Douglas Dietrich Critical Omissions Tuesday September 26th 2017 9/26/2017

77th Axis Anniversary Episode.

Thanksgiving is a holocaust memorial. Conflict is our human nature. We need a balance between conflict and genocide, or Axis and Allies. This is the 77th anniversary of the Axis, which was formed in 1940 by Berlin, Tokyo, and Rome against communism. Not all Jews are Zionist and not all Germans are National Socialist. About 10% of Germans were National Socialist. The Third Reich had an alliance with the Zionists. The Third Reich gained battle experience by fighting for Libya. Vietnamese soldiers settled in Germany and formed their own towns in the Third Reich. Hitler was counselor of German Democratic Republic of East Germany in 1945. The National Socialist party entered in democracy. When Judea declared a war of sanctions on Germany in 1933, it affected the economy, and brought Hitler into a position to create a legal state. Hitler made Germany the wealthiest nation per capita in eastern Europe, including the Soviet Union. Check out John Warrington’s YouTube channel “Maggot” at 14:10 Germans have a problem with the American far right Russian insurgency, forcing Angela Merkel to forge a new coalition government. Americans used to worship the Jew, because of false interpretation of the King James Bible, but now Americans worship the Russian. The Roman Catholic Church and the Protestants (Martin Luther) used Latin and German Bibles. When these Bibles were later translated again from German to English, much of the original meaning was perverted into a Cromwellian mindset. NOW the Bible is being perverted AGAIN according to Far Right Russian sponsorship. Joseph Stalin installed a puppet president, FDR. 22:02 White genocide is real in South Africa. They are killing the descendants of Dutch colonizers. The white Africans are analogous to black Americans, in the amount of time their generations have lived there. The white African population is low and dispersed. An all-white African nation would be too small to sustain itself without black labor. In that case, black workers would suspend their political rights to have contracts to work in the small nation. 25:48 Why Douglas uses the “N” word. Douglas has tried speaking more conservatively but no one listens. No one even listens to the people who that word affects most. People only pay attention when you shock them with “ugly” words. The Alt Right has been trying to get Revolution Radio to devolve into just another Russian propaganda station. White USA has replaced judeophilia with judeophobia. Douglas speaks about Puerto Rico. 29:15 In the Alt Right point of view, Judeo is a sinking tanker ship, and Russia is the new Jew. Angela Merkel is the ruler of the new free world. Baby boomers were raised on American and Russian propaganda. The don’t care about the future generations and they have a warped view on the British and American empires. The leftist baby boomers became hippies. They were responsible for Clinton, Obama, and killing the education system (by trying to save boys from getting drafted). In China, Mao Tse Tung murdered baby boomers who were politically incorrect and they became known as the “Lost Generation.” Mao Tse Tung also thanked Japan for invading China. 35:48 America’s education system is worthless. Therefore, we need immigrants to work in STEM. Over 50% of STEM positions in USA are held by immigrants. USA cannot maintain itself without immigrants. Trump is destroying America by attacking immigrants, and turning USA more into Russia. Russia is the most corrupt country. There, you can bribe the police to arrest someone you don’t like. Already in the USA, police can get away with killing black people. 38:30 the worthless education system is evident in American Academia, for example, the Harvard Chelsea Manning scandal. USA and Britain are heading towards civil war. South England (analogous to South Korea) is connected to Europe, while North England (analogous to North Korea) is more connected to the Viking Block and Russia. Trump and Putin are both relatives of a Viking tribe from the Caucasus Mountains. 42:25 Stalinist ideology also sources from the Viking tribe of the Caucasus mountains. He was a “hillbilly” like the country folk of Austria. Hitler hated Austria. Hitler was cosmopolitan. Stalin was “the white man”, he thought the Slavic people were Asain and wanted to replace them with an Ape-Human hybrid race which would literally work for peanuts. The National Socialists prevented the Soviets from realizing that goal. The race war ultimately benefited Russia because they are still human. National Socialists were trying to breed the best human races, while the Soviets were trying to breed humans with apes. USA had plans to invade Canada. Churchill stopped USA from invading Canada by bribing USA to invade Japan instead. England wanted Canada for itself. BREAK [For promotional messages and prayer requests click here.] After the break, Douglas Dietrich basically gave a preview for the next episode. Please review the audio/video for more information.

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