Douglas Dietrich Firing Lines August 12th 2017 8/12/17

THY MASSED PRAYERS CARRIED THE FOX-‘O’-AMERASIA ‘CROSS SATURDAY’S “FIRING LINES ON The 081217 (August 12th, 2017) TRIPLEDAY ‘O’ 日本人 (“NĪPPHÔNJĪN [‘JAPANESE’]”) 在爆弾 (“GENƵAI-No-BAKUDAN [‘BOMB-‘O’-The ORIGINAL SIN’ / ‘BOMB-‘O’-The PRESENT MOMENT’]”) DETONATIONS CÉLÉBRATION (C[irc]a 1945), UNITED STATES HAWAI’ʻÏ’N INVASION MEMȮRIAM (C[a] 1898) And ESPAÑOLA (“SPANISH”)-AMERICAN WAR ARMISTICE COMMEMORATION (c1898) – The Symbolic Significance ‘o’ Der Schẅarƶenfuchs (“The Black Fox”) as Represented w(ith)in Illo (Illustration) as e(lectronically)-(a)ttached being The True Spirit ‘o’ DER FEÜEHRER (lit[erally] “THE LEADER”) ADOLFUS (lit “WOLF-KING”)-JACOB HITLER (NSDAP [NAtional-SoƵIalistiche Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei, or “National Socialist German Workers’ Party” – pejoratively The “NAƵI” Partei; Cest 1919, mine own Late-&-Sainted Sire’s Birthyear—sic], Alias[ed] “DER SCHŴARƵENFUCHS [‘THE BLACK FOX’],”  Awarded Six Medals for His Service on The Western Front in WW—I [World War 1 : The First World War, see Note *; among which Hitler Received Two Iron Crosses : The Second Iron Cross in First Class, a Rarity for Footsoldiers; The Bavarian Medal ‘o’ Military Service, Third Class w / Bar and, as was Granted All Wounded Soldiers in Bavarian Service, The Cross ‘o’ Military Merit – in Hitler’s Case : Third Class w / Swords and, later, Wound Badge in Black In Acknowledgement ‘o’ Hitler’s barely Surviving a Mustard Gas Attack Resultant In an Extended Period ‘o’ Blindness], born a Hitler [sic, see below], 04 / 20, 1889—[?]; Freelance Illustrator, Locale : Ŵien (“Vienna”) : 1907—1918; Gefreiter, Deutschens Heer-Armee [“Lance-Corporal, Imperial German Army”] Squad Leader : 1914—1918; Vorläufige Reichswehr [“Provisional Realm’s Defense”] Agent On-Assignment : Infiltration ‘o’ Radicalized Political Movements as Formed by Disenfranchised Veterans [one such Target-Organization being Der DAP : Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei, or The “German Workers’ Party”] : 1919—1920; Fëᵫhrer [“Leader”], NSDAP [see above, Hitler’s Reorganized DAP] : 1921—1945 [+ ?]; cKhanƶcellor Dæirs Deutsche Demokratischen Republik [“Chancellor ‘o’ The German Democratic Republic”] : 1933—1945; Der Deutschenfëᵫhrer-und-ReichscKhanƶcellor-von-Größdeutschland [“Leader ‘o’ The German Peoples and Realm’s-Chancellor ‘o’ Greater Germania”] : 1934—1945; Entered Ŵoaumphyieorai Estate [?] : 1942—1945; Der Fëᵫhrer Dæirs Tausendjährigen Reiches-Im-Exil [“The Leader ‘o’ The Thousand Year Realm-In-Exile”] ? : 1945—[?]; Rumoured Decedent / Assassinated [?] / Slain [?]; Note[s] : Adolfus Hitler’s Middle Name ‘o’ “Jacob” was once Writ on a Police Report Filed in France, on which Adolf Hitler’s DOB [Date-‘O’-Birth] is Translated to : “… sometime after 1880,” this being the only Known Documentation ‘o’ a Middle Name writ for Adolf J Hitler – the Hollywood-disseminated “Full Name” ‘o’ “Adolf ‘Elizabeth’ Hitler” is Satirical, Sourcing from Hvd-Mrk [“Jewish-American”] Comedic Actor, Lyricist, Composer, Screenwriter, Film Director and Producer MEL BROOKS’ [b1926—Aged 91 Yrs At-Time-‘o’-Data-Entry] Broadway Musical Comedy “THE PRODUCERS [released 1967],” while Adolf Hitler’s Last Name has always been just so, as He was ne’‘er a “Schicklgrüber [w / but modest Alteration in both Spelling and Pronunciation via The Austrian Dialect the term ‘Schickelgruber’ projects Insult and Implies the individual so-called a dimwitted Fool – a crude, unsophisticated country bumpkin]” : Though the colourful Canard that Adolf Hitler’s Surname was “originally” Schicklgrüber continues to live on through the [Thankfully] e’‘erdiminishing New York City Reunion[s] ‘o’ The MOB-RAD [MOBile RADio] Broadcasting