Douglas Dietrich Critical Omissions Tuesday January 24th 2017 1/24/17

SEE RED THROUGH THE SH_TSTORM WHEREIN THE ‘Д (“D”) RETURNED TO CONCLUDE HIS PRIMARY PASSING ‘O’ 新 孔子 (“XĪN gK’UǑNG-ƵǏ [‘NEO-KǑNGƵǏ’];” id est “NEOCONFUCIANIST [see ‘THE SPIRIT BEHIND THE E’‘ER-ADAPTING EYES’ @…] JUDGEMENT ON YESTERYEAR AND TO-ANNUS (“THIS YEAR”) IN ANALYSIS ‘O’ THE SOCIAL ENGINEERING BEHIND THE HOLLOW EDIFICE ‘O’ WHITE-AMERICAN RESURGENCE UNDER THE TRUMP (NOTE : The e[lectronically]-[a]ttached Image is that of an actual Digitally Clocked Wall-Map w[ith]in a 中國人 [“ƵChuṑnggkGHuóuárén;” literally “Middle-Kingdom People’s,” id est “Chinese”] Hotel, whereby it be obvious that Australia’s minuscule Population-Base renders it entirely ignored, ultimately absorbed, or both in-wake of American w / drawal from The Pacific [see “REPUBLISHED MORE IN CONDEMNATION OF THE MASS INSANITY OF THE AUTODESTRUCTIVE AMERICAN PEOPLE THAN THE HUBRISTIC IGNORANCE OF THEIR CONSPIRED EXECUTIVE” @

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