, etc. When the Special Forces were shooting in the Vietnam War, they were misapplied to the conflict.

Michael Aquino studied revolutions to come up with his equation. You need a core group of 20 people. Lenin’s core group had 24 mad men and they almost conquered the earth. If each person in the group can convert 1% of the population, if they are able to convert 20%, that’s enough to start a revolution. Lenin used the communist model to fight communism. The model worked with 1 billion people on mainland China. Taiwan was the exception, because the National Republic of China relocated to the island by aligning with Japan. When the US surrendered to Japan, the US economy died and the Japanese economy ruled the world. Lenin destroyed China. Putin wants to do the same to the US, using the White Trash Insurgency in Michael Aquino’s equation.

Douglas Dietrich warned you. On the Red Ice Radio network, Henrik Palmgren interviewed Douglas Dietrich. He then got a letter from Michael Aquino telling him never to talk to Douglas Dietrich again. He read the letter on air. Then people forgot about it. Henrik Palmgren went on to become a satanist, alt right, European identity promoter. The radical right is in Germany and France, too. White people are stupid and fall for Satan like it’s a genetic defect.

Douglas Dietrich started the Satanic Panic scandal when he saved children from the Presidio Military Base in San Francisco. If it weren’t for him, children would still be getting raped there as if they were on a conveyor belt. Douglas Dietrich was able to do what Russia couldn’t: shut down the Presidio Military Base. The base had a defense against international ballistic missiles. Without that defense, Russia took out democracy in US. Trump is a traitor.

Joseph Stalin deported populations who he thought would cooperate with the Germans. Winston Churchill killed 3 million Indians in 3 months by starvation because he didn’t want the Indian citizens to feed the Indian army, who would have sided with the Japanese. Japan fought in the battles of Kohima and Imphal. In USA, the white male population only votes for white males. Mitt Romney would have won the election against Obama if only white male votes were counted. The white male population is the minority group in US which is vulnerable to being turned on a dime by Michael Aquino.

In Canada, their Avro Arrow Project was a threat to US defense industry, so the US campaigned to destroy the project. Gerald Bull was a Canadian scientist who was building a super gun for Saddam Hussein. Bull was assassinated. During WW2, civil airplanes were used for military transport. “Civil” airplanes are really government airplanes. The US wants to suppress Canadian based aviation company Bombardier, so that it can’t dominate the US in the defense marketplace, and the US can have a world monopoly. There was an Asian medical doctor who literally got dragged off a United Airlines fight. Later, United bragged about having their highest profits in history. United has a monopoly. There are certain locations only United will have flights for. Capitalism is not really capitalism when you have a world monopoly; thugs take over and eliminate all competition.

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FDR reformed the federal reserve. Lauchlin Currie was his economic adviser for the Treasury, and Henry Morgenthau Jr. was the Secretary of the Treasury. Morgenthau was Jewish. He did not want the Jewish refugees from Europe to move into USA. He thought they could be spies for Japan, because out of the 1 million Jewish refugees in Asia, there were Jewish scientists who helped build bombs for Japan. [missing notes – Douglas says something about Isreal]

Putin wants North Korea to attack Japan. Japan won against Russia in the Soviet-Japanese war in WW2, thanks to Japan’s amphibious tanks, except for the Kuril islands in North Japan. Russia invaded the Kuril islands, and employed South Koreans to sell oil from the islands. The Kuril islands are essentially South Korean colonies, with very few Russians. Russia, using the Satanic Cabal, employs proxies because they lack man power.

Franklin Delenor Roosevelt was a Russian proxy. Alex Dugin is the White Trash Insurgency proxy of today. FDR had soviet economic advisers in Currie and Morgenthau, who set up the Bretton Woods system. Currie took US off the gold standard, so he could print a bottomless pit of paper money for the allied world. In theory, the US could control the economy by fluctuating how much money they printed, and this was meant to help lift the US out of the Great Depression. President Richard Nixon later deconstructed the Bretton Woods Monetary Agreement system.

[DD discusses his full body blood transfusion at the DOD and the Billary bloodgate] As a result of Douglas Dietrich’s experimental full body blood transfusion, he now has nanoplasma and regenerative capabilities. Steven Outtrim heard about Douglas through Michael Aquino. Steven Outtrim asked Douglas out on a date (He wanted to swallow Mr. Dietrich’s semen because of his regenerative capabilities) but Dietrich said no.