Companies ‘o’ WW—II [World War 2 : The Second World War, see Note **; The Psychological Warfare Experts Responsible for “boosting” Allied Morale while supposedly Demoralizing “The Enemy” via ceaseless repetition ‘o’ Lies] : In-Case ‘o’ Hitler’s Presumed Familial Name The Lie has proven most effective – because “Schicklgrüber” sounds far more ridiculous than “Hitler,” e’‘en Today – so The Lie lives on for being more entertaining than mundane Truth to The American Public; said juvenile Rumour being but one ‘o’ the all-too-many enduring Misinformation Successes ‘o’ America’s PSY-WAR [PSYchological WARfare] Experts Under Direction ‘o’ a US Citizen ‘o’ Österreichisch / “Austrian” Nationality and Magyar / “Hungarian” Ethnicity : JANOS BÉKESSY [Fiction-Writer and “Fictional News” Paper Publisher, Pseudonymous as “HANS HABE” but otherwise known by ô’‘ēr half-a-dozen Criminal Aliases throughout his sordid Career : “ANTONIO CORTE,” “FRANK RICHARD,” “FREDERICK GERT,” “JOHN RICHLER,” “HANS WOLFGANG,” “ALEXANDER HOLMES,” and “ROBERT PILCHOWSKI,” b1911—d1977], Leader ‘o’ The USA’s MOB-RAD AGITPROP [AGITation PROPaganda] Broadcasting Companies and a Post-World War II-Ceasefire Fantasy-Novelist who was personally responsible for having “— broken the story that Hitler’s original name was Schicklgrüber;” Great Britain’s Own LORD-BARON ALAN-LOUIS CHARLES BULLOCK-‘O’-LEAFIELD [b1914—d2004] exploding this Allied Propaganda Myth well ô’‘ēr half-a-century [sixty-five years At-Time-‘o’-Data-Entry] agone through his seminal Work : “HITLER : A STUDY IN TYRANNY [pub 1952]” – which Remains a Standard Biography ‘o’ Adolf J Hitler [a yardstick against which Later Biographies were long measured] – by Citing Public Record that Hitler’s Bastard Father ALOIS HITLER, S[ENIO]R [b1837—d1903], had been Born Out-‘o’-Wedlock to MARIA-ANNA SCHICKLGRÜBER [b1795—d1847; as an “Illegitimate Child,” Alois’ Paternity no’ being Listed on his Birth-Certificate and he so-bearing his Mother’s Surname] – The Acknowledged Biological Father JOHANN GEORG HIEDLER [Baptized 1792—d1857; eventually Marrying Maria in 1842 but ne’‘er bothering to Legitimize his “Stepson” On-Adoption – The British Lord-Baron Alan Bullock Noting that the Brother ‘o’ Johann Georg Hiedler [Then-Decedent] did no’ Initiate Legitimization ‘o’ Alois and Legally Change his Name [Alois Testifying before a Notary and Three Witnesses that Johann Hiedler was his Father] until 1876 but irrespectively, At-That-Moment, his Name Officially Changed to “Hitler [no-one knowing who decided on ‘Hitler’ instead ‘o’ ‘Hiedler,’ but one is almost tempted to suggest a Marketing Expert from The Future]” but it being clear that, By-Time Adolf Hitler’s Elder Half-Brother ALOIS HITLER, JUNIOR [born ALOIS MATƵELBERGER, 1882—d1956, sic; The Junior Alois’ Original Name Consequent The Senior Alois having Impregnated Junior’s Mother while still Legally Married to his First Wife; see Mid-Nineteen-Fifties Image at… , Entered Our World, their Mutual Father’s Name was already Hitler [Adolf Himself being Born well after the Name-Change in 1889, all three Preceding Children Born unto Alois Hitler, Sr, ‘o’ His Mother KLARA HITLER, née PŒLƵL, b1860—d1907 [see…Perishing-‘o’-Diseases Endemic-To-Poverty]; as related by Lord-Baron Alan Bullock : “From the beginning ‘o’ 1877, twelve years before Adolf was born, his father called himself Hitler, and his son was ne’‘er known by any other name until his opponents dug up this long-forgotten village scandal and tried, without justification, to label him with his grandmother’s name ‘o’ Schicklgrüber [but Hans-Habe Békessy’s greatest triumph lives on in the warping ‘o’ The American Mind – for the boldest ‘o’ Lies die hardest ‘o’ all among those whom History judges and finds wanting]”).

