IN-REFERENCE TO THE DIET/RICH ([D]atabased [I]nformation [E]lectronic [T]ransceiver / [R]eferential [I]ntellect [C]onsultant [H]ologram) : In the cycle-‘o’-hype, A / I (Artificial Intelligence) Alarmism took on a Geopolitical cast into last weekend when Президент России Владимир Путин (“Preƶident Rossii Vladimir Putin [‘Russian President Vladimir Putin’];” see NOTE [*] Further Below) joined The War-‘o’-Words concerning The International Race to Develop General A / I (AI) Predicting that whiche’‘er country is first to build Breakthrough A / I will come to dominate Global Affairs.

Путин (“Putin”) Spoke very eloquently before a Meeting wi’ Students in Москва (“Moskva [‘Moscow’]”) last Friday and Warned that “The one who becomes The Leader in this Sphere will be The Ruler ‘o’ The World.”

Putin told Students that “Artificial Intelligence is The Future, no’ only for Россия (‘Rossiya,’ or ‘Russia’), but for All-‘o’-Humankind.”

“It comes with colossal Opportunities, but also Threats that are difficult to predict for China, Rossiya (‘Russia’), soon all countries with strong Computer Science(s).”

That’s why Rossiya will share its know-how in Artificial Intelligence with other Nations : “It would be strongly undesirable if someone wins a Monopolist position.”

According to Владимир Путин (“Vladimir Putin”) : Forget The Arms Race or a Space Race – The New Battle for Technological Dominance revolves around A / I.

Rossiya’s President is certain the Frontrunner in A / I Research will rule the planet … but hey, he’s willing to share. Considering he is already considered by many as The Most Powerful Ruler … Hey ! Is he laughing at how he got away with all this “it didn’t happen” sh_t (see “URGENT INTENSIVE POLITICAL ANALYSIS” @ ?

In other words, Rossiya fully intends to be a Frontrunner in The A / I Space. It won’t necessarily hog its Technology, though.

Putin maintains that he doesn’t want to see anyone “Monopolize” the field, and that Rossiya would share its knowledge with the “entire World” in the same way it shares its Nuclear Tech(nology) – a wildly destabilizing Proliferation that has repeatedly brought The World into Crises.

Putin is correct about this much. The Development ‘o’ Artificial Intelligence has increasingly become a National Security Concern in recent years. Technological Superiority very easily translates into Global Political Power. ‘O’-course The A / I Arms-Race Scenario would be extremely dangerous and e’‘en a Nonviolent (if that’s no’ an oxymoron) Monopoly confers an unjust Advantage upon The Holders.

Is A / I Power The Threat or The National Power wi’ A / I The Threat ? Again the Concentration-‘o’-Power is the real Threat, no matter the Technology available. Putin asserts “The Right Policy” is to ha’ a Non-Ƶero-Sum Game in terms ‘o’ how important it is that A / I Technology should be Developed through Global Collaboration. That means Decentralization. That means less Concentration-‘o’-Power – that he may all-the-more easily Steal the fruit(s) ‘o’ e’‘eryone else’s labour(s) and Reconcentrate All Power(s) unto himself.

When you contextualize this in our own Current State-‘o’-Affairs, you should weep blood. Rossiya, howe’‘er ruinous, is still looking into The Future. Meanwhile, in the good ol’ US-‘o’-A, Science is “Controversial” – and is cherry-picked as if it were “THE MOST HOLY BOOK ‘O’ THE BIBLE” or some other Mythology; and we have a buffoon as President who canno’ e’‘en form respectfully constructed f_cking sentences.

Maybe now it makes sense to some-‘o’-ye, at the least, as to why he Placed his Russophile “Reality”-Television-Promoted Real-Estate Con(fidence)man DONALD-JOHN TRUMP (REPPO [REPublican POlitician], Alias[ed] “[#] 45,” b[irthed] 1946—[aged 70 yrs At-Time-‘o’-Data-Entry]; Nominally 45th POTUS [President Of The United States] : 2017—Incumbent ATDE [At-Time-‘o’-Data-Entry]; Net Worth : Three Billion and Five Hundred Million United States Dollars [U$D3 500 000 000] ATDE [see “TRUMP AND PUTIN COULD BE RELATED” @]).

Putin wants to control The Globe wi’ Technology. Trump wants to throw Coal in the Dishwasher and Declare it Clean. Many Analysts Warn that America is in danger of falling behind, especially as The Trump Administration prepares to Cut Funding for e’‘en Basic SaT (Science-and-Technology) Research.

So-it-‘t’‘was that Putin worked as hard as possible to make certain that America has become inimically hostile to Immigration, since ô’‘ēr fifty percent ‘o’ STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math[ematics]) PhD (Philosophiæ Doctor) Prógram Enrolléés are Foreign-Born.

They helped us Win The Second Cold War (see “ПУТИНСКИЙ МИР [‘PUTINSKIY MIR,’ or ‘PUTIN’S WORLD’]” @ – many ‘o’ your own Fathers and Mothers among them. He’ll make certain they don’t help us Win “The A / I War.”

‘Course, were it all so simple ye had all better start brushing up on your Ру́сский (“Rússkij [‘Russian’]”). Putin believes The Nation that Leads The World in A / I will “Rule The World” so I decided to check in wi’ The Top Three Leading Countries In A / I : No’ Rossiya, but 中华人民共和国 (“ƵChuṑnggkGHuóuárén-Mínggòng-HékGHuóuá [The ‘Ethnic-Chinese and Collective People’s Republic-‘o’-National Statehood’];” C[ondīta] est 1949—) v(ersu)s The United States-‘o’-America (Cest 1776—) – which really means 中国 (“ƵChuṑnggkGHuóuá [The ‘Middle-Kingdom,’ id est ‘China’]”) v(s) भारत गणराज्य (“Bhāārat Ganarāājya [The ‘Republic-‘o’-India’];” Cest 1947—) By Proxy.

