Douglas Dietrich Critical Omissions Tuesday June 27th 2017 6/27/17

TONIGHT AXIS-‘ДAДДY ‘Д (“D”) BURNS TOPICAL TUESDAY BANDWIDTH EXPOSING YOUR ENEMIES TO SUNLIGHT ‘BOUT “CRITICAL OMISSIONS” FROM SIXTY-SEVEN YEARS AGONE TODAY, WHEN THE UNO (United Nations Organization [Said Body Established The First Day ‘o’ January in 1942 onsite mine own Former Site-‘o’-Operational Employment : El Presidio Real De San Francisco, or “The Royal Fortress of Saint Francis” in The City and County of San Francisco, California in The United States of America as an Anti-Axis Organization-‘o’-War per Article 42 of The United Nations Charter—]) VOTED TO DEFEND EAST (Pacificameraustralasiansibirarctic)-CBITOW (pronounced “SPY-TOW,” acronymous for “China-Burma-India Theater-‘O’-War,” EAST-CBITOW in toto inclusive its integral Second American Korean Conflict – The Peninsular UNO “Police-Action” In-Country : 大日本 [“Daï Nīpphôn,” or “Greater Japan”]-NEATO : Northeast-Asian Theater-‘o’-Operations; Proactive Prosecution of Hostilities : 06 / 25, 1950―07 / 27, 1953; The First American Korean War having been The United States’ Invasion ‘o’ Said Peninsula Circa 1871 precepts Installation ‘o’ The Caucasian-American Dictator DURHAM WHITE STEVENS, birthed 1851―decedent 1908; Assassinated Onsite San Francisco, California, USA By Antiamerican Agents ‘o’ Korean Resistance, The Second Korean War consequent The Mid-WW—II 大日本帝國禅仏武士神道精神 [“Daï-Nīpphôn-Teikoku Ƶenbutsubushi-shīnt’‘dàôūist,” or “Imperial Japanese Dhyānabodhi-Sămuraï Doctrinaire / ‘Quietude-erwacht Warrior Wayfaring’ ”] Grand Strategic Objective ‘o’ drawing The сЗоŵйетский Cоюз [“sƵoŵjetskij Sojuƶ,” or “Soviet Union”] into Northeast Asia to provide Regional Postceasefire Counterweight to American Hegemony in Pacific Eastasia whilst Instigating Internecine UNO-Communist Conflict among The Enemies ‘o’ 日本国 [“Nīpphôn-koku,” or The “State of Japan”] to maintain Total Mobilization ‘o’ 日本人 [“Nīpphônjīn,” or The “Japanese People’s”] Industrial Infrastructure and regalvanize their National Economy on The Global Marketplace, sic, confer 幸四郎ユキコ [“KŌSHIRŌ YUKIKO,” or “YUKIKO KOSHIRO”] : “JAPAN’S WORLD AND WORLD WAR II,” published in DIPLOMATIC HISTORY #25, circa 2001 : pages 425—441; and idem : “EURASIAN ECLIPSE : JAPAN’S ENDGAME IN WORLD WAR II,” published in AMERICAN HISTORICAL REVIEW #109, circa 2004 : pages 417—444)

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