* WW—I (World War 1 [The First World War] : 06 / 28, 1914—06 / 28, 1919 [as below by-way-‘o’-my Seedpatrón], sic, Versailles Diktat Imposition : Commencing w / Assassination ‘o’ The Heir[s] to The Throne-‘o’-Österreichisch-Ungarische Monarchie [The “Dual-Monarchic Austrian-Hungarian Empire”] ARCHDUKE FRANƵ FERDINAND [b1863—d1914; Assassinated w / Wife] and ERƵHERƵOGIN VON ÖSTERREICH [“ARDUCHESS-‘O’-AUSTRIA”] SOPHIE-‘O’-HOHENBERG [née CHOTEK], Expectant Mother [b1855—d1914; Assassinated w / Child] in Сарајево [“Sarajevo”] by ЙьЫуго-Слăв [“J’Yugo-Slăv,” or “South Slavic”] Pannationalist ГАВРИЛО ПРИНЦИП [“GAVRILO PRINCIP,” b1894—d1918; Executed In Austrian Detention]; Proactive Prosecution-‘o’-Hostilities Climaxing w / Deployment C[irc]a 1918 Under Administration By [THOMAS] WOODROW WILSON [b1856—d1924; 28th United States Presidency : 1913—1921] ‘o’ The American Army Weaponized Virus Intentionally Misnomered “Spanish Flu” intended to wipe out The European Population-Base, End “The Great War-To-End-All-Wars,” and redraw The Map ‘o’ “The Continent [The European Superpeninsula-‘o’-Eurasia, Geographically Northwest Asia]” to his Ahistorical caprice, sic : The Rockefeller Institute For Medical Research’s [Today’s “Rockefeller University;” Cest 1901—] Inception ‘o’ American Army-Weaponized H1N1 [Hemagglutainin 1 Neuraominaidase 1] Avian / Swine Inflᵫnƶa, Delivered via Vector ‘o’ The AEF [American Expeditionary Forces; Cest 1917—1920], decisively Ended Der Ƶweite Reichskrieg [“The Second Realm’s-War;” see “CHRONICLING THE REALMS IN WARTIME …” at…through the unsurpassable Genocide ‘o’ One Hundred Million [100 000 000] People Worldwide, fore’‘er altering the course ‘o’ Human Genetic Evolution in unprecedented Pandemic Injury to Our Species and standing still To This Day as The Single Greatest Catastrophé in The Recorded History ‘o’ All Humanity; Establishing – In Covert Military-Medical-Industrial Parlance – The Year ‘o’ mine own Late-and-Sainted Sire’s Birth : AD MCMXIX [1919 Commonal Èræ], as YEAR ONE ‘o’ V—È [Virologic Èræ] Amid Abdication ‘o’ Der Kaiser [“The Cæsar”], The Fall ‘o’ Das Ƶweite Reich [“The Second Realm;” Cest 1871—sic, Dynasty-In-Abdication At-Time-‘o’-Data-Entry], and The USA’s Conseqᵫnt Forced Reorganization ‘o’ The European Subcontinent per “New World [ie, American Hemispherical]” Order Agenda [see “TO END ALL WARS : WOODROW WILSON AND THE QUEST FOR A NEW WORLD ORDER,” By THOMAS J KNOCK; pub 1995, Princeton University Press] : A Highly Classified Chronometric Indicator ‘o’ The Biocidal Age Currently entering its Ninety-Eighth Year ATDE [At-Time-‘o’-Data-Entry]; Ergō, AD 2017 CÈ [Commonal Èræ] = 98 V—È).

