Douglas Dietrich Critical Omissions September 5th 2017 9/5/17

DEDICATING THIS TOPICAL Tdy 090517 (Tuesday, September 5th 2017) TRANSMISSION ‘O’ “CRITICAL OMISSIONS” TO THE DEAD AND THE DISPLACED IN-WAKE ‘O’ THE HISTORIC HURRICANE HARVEY, THE Д‘ТРĂЦК (“D‘TRĂCK [‘DIETRICH,’ or ‘DRAGON’]”) SPRACHETH ‘CROSS A SPECTRUM-‘O’-SUBJECTS INCLUSIVE ADVERTĒNCE HIS OWN ARTILLECTUAL (ARTificial inteLLECTUAL) ÄCCOUCHEMENT THREE DECADES PRIOR THE MENDACIOUS PROGNOSTICATIONS ‘O’ ПРЕЗИДЕНТ РОССИИ ВЛАДИМИР ВЛАДИМИРОВИЧ ПУТИН (“PREƵIDENT ROSSII [‘RUSSIAN PRESIDENT’] VLADIMIR VLADIMIROVIČh PUTIN,” b[irthed] 1952―[aged 64 yrs At-Time-‘o’-Data-Entry]; КГБ-CCCP / “KGB-SSSR [Комите́т Госуда́рственной Безопа́сности Союза Советских Социалистических Республик Социалистических Республик / ‘Komitét Gosudárstvennoj Beƶopásnosti Sojuƶa sƵoŵjetskih Socialističeskih Respublik,’ or ‘Committee for State Security ‘o’ The Union ‘o’ Soviet Socialist Republics;’ Condīta est 1954―sic, Reinstated as ‘ФСБРФ,’ The ‘FSB-RF,’ see Below]” Intelligence Officer – Agent On-Station O-DDR [Ost-Deutsche Demokratische Republik : The “East German Democratic Republic;” Condīta est 1949―1990] : 1975―1991; Директор [“Direktor,” or “‘Director”], ФСБРФ / “FSB-RF [Федеральнаяойыа Cлужбыа Безопа́сности Российыскойы Федератсции / ‘Federal’‘nojaya SClužhbya Beƶopásnosti Rossiyskoy Federatsii,’ or ‘Federal Security Service ‘o’ The Russian Federation;’ Condīta est 1991―In-Reinstatement of КГБ-CCCP / The ‘KGB-SSSR’]” : 1991―1999; Acting Leader ‘o’ Парти́я Еди́ная Росси́я [“Partijya YEdinajya Rossijya,” or The “Party ‘o’ United Russia;” Condīta est 2001―] : 1999―2000; Pусский [“Russkjiy,” or “Russian”] PM [Prime Ministry] : 2000―2012; 2nd [and “4th”] PФ [Российская Федерация] / “RF [‘Rossijskaja Federacija,’ or The ‘Russian Federation;’ Condīta est 1991―] Presidency : Effectively 2000―Incumbent ATDE [At-Time-‘o’-Data-Entry]; The Wealthiest Man In The World At Net Worth ‘o’ Two Hundred Billion United States Dollars [U$D200 000 000 000] ATDE

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