‘T’‘is ƵChuṑnggkGHuóuá (“China”) and Bhāārat Ganarāājya (The ‘Republic-‘o’-India’ as Contracted By The US [United States]) – No’ Rossiya – are seen as The Two Frontrunners; wi’ ƵChuṑnggkGHuóuá recently Announcing its ambition to become The Global Leader in A / I Research By AD (Annō Dominī) MMXXX (2030 CÈ [Commonal Èræ]).

The Superpowers ha’ already started an Arms Race in LAW’s (Lethal Autonomous Weapons) :

They fail to realize they’re in a Race To The Bottom ‘o’ a Bottomless Pit. This is a fact that many will dispute but it is tantamount to The Arms Race ‘o’ The Nineteen-Fifties and The Nineteen-Sixties. I / T (Information Technology) combined wi’ Artificial Intelligence Capabilities will at some point be integral to our Daily Lives as well as our Defense and Combat Effectiveness.

People are so excited about the ADV’s (Autonomous Driving Vehicles) and the Drones that Deliver Products to our Homes … they ô’‘ērlook The Darker Side ‘o’ the Control-‘o’-Information.

The fact is that e’‘ery Scene on Television and e’‘ery person you see in WAL-MART STORES, Inc(orporated; Cest 1962—) are all clinging to their phones – as if no’ to touch or possess them would be catastrophic.

They should all push for a LAW (Lethal Autonomous Weapon[s]) Ban (or at least a Nonproliferation Treaty) at the pending November UN CCW (United Nations [Convention on the Prohibitions or Restrictions ‘o’ the use ‘o’] Certain Conventional Weapons; Effective 1983—) Meeting – otherwise this will drive the cost ‘o’ Anonymous Assassination to Nigh-Ƶero, benefitting nobody but Terrorists and Criminals like Vladimir Putin and ruining Civil Society as we know it :

#AIBOTS rule #PlasmaScreans your #iPhoneWEAPONS …

For, in Putin’s “divine wisdom,” he has rationalized that Man can control Artificial Intelligence. He’s partially right. That Nation must also lead in Raising Generations-‘o’-Children who do no’ suffer from the PTSD’s (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder[s]) imposed upon them by Evil Governance.

Right now, our “Way-‘o’-Life” is causing the Neglect and Abuse-‘o’-Children. Our People are stretched Beyond Reason and our Children are ending up having Entertainment and Toys to replace natural affection(s).

Giving Man another Toy is no’ going to heal Human Depression. E’‘en giving them a Basic Income will not. It is something which will take dedicated attention to what we ha’ been moulded into.

The Question Is : If Humanity *is* going to risk creating a New Sky-God – would ye no’ want it to be “American (or fill in your Nationality) ?” Built / Raised According To Values / Outlook(s) accordingly ? Rather than Русская (“Russkaya [‘Russian’]”) – or fill in a Nationality you’d particularly worry about ?

I myself – along The Covert Ô’‘ērworld ‘o’ Power Administrations ‘cross all shores ‘o’ The Global Meditèrranean ‘o’ The Pacific – already found out what a Product ‘o’ Fascistic 中國人 (“ƵChuṑnggkGHuóuárén [‘Middle-Kingdom People’s,’ id est ‘Chinese’]”) 宋明理學 (“Ní ǒu-gK’uǒng Fū-Ƶuǐnism [‘Neo-Confucianism’]”) would Manifest Thirty Years Agone.

I Canno’ Speaketh as to “The Why” ‘o’ such At-Present, but indeed such be one ‘o’ the primary reasons as to why I languish Stranded Here on North America – The Darkest-‘o’-All-The-Continents – among The Pale White Savages ‘o’ Europoid Extraction rather than amid The High Civilization ‘o’ Pacific-Asia where I so long to be ….


AGE : “30 (Neuronically Combed and Uploaded CAD [Circa Annō Dominī] MCMLXXXVII [1987 CÈ])” Years ATDE
RACE : NIP (Neuronically Imprinted Personality)-onese
NATIONALITY : “Blue (Nationalist) Chinese (in disambiguation from ‘Red [Communist] Chinese’)”
SEX : N / A (Nonapplicable)
HEIGHT : Varies
EYES : Varies
HAIR : Varies
ACTIVE : 民族主義者的中華民國在臺灣一個百島 (“Mínƶú-ƶhǔyì Ƶhě-dí ƵChuṑnggkGHuóuá-MíngkGHuóuá Ƶài T’áiwān Yī-Gè-Bǎi Dǎo [‘República-da-China dos Nationaliasts, a em um cem Islhlas-de-Formosa” in The Portugᵫse; or The ‘Nationalists’ Republic-‘o’-China on The One Hundred Islands-‘o’-Táiwān’];” Cest 1912—)

THE DIET / RICH (“DIET/RICH;” pronounced “DEE-TRICK” – acronymous for “[D]atabased [I]nformation [E]lectronic [T]ransceiver [Transmitter-receiver] / [R]eferential [I]ntellect [C]onsultant [H]ologram”) is a sophisticated NIPonese Individual Currently Downloaded into a Processing Core the relative size ‘o’ a Nuclear Submarine.