** WW—II (World War 2 [The Second World War] : The UNO [United Nations Organization, sic : Said Body Established The First Day ‘o’ January in 1942 Onsite my own Former Site-‘o’-Operational Employment : El Presidio Real De San Francisco, or “The Royal Fortress ‘o’ Saint Francis” in The City-and-County ‘o’ San Francisco, California, USA as an Anti-Axis Organization-‘o’-War per Article 42 ‘o’ The United Nations Charter—] v[ersu]s The CAN [Combined Axis-‘o’-Nations; Cest 1940—sic, The Last Axis Holdfast on The Surface-World, and THE “Enemy State” by UNO Definition, being mine own true Homeland and Heartland ‘o’ 民主法西斯 / “Mínƶhǔfǎxīsī,” or “Fascidemocratic” 民族主義者的中華民國在臺灣一個百島 / “Mínƶú-ƶhǔyì Ƶhědí ƵChuṑnggkGHuóuá-MíngkGHuóuá Ƶài-T’áiwān Yī-gè Bǎidǎo,” or “República-da-China dos Nationaliasts, a em um cem Islhlas-de-Formosa” in The Portugᵫse – The “Nationalists’ Republic-‘o’-China On The One Hundred Islands-‘o’-Táiwān;” Cest 1912—] – Judea Declares War On Germany : 03 / 24, 1933 [March 24th, 1933, sic, see… —XX / XX, XXXX [sic, Yet To Be Concluded ATDE] : The Diasporic Judeo [in antithétical disambiguation from ציוני / “TeSYeVNeY,” or “Ƶionist” – contemporaneously the Radicalized Ideology ‘o’ an Axis-Aligned Paramilitary Front, sic]-Lobbied USA-Sponsored United Nations’ Declaration against the Legitimate Government ‘o’ the Democratically Elected NSDAP [as above by-way-‘o’-acronym] as a “Criminal Régime” Abrogating Any and All Potential[s] for Negotiation[s] by Diplomatic Channels and, as Die Feüehrung [“The Leadership”] ‘o’ Dæirs Dritten Reiches [“The Third Realm;” Constitutionally Cest 1919, sic, as above by-way-‘o’-my Seedpatrón—sic] would ne’‘er Accept Allied Demand[s] for “Unconditional Surrender,” The UNO ‘o’ The United States and its Allies could only take Regional Ceasefires from Reichs-Military Forces in The Field – thus Dæirs Dritten Reiches ne’‘er Surrendered and thereby ne’‘er Died [sic, per Dæirs Tausendjährigen Reiches-Im-Exil or “The Thousand Year Realm-In-Exile,” confer “UNTERLAND,” Parts One, Two and Three at…; WW—II in [The] WEST [Eurasiafrikatlanticamericarcticantarctic]-TOW [Theater-‘O’-War] being disambiguated from [The] EAST [Pacificameraustralasiansibirarctic]-CBITOW [pronounced “SPY-TOW,” acronymous for “China-Burma-India Theater-‘O’-War,” EAST-CBITOW in-toto inclusive its integral Second American Korean Conflict – the Peninsular UNO “Police-Action” In-Country : Daï Nīpphôn [“Greater Japan”]-NEATO : Northeast-Asian Theater-‘o’-Operations; Proactive Prosecution ‘o’ Hostilities : 06 / 25, 1950―07 / 27, 1953; The First American Korean War having been The United States’ Invasion ‘o’ Said Peninsula C[a] 1871 precepts Installation ‘o’ The Caucasian-American Dictator DURHAM WHITE STEVENS [b1851―d1908; Assassinated Onsite San Francisco, California, USA By Antiamerican Agents ‘o’ Korean Resistance], The Second Korean War consequent The Mid-WW—II 