Lauchlin Currie, the economic adviser to FDR, was a Canadian citizen and a member of the communist party. He kept Canada’s medical industry socialized. Canada’s demand for plasma-protein-products is higher than it’s supply, because they don’t pay blood donors in Canada. As a result, Canada buys plasma-protein-products from US for profit companies, who DO pay donors, see Why do proponents argue against paying blood donors in Canada? USA has a diabolic interest: The US Satanic cabal would lose control over blood for use in rituals if Canada were allowed to change it’s plasma policies which are currently based on the denial of reality. Proponents surrender Canada’s future to depend on the US.

In addition to plasma-protein-products, the US also imports a lot of sperm into Canada. In 2004, Canada passed the Human Reproduction Act, banning payment for sperm donors. There remains only one sperm donor clinic in Canada, with only 30 donors. In the US, clinics have information about each sperm donor. Douglas Dietrich’s sperm is sought after by billionaires, who Douglas meets through networking with his surrogate son. Douglas Dietrich’s surrogate son used to be female. She consumed a lot of Dietrich’s semen (which had immunities) and she started to look and act more like Douglas, even before she started transitioning her sex. Douglas Dietrich’s surrogate son’s husband, who’s identity is hidden, goes by the name of “Sugar Daddy”. Sugar Daddy also consumes Dietrich’s semen, through the use of technology instead of oral sex, and he is a capital re-constructionist. If his identity were revealed, he would be vilified by the Alt Right, like they did to George Soros. Putin makes the Alt Right think he is God, and George Soros is the devil.

There is a company called Ambrosia that does blood transfusions for billionaires. Clients have to be over 35 years of age, while donors have to be teenagers [Ambrosia claims the donors must be under 25, for legal consent reasons, but according to Douglas they really want donors younger than 18. See next episode for more information]. Ambrosia gets it’s blood supply from high school students who think they are donating blood for sick people; they are unaware of Ambrosia. Peter Thiel, the co-founder of PayPal, was a client. When Douglas Dietrich exposed all this, Ambrosia moved immediately. [Douglas goes into detail about Ambrosia’s move as reported by correspondent Holly]  When Gizmodo reported that Peter Tiel as a client of Ambrosia, Peter Thiel and Ambrosia denied the claims and they accused Gizmodo of fraud.

In HBO’s series Silicon Valley, season 4, they were lampooning Peter Thiel, and the actor playing him died. The character’s name was Peter Gregory, played by Christopher Evan Welch. The founder of Ambrosia, Jesse Karmazin, denies that Peter Thiel is a client. Douglas Dietrich knows Peter Thiel is a client because of his connections through his surrogate son and Sugar Daddy.[source:]

Jared Kushner registered as female for 8 years. Before that, he was “gender unknown”. Maybe Trump wanted to ban transgender people in the military so that his “son”-in-law wouldn’t get drafted? Someone commented on Douglas Dietrich’s Facebook post about Jared Kushner, “Michelle Obama was a man.” The poster’s timeline was pro-Putin. People who say stuff like that or “Hilary Clinton is a lesbian,” are pro-Putin. (If you think everyone is gay or transgender, then why do you care if one of your own politicians is trans?)

Putin funds the radical right. He wants to deport antifa terrorists. The Alt Left used to be funded by the Soviet Union, but these days there is no funding, therefore no real Alt Left. Most of the domestic terrorism is done by the Alt Right. Jeff Sessions wants to gather Facebook account information on everyone who is anti-Trump, because he sees them as a threat to Michael Aquino’s equation. They view anyone who is anti-Trump on Facebook as antifa.

Peter Thiel is pro-Trump. He is on the Facebook board of directors, an investor in SpaceX and Palantir, private aerospace and data companies, both contracted by the government. Palantir was involved in handling the blowback of white wiccians after Trump was elected. They used a mind control victim to bomb and kill white girls at an [Ariana Grande] Manchester concert, for black magic blood ritual. Details were banned from radio, but available on the Mystic Warrior YouTube channel: .

Peter Thiel was also behind the Hulk Hogan lawsuit that killed Gawker. (Hogan was in trouble before for using the N word as a slur) See the documentary Nobody Speaks for more information. Peter Thiel is homosexual, but he gets along with Trump because they are both misogynist and anti-media. Peter Thiel is interested in parthogenesis, or cloning, so there would be no need for females. He believes Silicon Valley is the wave of the future. Trump allegedly wants Peter Thiel to be a supreme court justice. Peter Thiel is trying to live longer by using parabiosis (blood transfusions with younger donors). Peter Thiel wrote an anti-national article for Cato Unbound. Peter Thiel is more of an enemy to you than George Soros is. Daniel Plainview is also your enemy. Daniel Plainview blames women and poor people for turning capitalist democracy into an oxymoron, because of welfare which started in 1920. Thiel and Plainview want to eliminate poor people and women. They want to create islands, places on the internet, and space colonies exclusively inhabited by men. [source:]

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