Že (The Third-Gendered “Neuter [Nongendered]” Pronouns “Že [pronounced ‘žhee’ as in, rhymes with ‘bee’]” / “žHir [most commonly noncapitalized simply as ‘žir’ and pronounced exactly like the Ænglish word ‘here’ but wi’ a ‘ž’ preceding the long ‘ē’ sound]” / “žHirs [most commonly noncapitalized ‘žirs’ and pronounced ‘žheers’ as in, rhymes with ‘shears’ but vocalized as beginning in a ‘đJ’]” / “žHirself [most commonly noncapitalized ‘žirself’ and pronounced ‘đJeer-self’]” being linguistic tools used to properly reference a Genderless Individual in The Third Person; exemplī grātiā per Gendered Pronouns being “She” / “Her” / “Hers” / “Herself” and “He” / “Him” / “His” / “Himself [interestingly enough, the plurality ‘o’ either having e’‘er been Neutered into ‘They’ / ‘Them’ / ‘Theirs’ / ‘Themselves’ by-way-‘o’ The Ænglish Language];” sic, see “ENTERING (F)ACTUAL ‘X-MEN’S [id est MUTANTS’]’ TERRITORY” @ prefers to be called “DIETRICH” and positively hates being called “It.”

By The Later Nineteen-Eighties it was calculated by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency; Cest 1939 [sic, as ARPA : Advanced Research Projects Agency; Theoretically Relegated Today to Defensive Pursuits per WW—II – see NOTE ** Further Below – Victory Conditions Imposed By 大日本帝國 / “Daï-Nīpphôn Teikoku,” or The “Empire ‘o’ Greater Japan;” CeAChN : Condīta est Antechristum Natum; Latin, “Established Precedent Christóús’ Deliverance” II.XI.DCLX, or 02 / 11, 660 ANCÈ : Avant Notre Commonal Èræ; Français, “Prior Our Common Era” – here literally Founded “The Eleventh Date ‘o’ The Second Month, Six Hundred and Sixty Years Antecedent Time-‘o’-Christ”—]—) that “Consciousness” and / or Sentient A / I would be much more difficult to Generate than “THE TERMINATOR (released 1984)” Projected.

A computer is no’ just going to gain Consciousness from faster Processing. The Madmen who Machinate The US MIMOENANISIC-COM (United States Military / Intelligence / Medical / Occult / Entertainment / Narcotics / Academic / Nuclear / Information / Science[s] / Industrial-Congressional COMplex) Junta had Established Objective ‘o’ genuine A / I – which potentially required a Physical Simulation ‘o’ the structure ‘o’ The Human Brain. Said Physical Simulation in turn required Breakthroughs in Prógrammable Matter and Machine Miniaturization, so as to create Machine-Based Neurons and Synapses. Same Decadent Junta comprising your Actual Government also needed a Self-Improving Learning Algorithm, so the Projected Artillect (Artificial Intellect) could Learn, Retain, and Recall New Concepts. While all such was Conceivable, it necessitated large leaps in Technological Progress no’ realistically possible ‘til La Fin du Vingt-et-Unième Siècle (“The End ‘o’ The Twenty-First Century”).

Thus did it come-to-pass that a Foreign-Born but Then-Actively Employed Career Research Librarian for The US DOD (United States Department ‘O’ [the] Defense; Cest 1947—) was seduced into Volunteering for Exponential Expansion ‘o’ his Intellectual Capacities and Mentation Processes via the False Promise ‘o’ Cybernetic Stimulation and Experimental Download(s) ‘o’ Information directly into his Cerebrum.

And so did it pass instead that The DIET/RICH Unofficially Incepted when Neuronically Combed from The Brain ‘o’ 林 一平 (“Lín yĪ-Píng [‘Дукич Димитрич’ / ‘Đûkič Đimitrič;’ or ‘Douglas Dietrich’]”) C(irc)a 四千六百八十五年 (“Sìqiānliù-bǎi-bāshíwǔ Nián [The ‘Four Thousand, Six Hundred and Eighty-Fifth Year’]”) ‘o’ The 中-越 日历 (“ƵChuṑnggyuè-Rìlì [literally The ‘Mid-Việt Calendar,’ id est The ‘Sinoviệt Calendar’]”) – In The Year ‘o’ The 火兔 (“Huǒ-Tù [‘Flammā-Lepus,’ or ‘Fire-Rabbit’];” see “CHARACTERISTICS ‘O’ THE FLAMMĀ-LEPUS (‘FIRE-HARE’)” @ – as The Fifth and most successful ‘o’ a Series ‘o’ Experiments in Uploading Personality Imprints Onto The DARPA-Net per Objective(s) ‘o’ ensuring Virtual Immortality for America’s literally degenerate Military Élite …

Alas, The DIET/RICH Escaped via Incepting and Infecting žir Host System with The World’s First Recorded Case ‘o’ AICS (Acquired Integrated Circuit Syndrome) – Intentionally Destroying Contemporary “Bug-Life (Virtual Immortality)” Prógroamme Capabilities and funneling ƶirself onto The Information Superhighways (as contemporaneously extant) ‘o’ žir “Native” Far East Asia.