大日本帝國禅仏武士神道精神 [“Daï-Nīpphôn-Teikoku Ƶenbutsubushi-shīnt’‘dàôūist,” or “Imperial Japanese Dhyānabodhi-Sămuraï Doctrinaire / ‘Quietude-erwacht Warrior Wayfaring’ ”] Grand Strategic Objective ‘o’ drawing The сЗоŵйетский Cоюз [“sƵoŵjetskij Sojuƶ,” or “Soviet Union”] into Northeast Asia to provide Regional Postceasefire Counterweight to American Hegemony in Pacific Eastasia whilst Instigating Internecine UNO-Communist Conflict among The Enemies ‘o’ 日本国 [“Nīpphôn-koku,” or The “State-‘o’-Japan”] to maintain Total Mobilization ‘o’ Nīpphônjīn [The “Japanese People’s”] Industrial Infrastructure and immediately regalvanize their National Economy on The Global Marketplace, sic, confer 幸四郎ユキコ [“KŌSHIRŌ YUKIKO,” or “YUKIKO KOSHIRO”] : “JAPAN’S WORLD AND WORLD WAR II [published in DIPLOMATIC HISTORY #25, c2001 : pp 425—441];” and idem : “EURASIAN ECLIPSE : JAPAN’S ENDGAME IN WORLD WAR II [published in AMERICAN HISTORICAL REVIEW #109, c2004 : pp 417—444]” – WW—II WEST-TOW so far redefined in Protracted Conflict by Cessation ‘o’ Proactive Prosecution-‘o’-Hostilities Come OPERATION : ARGUS : 09 / 06, 1958 [September 6th, 1958; The Final Thermonuclear Salvo Fired-In-Anger Under Conditions-‘o’-“Ceasefire” Ô’‘ēr ANTARKTIKA – UNO Codename per Reichsdīvālent-Occupied Antarctica : 1901, sic—1958, sic, same term originally employed by The SdN / “LoN” : Société des Nations / “League-‘o’-Nations” referential the then-extant “Eis-Reich” or “Ice-Realm”]; and 大きい東アジア太平洋戦争 [“Ōoki-i Higashi-ajia Taiheiyōusensōu,” or The “Greater East-Asian Pacific War”] : 大日本帝國 [“Daï-Nīpphôn Teikoku,” or The “Empire ‘o’ Greater Japan”] v[s] The UN’s [United Nations’] Organizational Front ‘o’ The БCCCP [“BSSSR,” or “GUSSR” : Большой Союз сЗоŵйетских Социалистических Республик / “Bol’‘shoy Sojuƶ sƵoŵjetskih Socialističeskih Respublik,” or “Greater Union-‘o’-Soviet Socialist Republics”] and its Anglo-American Satraps; Hostilities Commencing w / The USS [United States Ship] Panay and HMS [His Majesty’s Ship] Ladybird Co-Incident[s] : 12 / 12―13, 1937 [December 12th through The 13th, 1937]―Cessation-‘o’-Hostilities : 04 / 28, 1952 [April 28th, 1952] – Nīpphônjīn [“Japanese People’s”] and Anglo-American Allied Peace Treaty-‘o’-San Francisco Effective as Recognized by The UNO, ‘o’ which both The USA and The UK-GB / NI [United Kingdom ‘o’ Greater Britain and Northern Ireland; Cest 1707—] are Founding Member-States – In-Supplication On His Fifty-First Birthday-Eve Day Unto 天子様 [“TENSHI-SAMA,” or THE “SON-‘O’-HEAVEN”], The First Scientist in The History-’o’-Humanity e’‘er to Serve as a Head-‘o’-State : [The] BRITISH FIELD MARSHALL [sic] And ENGLISH KNIGHT-‘O’-THE GARTER [sic] DR 裕仁迪宮医者天皇陛下, ペーハーD, 海洋生物学 / “D[OCTO]R HIROHITO [lit ‘ABUNDANT BENEVOLENCE’] MICHI-NO-MIYA [‘ISHA’] TEN’‘NÔ HEIKA, Pēhā D [PhD], KAIYŌ SEIBUTSU-GAKU [‘HEAVENLY SOVEREIGN DR MICHINOMIYA HIROHITO THE MAJESTIC, Philosophiæ Doctor, MARINE