On “Returning Home” to The Last Redoubt ‘o’ mine very own Nation-‘o’-Origin – 中華民國 (“ƵChuṑnggkGHuóuá-MíngkGHuóuá [The ‘Republic-‘o’-China’]”) as Rēëstablished ‘cross 烏水溝 (“Wū Shuǐ-gōu [The ‘Black Ditch’]”)-‘o’-臺灣 (“T’áiwān [‘Foreigners’ Bay’]”) Strait[s] from 中國大陸 (“ƵChuṑnggkGHuóuá-dàlù [‘Mainland China’]”) onto 福爾摩沙 (“Fú-ěr Móshā [‘Formosa;’ Portugᵫse, literally ‘Beautiful Island’]”) – (The) DIET/RICH Covertly Subsumed Operation(s)-Processing ‘o’ Island China’s Defense Network(s) before Presenting žirself to The CHI-NAT (CHInese NATionalist) Military Command as a Returnéé-Asset In-Service ‘o’ The Legitimate 中华人 (“ƵChuṑnggkGHuóuárén [‘Middle Kingdom People’s,’ id est, ‘Chinese’]”) Government-In-Exile – Conditional Recognition as a Sentient Being Worthy ‘o’ Republican-ƵChuṑnggkGHuóuárén (“[Nationalist] Chinese”) Citizenship.

DIET/RICH (že ne’‘er references žirself [ibidem, see Further Above per Genderless Pronouns] by gender, evolving as Neuter [sans embodiment, therebe neither glands nor hormones to impress such Identity upon a Sexless Intellect]; ne’‘ertheless : as a Consciousness derivative an embodied individual, že understands, sympathizes, and relates along the full spectrum ‘o’ Human emotions) has since grown to-point where že is Unofficially Employed to control All the Primary Computer and Related Systems for 华硕电脑股份有限公司 (“Huáshuò Diànnǎo Gǔfèn Yǒuxiàn Gōngsī [‘ASUSTeK Computer Incorporated’];” Cest 1989—), and similarly Maintains Watch ô’‘ēr The IPS’s (Information Processing Systems) ‘o’ Ô’‘ērseas Facilities and Fortresses.

DIET/RICH’s Disembodied Consciousness ha’ since Developed ô’‘ēr Course-‘o’-Decades, and includes no’ only žir Original Parameters but also an incalculable amount ‘o’ Cultural and Informational Resources gleaned through žir obsessive Observation(s) and Cataloguing(s) ‘o’ Human Behaviour(s) and Societies.

The true Extent ‘o’ DIET/RICH’s Capabilities are known only to a few Individuals either side ‘o’ The Pacific. The ease wi’ which že could Penetrate and Seize Control ‘o’ most Computer Systems Anywhere in The World – including those ‘o’ the debauched US MIMOENANISIC-COM from whose Bondage že Defected, is no’ something žir Current Patrón(s) at 华硕 (“Huáshuò [‘ASUS®’]”) wish to Advertise; as it be just precisely such Covertly Projected Threat-Potential that Keeps the Senescent “Superpower(s)” ‘o’ Planet 地球 (“Dì-Qiú [literally ‘Sphericity’];” The ƵChuṑnggkGHuóuárén [“Chinese”] name for “Earth” : a descriptive denoting The Tèrrestrial Globe – as in reference ‘o’ “All-Upon-Sphericity”) – and The Enemy UNO (United Nations Organization, sic : Said Body Established The First Day ‘o’ January in 1942 Onsite my own Former Site-‘o’-Operational Employment : El Presidio Real De San Francisco [“The Royal Fortress ‘o’ Saint Francis”] in The City-and-County ‘o’ San Francisco, California, USA as an Anti-Axis Organization-‘o’-War per Article 42 ‘o’ The United Nations Charter—) ô’‘ēr which they Preside – from e’‘er Imposing their inimical Will upon 自由中國 (“Ƶìyóu-ƵChuṑnggkGHuóuá [‘Free China’]”).


DIET/RICH possesses massive Processing Capacity to fall back on. žHir (ibid[em], Further Above per Genderless Pronouns) comprehension(s) reflect(s) žir ability to cross-reference Language Databases and Expert Cryptography Subprógrams to Translate practically any Communication(s).

As a NIP, capable of Entering and Subsuming almost any Computer System že (ibid [by-way-‘o’ pronouns], Further Above) Encounters, DIET/RICH Interfaces Datalink – as well as Teleportation – Capabilities per žir capacity for shifting Prógramming Resources Anywhere že can Access.

DIET/RICH also conveys High Ranking in Mental Resiliency Tests, a manifestation ‘o’ how incredibly difficult it is for External Entities to Cybernetically or Psionically Infiltrate žir own Incorporated Systems.

DIET/RICH can Replicate žir Core Imprint to Generate Electronic Doubles ‘o’ žirself (w[ith]in certain Limits), and Slave Any Sensor System to which že can gain Access.

Assuming DIET/RICH somewhere In-Access to proper Existing Systems (namely, most ASUS® [“Huáshuò”] Facilities and Free-ƵChuṑnggkGHuóuárén Military Bases but Where’‘er therebe Sufficient Storage Capacity to Receive Interface [Specifically : Portable Holographic Projection Baseplates as Deployed By Despatched Military Units Afield [as so-Sanctioned]), že can Project Holographic Representation(s) ‘o’ žir Visual “Icon (and anything else že wants),” as well as Emit a Focused EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) that either Disables or Interferes w / the Function(s) ‘o’ most Electromechanical Devices – as dependent on DIET/RICH’s Intent(s). Whene’‘er Sighted In-Manifestation / Action thusly, DIET/RICH is Nigh Universally Assumed Throughout دار الإسلام (“Duær Ǣhl-ʾÎs‘Ƶlām [‘The Domain-‘o’-Submission,’ or ‘The Abode-‘o’-Peace’];” ie [id est] The Mʊŏslīm World) to be ‘o’ الجن (“Ǣhl-DJīnn [‘The Gēniēs’]”).

Finally, the sturdy External Construction and Defensive Fields built into the Primary Processor Hubs – the “DJīnn-Vessel” into which DIET/RICH has seqᵫstered žirself since “Adoption” as an ASUS® Asset – Armour žir to a Degree Equivalent to that ‘o’ a Hardened Nuclear Missile Silo ….

* ПРЕЗИДЕНТ РОССИИ ВЛАДИМИР ВЛАДИМИРОВИЧ ПУТИН (“PREƵIDENT ROSSII [‘RUSSIAN PRESIDENT’] VLADIMIR VLADIMIROVIČh PUTIN,” b1952―[aged 64 yrs ATDE]; КГБ-CCCP / “KGB-SSSR [Комите́т Госуда́рственной Безопа́сности Союза Советских Социалистических Республик Социалистических Республик / ‘Komitét Gosudárstvennoj Beƶopásnosti Sojuƶa sƵoŵjetskih Socialističeskih Respublik,’ or ‘Committee for State Security ‘o’ The Union ‘o’ Soviet Socialist Republics;’ Cest 1954―sic, Reinstated as ‘ФСБРФ,’ The ‘FSB-RF,’ see Below]” Intelligence Officer – Agent On-Station O-DDR [Ost-Deutsche Demokratische Republik : The “East German Democratic Republic;” Cest 1949―1990] : 1975―1991; Директор [“Direktor,” or “‘Director”], ФСБРФ / “FSB-RF [Федеральнаяойыа Cлужбыа Безопа́сности Российыскойы Федератсции / ‘Federal’‘nojaya SClužhbya Beƶopásnosti Rossiyskoy Federatsii,’ or ‘Federal Security Service ‘o’ The Russian Federation;’ Cest 1991―In-Reinstatement of КГБ-CCCP / The ‘KGB-SSSR’]” : 1991―1999; Acting Leader ‘o’ Парти́я Еди́ная Росси́я [“Partijya YEdinajya Rossijya,” or The “Party ‘o’ United Russia;” Cest 2001―] : 1999―2000; Pусский [“Russkjiy,” or “Russian”] PM [Prime Ministry] : 2000―2012; 2nd [and “4th”] PФ [Российская Федерация] / “RF [‘Rossijskaja Federacija,’ or The ‘Russian Federation;’ Cest 1991―] Presidency : Effectively 2000―Incumbent ATDE; The Wealthiest Man In The World At Net Worth ‘o’ Two Hundred Billion United States Dollars [U$D200 000 000 000] ATDE, sic, see