BIOLOGY’],” Alias[ed] 『帝 [THE “MIKADO,” or “GOD-EMPEROR”]』 and aka [also known as] 『昭和天皇陛下 [“SHŌUWA TEN’‘NÔ-HEIKA,” or “HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY ‘O’ ENLIGHTENED PEACE And HARMONY”]』, 禅仏武士神道神義 [“ƵENBUTSUBUSHI-SHĪNT’‘DÀÔŪ KAMIYOSHI,” or THE “GODLY RULER ‘O’ DHYĀNABODHI-SĂMURAÏ DOCTRINISTS / ‘QUIETUDE-ERWACHE WARRIOR WAYFARERS’ ”], b1901―d1989 [One Hundred-and-Twenty-Fourth and Longest Reigning Emperor ‘o’ The House ‘o’ 家族の大和 / “Kaƶoku-no-Yamato;” or “The Imperial Dynastic Family ‘o’ Greater Manifest Balance” – itself The Oldest Continuous Hereditary Monarchy In The World Recognizing an Unbroken Bloodline ‘o’ One Hundred and Twenty-Five Monarchs ATDE]; Formally Ascended The 皇位 [“Kōi,” or “Chrysanthemum Throne”] on The Western Rṓmãn Christ’s-Mass Day-‘o’-Yuletide : 12 / 25, 1926 [December 25th, 1926; on His Official Coronation at a quarter-century-‘o’-age w / Unlimited Powers per 国体 / “Kokutai,” or “Japanese National Polity” Embodied in The Current Nīpphônjīn Constitution, sic : Enacted 1890—, The “Postwar Constitution” being but Effective via the regular procedure for Amendment per 大日本帝国憲法 / “Daï-Nīpphôn Teikoku-Kenpō,” or The “Constitution ‘o’ The Empire-‘o’-Japan” as Proclaimed By 明治天皇 / “MEIJI-TEN’‘NÔ,” or “EMPEROR MEIJI-THE-GREAT” : b1852—d1912 w / Reign : 1867—1912, Shōuwa Tennô-heika, or “His Imperial Majesty ‘o’ Enlightened Peace and Harmony” had already Guided His Peoples since twenty years-‘o’-age by Serving as 摂政 / “Sesshō,” or “Prince-Regent” from 1921—1926, e’‘en then taking the helm ‘o’ Daï-Nīpphôn Teikoku / The “Empire ‘o’ Greater Japan” when Said Imperium was already among The Great Powers by dint ‘o’ Military prowess, globally engaged as one ‘o’ The Five Permanent Members on The Council ‘o’ the then-extant La Société des Nations, or “The League-‘o’-Nations” ‘til Withdrawal therefrom c1933, manifesting the ninth largest Economy in The World after contemporaneously Fascist Magna Italia / “Greater Italy,” and floating the third largest Naval Force asea worldwide, w / Same Δηικρατικός / “Dēikratikós,” or “Dēicratic” – literally “Power-unto-God” – 明治憲法 / “Meiji-Kenpō,” or “Meiji Constitution” Serving Model for The 1931 Constitution ‘o’ the single Independent Black Nation-State contemporaneously extant upon The Then-Colonized Afrikan Continent : The Kingdom ‘o’ የኢትዮጵያ ንጉሠ ነገሥት መንግሥተ / The “Holy Abyssīnian Mängəstä ye-ÆĪthiyōṗ’ṗ’‘yā,” or “The Holy Ethiopian Empire in Abyssīnia;” CeAChN CMLXXX / 980 ANCÈ—sic, Dynasty-In-Exile ATDE]―1989 [Reigning for Ô’‘ēr Six Decades Unto Passing Mortal Coil]; [The] Last Survivor ‘o’ All World War―II Heads-‘o’-State and Longest Ruling Monarch in [The] Recorded History ‘o’ The World; His Supreme Command ô’‘ēr a Mobilized Δηικρατία [“Dēicracy,” or “Rule-‘o’-God”] throughout WW—II EAST-CBITOW [大きい太平洋の競合 / “Ōoki-i Taiheiyō-no-Kyōgō,” or The “Greater Pacific Conflict;” 1937―1952, Inclusive The