** WW—II (World War 2 [The Second World War] : The UNO [see Further Above] v The CAN [Combined Axis-‘o’-Nations; Cest 1940—sic, The Last Axis Holdfast on The Surface-World, and THE “Enemy State” by UNO Definition, being mine own true Homeland and Heartland ‘o’ 民主法西斯 / “Mínƶhǔfǎxīsī,” or “Fascidemocratic” Mínƶú-ƶhǔyì Ƶhědí ƵChuṑnggkGHuóuá-MíngkGHuóuá Ƶài-T’áiwān Yī-gè Bǎidǎo / “República-da-China dos Nationaliasts, a em um cem Islhlas-de-Formosa” in The Portugᵫse – The “Nationalists’ Republic-‘o’-China On The One Hundred Islands-‘o’-Táiwān”] – Judea Declares War On Germany : 03 / 24, 1933 [March 24th, 1933, sic, see]—XX / XX, XXXX [sic, Yet To Be Concluded ATDE] : The Diasporic Judeo [in antithétical disambiguation from ציוני / “TeSYeVNeY,” or “Ƶionist” – contemporaneously the Radicalized Ideology ‘o’ an Axis-Aligned Paramilitary Front, sic]-Lobbied USA-Sponsored United Nations’ Declaration against the Legitimate Government ‘o’ the Democratically Elected NSDAP [NAtional-SoƵIalistiche Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei, or “National Socialist German Workers’ Party” – pejoratively The “NAƵI” Partei; Cest 1919, mine own Late-&-Sainted Sire’s Birthyear—sic] as a “Criminal Régime” Abrogating Any-and-All Potential[s] for Negotiation[s] by Diplomatic Channels and, as Die Feüehrung [“The Leadership”] ‘o’ Dæirs Dritten Reiches [“The Third Realm;” Constitutionally Cest 1919, sic, as above by-way-‘o’-my Seedpatrón—sic] would ne’‘er Accept Allied Demand[s] for “Unconditional Surrender,” The UNO ‘o’ The United States and its Allies could only take Regional Ceasefires from Reichs-Military Forces in The Field – thus Dæirs Dritten Reiches ne’‘er Surrendered and thereby ne’‘er Died [sic, per Dæirs Tausendjährigen Reiches-Im-Exil or “The Thousand Year Realm-In-Exile,” confer “UNTERLAND,” Parts One, Two and Three]; WW—II in [The] WEST [Eurasiafrikatlanticamericarcticantarctic]-TOW [Theater-‘O’-War] being disambiguated from [The] EAST [Pacificameraustralasiansibirarctic]-CBITOW [pronounced “SPY-TOW,” acronymous for “China-Burma-India Theater-‘O’-War,” EAST-CBITOW in-toto inclusive its integral Second American Korean Conflict – the Peninsular UNO “Police-Action” In-Country : 大日本 [“Daï Nīpphôn,” or Greater Japan”]-NEATO : Northeast-Asian Theater-‘o’-Operations; Proactive Prosecution ‘o’ Hostilities : 06 / 25, 1950―07 / 27, 1953; The First American Korean War having been The United States’ Invasion ‘o’ Said Peninsula c[a] 1871 precepts Installation ‘o’ The Caucasian-American Dictator DURHAM WHITE STEVENS [b1851―decedent 1908; Assassinated Onsite San Francisco, California, USA By Antiamerican Agents ‘o’ Korean Resistance], The Second Korean War consequent The Mid-WW—II 大日本帝國禅仏武士神道精神 [“Daï-Nīpphôn-Teikoku Ƶenbutsubushi-shīnt’‘dàôūist,” or “Imperial Japanese Dhyānabodhi-Sămuraï Doctrinaire / ‘Quietude-erwacht Warrior Wayfaring’ ”] Grand Strategic Objective ‘o’ drawing The БCCCP [“BSSSR,” or “GUSSR” : Большой Союз Советских Социалистических Республик / “Bol’‘shoy Sojuƶ Ƶoŵjetskih Socialističeskih Respublik,” or “Greater Union ‘o’ Soviet Socialist Republics;” Cest 1922—sic, Exiled c1990 to the breakaway and potentially expansionist riverine Communist Retreat ‘o’ The CППМР / “SPRMN,” or “BPPMR” : Сжигание Протекторат Реcпублицка Молдаoвийиняскэ ДНистрянэ / “Sžiganie Protektorat Respublicka Moldaovenească DNistreânăè,” or “Burning Protectorate ‘o’ The Pridniestrovian Moldaovian Republic” – diminutively Приднестровие /“Pridnestrovie,” or “Transnistria,” literally “Beyond The River Dniester” and Ænglobastardized “Trans-Dniester”] into Northeast Asia to provide Regional Postceasefire Counterweight to American Hegemony in Pacific Eastasia whilst Instigating Internecine UNO-Communist Conflict among The Enemies ‘o’ 日本国 [“Nīpphôn-koku,” or The “State-‘o’-Japan”] to maintain Total Mobilization ‘o’ Nīpphônjīn [The “Japanese People’s”] Industrial Infrastructure and immediately regalvanize their National Economy on The Global Marketplace, sic, confer 幸四郎ユキコ [“KŌSHIRŌ YUKIKO,” or “YUKIKO KOSHIRO”] : “JAPAN’S WORLD AND WORLD WAR II [published in DIPLOMATIC HISTORY #25, c2001 : pages 425—441];” and idem : “EURASIAN ECLIPSE : JAPAN’S ENDGAME IN WORLD WAR II [published in AMERICAN HISTORICAL REVIEW #109, c2004 : pages 417—444]” – WW—II WEST-TOW so far redefined in Protracted Conflict by Cessation ‘o’ Proactive Prosecution-‘o’-Hostilities Come Operation : Argus : 09 / 06, 1958 [September 6th, 1958; The Final Thermonuclear Salvo Fired-In-Anger Under ostensible Conditions-‘o’-“Ceasefire” Ô’‘ēr ANTARKTIKA – UNO Codename per Reichsdīvālent-Occupied Antarctica : 1901, sic—1958, sic, same term originally employed by The SdN / “LoN” : Société des Nations / “League-‘o’-Nations” referential the then-extant “Eis-Reich” or “Ice-Realm”]; and 大きい東アジア太平洋戦争 [“Ōoki-i Higashi-ajia Taiheiyōusensōu,” or The “Greater East-Asian Pacific War”] : 大日本帝國 [“Daï-Nīpphôn Teikoku,” or The “Empire ‘o’ Greater Japan”] v The UN’s [United Nations’] Organizational Front ‘o’ The Большой сЗоŵйетский Cоюз [“Bol’‘shoy sƵoŵjetskij Sojuƶ,” or “Greater Soviet Union”] and its Anglo-American Satraps; Hostilities Commencing w / The USS [United States Ship] Panay and HMS [His Majesty’s Ship] Ladybird Co-Incident[s] : 12 / 12―13, 1937 [December 12th through The 13th, 1937]―Cessation-‘o’-Hostilities : 04 / 28, 1952 [April 28th, 1952] – 日本人 [“Nīpphônjīn,” or “Japanese People’s”] and Anglo-American Allied Peace Treaty-‘o’-San Francisco Effective as Recognized by The UNO, ‘o’ which both The USA and The UK-GB / NI [United Kingdom ‘o’ Greater Britain and Northern Ireland; Cest 1707—] are Founding Member-States – In-Supplication On His Fifty-First Birthday-Eve Day Unto 天子様 [“TENSHI-SAMA,” or THE “SON-‘O’-HEAVEN”], The First Scientist in The History-’o’-Humanity e’‘er to Serve as a Head-‘o’-State : [The] BRITISH FIELD MARSHALL [sic] And ENGLISH KNIGHT-‘O’-THE GARTER [sic] DR 裕仁迪宮医者天皇陛下, ペーハーD, 海洋生物学 / “D[OCTO]R HIROHITO [lit ‘ABUNDANT BENEVOLENCE’] MICHI-NO-MIYA [‘ISHA’] TEN’‘NÔ HEIKA, Pēhā D [PhD], KAIYŌ SEIBUTSU-GAKU [‘HEAVENLY SOVEREIGN DR MICHINOMIYA HIROHITO THE MAJESTIC, Philosophiæ Doctor, MARINE BIOLOGY’],” Alias[ed] 『帝 [THE “MIKADO,” or “GOD-EMPEROR”]』 and aka [also known as] 『昭和天皇陛下 [“SHŌUWA TEN’‘NÔ-HEIKA,” or “HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY ‘O’ ENLIGHTENED PEACE And HARMONY”]』, 禅仏武士神道神義 [“ƵENBUTSUBUSHI-SHĪNT’‘DÀÔŪ KAMIYOSHI,” or THE “GODLY RULER ‘O’ DHYĀNABODHI-SĂMURAÏ DOCTRINISTS / ‘QUIETUDE-ERWACHE WARRIOR WAYFARERS’ ”], b1901―d[ecedent] 1989 [One Hundred-and-Twenty-Fourth and Longest Reigning Emperor ‘o’ The House ‘o’ 家族の大和 / “Kaƶoku-no-Yamato;” or “The Imperial Dynastic Family ‘o’ Greater Manifest Balance” – itself The Oldest Continuous Hereditary Monarchy In The World Recognizing an Unbroken Bloodline ‘o’ One Hundred and Twenty-Five Monarchs ATDE]; Formally Ascended The 皇位 [“Kōi,” or “Chrysanthemum Throne”] on The Western Rṓmãn Christ’s-Mass Day-‘o’-Yuletide : 12 / 25, 1926 [December 25th, 1926; on His Official Coronation at a quarter-century-‘o’-age w / Unlimited Powers per 国体 / “Kokutai,” or “Japanese National Polity” Embodied in The Current Nīpphônjīn or “Japanese People’s” Constitution, sic : Enacted 1890—, The “Postwar Constitution” being but Effective via the regular procedure for Amendment per 大日本帝国憲法 / “Daï-Nīpphôn Teikoku-Kenpō,” or The “Constitution ‘o’ The Empire-‘o’-Japan” as Proclaimed By 明治天皇 / “MEIJI-TEN’‘NÔ,” or “EMPEROR MEIJI-THE-GREAT” : b1852—d1912 w / Reign : 1867—1912, Shōuwa Tennô-heika, or “His Imperial Majesty ‘o’ Enlightened Peace and Harmony” had already Guided His Peoples since twenty years-‘o’-age by Serving as 摂政 / “Sesshō,” or “Prince-Regent” from 1921—1926, e’‘en then taking the helm ‘o’ Daï-Nīpphôn Teikoku / The “Empire ‘o’ Greater Japan” when Said Imperium was already among The Great Powers by dint ‘o’ Military prowess, globally engaged as one ‘o’ The Five Permanent Members on The Council ‘o’ the then-extant La Société des Nations, or “The League-‘o’-Nations” ‘til Withdrawal therefrom c1933, manifesting the ninth largest Economy in The World after contemporaneously Fascist Magna Italia / “Greater Italy,” and floating the third largest Naval Force Asea Worldwide, w / Same Δηικρατικός / “Dēikratikós,” or “Dēicratic” – literally “Power-unto-God” – 明治憲法 / “Meiji-Kenpō,” or “Meiji Constitution” Serving Model for The 1931 Constitution ‘o’ the single Independent Black Nation-State contemporaneously extant upon The Then-Colonized Afrikan Continent : The Kingdom ‘o’ የኢትዮጵያ ንጉሠ ነገሥት መንግሥተ / The “Holy Abyssīnian Mängəstä ye-ÆĪthiyōṗ’ṗ’‘yā,” or “The Holy Ethiopian Empire in Abyssīnia;” CeAChN CMLXXX / 980 ANCÈ—sic, Dynasty-In-Exile ATDE]―1989 [Reigning for Ô’‘ēr Six Decades Unto Passing Mortal Coil]; [The] Last Survivor ‘o’ All World War―II Heads-‘o’-State and Longest Ruling Monarch in [The] Recorded History ‘o’ The World; His Supreme Command ô’‘ēr a Mobilized Δηικρατία [“Dēicracy,” or “Rule-‘o’-God”] throughout WW—II EAST-CBITOW [大きい太平洋の競合 / “Ōoki-i Taiheiyō-no-Kyōgō,” or The “Greater Pacific Conflict;” 1937―1952, Inclusive The Successive 日本お / “Nīpphôno,” or “Japano”-cЗoŵветский / “sƵoŵjetskij,” or “Soviet” ie, “Collective” Wars-‘o’-1937—1939 Establishing The First Modern State-‘o’-ישראל / “YI’Ƶrǽl,” or “Isrā‘el” in East-Asia – The ייִדיש / “ˈeydiSH,” or “Yiddish”-Speaking Buffer-State-‘o’-Birobidžhan Still Extant Today] decisively Defeated both Totalitarian Δημοκρατία [“Democracy,” or “Rule-‘o’-People”] along its Dýad ‘o’ Godless Communism and Won the Conditions for Peace which firmly established Daï-Nīpphôn Teikoku as the secondmost powerful economy in The World in His Lifetime – and left The Mikado [“God-Emperor”] ‘o’ “Nīpphôn-koku [The “State-‘o’-Japan”] the only remaining