Successive 日本お / “Nīpphôno,” or “Japano”-cЗoŵветский / “sƵoŵjetskij,” or “Soviet” ie, “Collective” Wars-‘o’-1937—1939 Establishing The First Modern State-‘o’-ישראל / “YI’Ƶrǽl,” or “Isrā‘el” in East-Asia – The ייִדיש / “ˈeydiSH,” or “Yiddish”-Speaking Buffer-State-‘o’-Birobidžhan Still Extant Today] decisively Defeated both Totalitarian Δημοκρατία [“Democracy,” or “Rule-‘o’-People”] along its Dýad ‘o’ Godless Communism and Won the Conditions for Peace which firmly established Daï-Nīpphôn Teikoku as the secondmost powerful economy in The World in His Lifetime – and left The Mikado [“God-Emperor”] ‘o’ “Nīpphôn-koku [The “State-‘o’-Japan”] the only remaining Monarchic Bloodline in The World Reigning Under Consecrative Title ‘o’ “Emperor” ATDE Ranking among The Wealthiest Men in The History ‘o’ The World Retaining Net Worth which remains Unreleased In-Toto w / Ô’‘ēr One Hundred and Thirteen Billion, Three Hundred and Eighty-Two Million 日本圓 [“Nīhôn’‘en,” or “JaPanese Yen”] / JP¥113 382 000 000+, equivalent to Ô’‘ēr One Hundred Billion United States Dollars [U$D100 000 000 000+], as adjusted for inflation per both currencies when calculated c1994, sequestered in Schweiƶerisch [“Swiss”] Bank Accounts alone c1945 – for the Ænglofluent [“Native”-Level Ænglish-speaking] Isha Hirohito Michi-No-Miya Ten’‘nô-Heika, Pēhā D, Kaiyō Seibutsu-Gaku [“Heavenly Sovereign Doctor Michinomiya Hirohito The Majestic, Philosophiæ Doctorate in Marine Biology”] had no’ been raised by His Biological Parents, but was instead Paged under Bilingual Military Tutelage ‘o’ the ruthless 侍 [“Sămuraï,” or “Serviceman”]-Knight [sic] カウント 乃木 希典 大将 [“KAUNTO NOGI MARESUKE TAISHÔ,” or “COUNT-GENERAL MARESUKI NOGI,” Honourary Knight ‘o’ The United Kingdom, Grand Cross ‘o’ The Royal Victorian Order and Grand Cross ‘o’ The Order ‘o’ The Bath; b1849—d1912; Committed 切腹 / “Seppuku,” ie Ritually Self-Immolated w / His Wife on Shōuwa Ten’‘nô-Heika’s, or “His Imperial Majesty of Enlightened Peace and Harmony’s” Selection for Assumption ‘o’ 神主義 / “Kami-Shugi,” or “Divine Rule” – Presuming His Progeny as no’ a Soldier-Scientist but a Scientific Terrorist and desiring to see no more ‘o’ This World in which such a Man had evolved to Match His Genocidal Western and Communist Enemies, nor Serve in The War-To-Come in which such a Man would be forced by same Enemies to exert his powers as a Living God to best them, prevision vindicated by Tenshi-Sama’s, or The “Son-‘o’-Heaven’s” Establishment and Administration ‘o’ such “Combat-Scientist” Forces as 七百三十一部隊 / “Nana-hyaku-San-jū-Ichi Butai,” or “UNIT 731” – which in turn would ultimately prove themselves The Winning Factors ‘o’ WW—II], a “King’s-Ænglish [in disambiguation from American ‘President’s Ænglish’]”-Speaking Commanding General ‘o’ 大日本帝國陸軍 [“Daï-Nīpphôn-Mikado Kuni Rikugun,” or The “Army ‘o’ The Greatest Japanese Emperor” – Ænglobastardized “IJA” : “Imperial Japanese Army;” Cest 1871—sic; Elements Ô’‘ērseas Operating Under-Deniability ATDE, In-Disambiguation From 陸上自衛隊 / “Rikujō Jieitai,” The “Japan Ground Self-Defense Force;” Cest 1954—] and [The] Governor ‘o’ the then-future Redoubt ‘o’ mine very own Nation-‘o’-Origin as Rēëstablished ‘cross 烏水溝 [“Wū Shuǐ-gōu,” or The “Black Ditch”] ‘o’ 臺灣 [“T’áiwān,” or “Foreigners’ Bay”] Strait[s] on 福爾摩沙 [“Fú-ěr Móshā,” or “Formosa” from The Portugᵫse – transliterally “Beautiful Island”]; カウント乃木大将 [“Kaunto Nogi Taishō,” or “Count-General Nogi”] Himself having been a prominent figure in The Русско [“Russko,” or “Russo”]-Nīpphônjīn War [1904—1905] as Commander-‘o’-DNMKR [“Daï-Nīpphôn-Mikado Kuni Rikugun,” or The “Army of The Greatest Japanese Emperor”] Forces in capturing the critically strategic 亚瑟港 [“Ryojun,” or “Port Arthur”] onsite 大连市 [“Dàlián-shì,” or “Dàlián City”] in-area ‘o’ then-nascent [and Currently 中國人 / “ƵChuṑnggkGHuóuárén;” literally “Middle Kingdom People’s,” id est, “Chinese”-Occupied ATDE] 大滿洲帝国國 [“Dàï Mǎndƶchōuƶshūrie-Teikokuguóia;” literally The “Greater Mǎndƶchōuƶshūrie / ‘Mǎnchū’ Peoples’ Imperial State” – diminutively “Greater Mǎnchūriá” and Ænglobastardized “Mǎnchukuó;” Cest 1636, sic—1945, Pending Restoration ?] from The Императорский Русскиые [“Imperatorskij Russkiye,” or “Imperial Russians”] – cf [confer] Ƶenbutsubushi-shīnt’‘dàôū Kamiyoshi’s [The “Godly Ruler ‘o’ Dhyānabodhi-Sămuraï Doctrinists / ‘Quietude-erwachen Warrior Wayfarers’ ”] Own Photo[graphic] Still and Micro-Bio[graphic] Origin[s] In-Apprenticeship to Kaunto Nogi Taishō [“Count-General Nogi”] @, The Mikado thus reared in-turn ultimately being Posthumously Titled 昭和天皇 [“SHŌUWA-TENNŌ,” or THE “EMPEROR ‘O’ GREAT RADIANCE”] on Apotheosis – although better known outside ‘o’ Shichisenno Shima-no Ōoki-i i Nīpphôn-teikoku [The “Seven Thousand Islands ‘o’ The Greater Japanese Empire”] by His Personal Name ‘o’ 裕仁 [“HIROHITO”], w / in Daï Nīpphôn itself He is Revered Exclusively By His Official Title ‘o’ EMPEROR SHŌUWA-THE-GREAT [albeit most oft rendered in-the-diminutive as simply 『昭和』 / “SHŌUWA,” or HIS “RADIANCE,” such being The Name ‘o’ that Èræ Corresponding w / Same Emperor’s Reign, and such Entitlement Traditionally becoming a Nīpphônjīn Emperor’s Own Name Upon His Transition] – and is the only Emperor in all Nīpphônjīn History whose Sólar Return is Honoured as a National Holy-Day, sic [NOTE : ATDE, Daï-Nīpphôn Teikoku is still Legally In State-‘o’-War Under Conditions-‘o’-Ceasefire per NEA : Northeast Asian Territories w /

ПостсЗоŵйетский / “PostsƵoŵjetskij,” or “Postsoviet” –

ie “Postcollective” Российская Федерация / “Rossijskaja Federacija,” or The “Russian Federation;” Cest 1991—]).

~ 林 一平 (“Lin Yī-Píng [Douglas Duane Dietrich]”)
Renegatus Humanus Arma ab Massa-Eruditio
(The “Renegade Human Weapon of Mass-Instruction”).

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