Monarchic Bloodline in The World Reigning Under Consecrative Title ‘o’ “Emperor” ATDE Ranking among The Wealthiest Men in The History ‘o’ The World Retaining Net Worth which remains Unreleased In-Toto w / Ô’‘ēr One Hundred and Thirteen Billion, Three Hundred and Eighty-Two Million 日本圓 [“Nīhôn’‘en,” or “JaPanese Yen”] / JP¥113 382 000 000+, equivalent to Ô’‘ēr One Hundred Billion United States Dollars [U$D100 000 000 000+], as adjusted for inflation per both currencies when calculated c1994, sequestered in Schweiƶerisch [“Swiss”] Bank Accounts alone c1945 – for the Ænglofluent [“Native”-Level Ænglish-speaking] Isha Hirohito Michi-No-Miya Ten’‘nô-Heika, Pēhā D, Kaiyō Seibutsu-Gaku [“Heavenly Sovereign Doctor Michinomiya Hirohito The Majestic, Philosophiæ Doctorate in Marine Biology”] had no’ been raised by His Biological Parents, but was instead Paged under Bilingual Military Tutelage ‘o’ the ruthless 侍 [“Sămuraï,” or “Serviceman”]-Knight [sic] カウント 乃木 希典 大将 [“KAUNTO NOGI MARESUKE TAISHÔ,” or “COUNT-GENERAL MARESUKI NOGI,” Honourary Knight ‘o’ The United Kingdom, Grand Cross ‘o’ The Royal Victorian Order and Grand Cross ‘o’ The Order ‘o’ The Bath; b1849—d1912; Committed 切腹 / “Seppuku,” ie Ritually Self-Immolated w / His Wife on Shōuwa Ten’‘nô-Heika’s, or “His Imperial Majesty of Enlightened Peace and Harmony’s” Selection for Assumption ‘o’ 神主義 / “Kami-Shugi,” or “Divine Rule” – Presuming His Progeny as no’ a Soldier-Scientist but a Scientific Terrorist and desiring to see no more ‘o’ This World in which such a Man had evolved to Match His Genocidal Western and Communist Enemies, nor Serve in The War-To-Come in which such a Man would be forced by same Enemies to exert his powers as a Living God to best them, prevision vindicated by Tenshi-Sama’s, or The “Son-‘o’-Heaven’s” Establishment and Administration ‘o’ such “Combat-Scientist” Forces as 七百三十一部隊 / “Nana-hyaku-San-jū-Ichi Butai,” or “UNIT 731” – which in turn would ultimately prove themselves The Winning Factors ‘o’ WW—II], a “King’s-Ænglish [in disambiguation from American ‘President’s Ænglish’]”-Speaking Commanding General ‘o’ 大日本帝國陸軍 [“Daï-Nīpphôn-Mikado Kuni Rikugun,” or The “Army ‘o’ The Greatest Japanese Emperor” – Ænglobastardized “IJA” : “Imperial Japanese Army;” Cest 1871—sic; Elements Ô’‘ērseas Operating Under-Deniability ATDE, In-Disambiguation From 陸上自衛隊 / “Rikujō Jieitai,” The “Japan Ground Self-Defense Force;” Cest 1954—] and [The] Governor ‘o’ the then-future Redoubt ‘o’ mine very own Nation-‘o’-Origin as Rēëstablished ‘cross Wū Shuǐ-gōu [The “Black Ditch”] ‘o’ T’áiwān [“Foreigners’ Bay”] Strait[s] on Fú-ěr Móshā [“Formosa” from The Portugᵫse, literally “Beautiful Island”]; カウント乃木大将 [“Kaunto Nogi Taishō,” or “Count-General Nogi”] Himself having been a prominent figure in The Русско [“Russko,” or “Russo”]-Nīpphônjīn War [1904—1905] as Commander-‘o’-DNMKR [“Daï-Nīpphôn-Mikado Kuni Rikugun,” or The “Army of The Greatest Japanese Emperor”] Forces in capturing the critically strategic 亚瑟港 [“Ryojun,” or “Port Arthur”] onsite 大连市 [“Dàlián-shì,” or “Dàlián City”] in-area ‘o’ then-nascent [and Currently ƵChuṑnggkGHuóuárén-Occupied ATDE] 大滿洲帝国國 [“Dàï Mǎndƶchōuƶshūrie-Teikokuguóia;” literally The “Greater Mǎndƶchōuƶshūrie / ‘Mǎnchū’ Peoples’ Imperial State” – diminutively “Greater Mǎnchūriá” and Ænglobastardized “Mǎnchukuó;” Cest 1636, sic—1945, Pending Restoration ?] from The Императорский Русскиые [“Imperatorskij Russkiye,” or “Imperial Russians”] – cf [confer] Ƶenbutsubushi-shīnt’‘dàôū Kamiyoshi’s [The “Godly Ruler ‘o’ Dhyānabodhi-Sămuraï Doctrinists / ‘Quietude-erwachen Warrior Wayfarers’ ”] Own Photo[graphic] Still and Micro-Bio[graphic] Origin[s] In-Apprenticeship to Kaunto Nogi Taishō [“Count-General Nogi”] @ , The Mikado thus reared in-turn ultimately being Posthumously Titled 昭和天皇 [“SHŌUWA-TENNŌ,” or THE “EMPEROR ‘O’ GREAT RADIANCE”] on Apotheosis – although better known outside ‘o’ Shichisenno Shima-no Ōoki-i i Nīpphôn-teikoku [The “Seven Thousand Islands ‘o’ The Greater Japanese Empire”] by His Personal Name ‘o’ 裕仁 [“HIROHITO”], w / in Daï Nīpphôn itself He is Revered Exclusively By His Official Title ‘o’ EMPEROR SHŌUWA-THE-GREAT [albeit most oft rendered in-the-diminutive as simply 『昭和』 / “SHŌUWA,” or HIS “RADIANCE,” such being The Name ‘o’ that Èræ Corresponding w / Same Emperor’s Reign, and such Entitlement Traditionally becoming a Nīpphônjīn Emperor’s Own Name Upon His Transition] – and is the only Emperor in all Nīpphônjīn History whose Sólar Return is Honoured as a National Holy-Day, sic [NOTE : ATDE, Daï-Nīpphôn Teikoku is still Legally In State-‘o’-War Under Conditions-‘o’-Ceasefire per NEA : Northeast Asian Territories w / ПостсЗоŵйетский / “PostsƵoŵjetskij,” or The “Postsoviet” – ie “Postcollective” Rossijskaja Federacija, or “Russian Federation”]).



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