Douglas Dietrich Firing Lines Saturday December 3rd 2016 12/3/16

HĒREBE WHEREIN Д‘ТРĂЦК (“D‘TRĂCK [‘DIETRICH,’ or THE ‘DRAGON’]”) RETEAMED UP W(ith) 黒侍 ウィザード (“KUROSĂMURAÏ U~IƵĀDO [THE ‘BLACK SERVICEMAN WIƵARD’]”) – AFRIKAN-AMERICAN MƱŎƵLĪM ABDUL-QADIM HAQQ TO DISCUSS THE POTENTIALLY PENDING UNITED STATES-‘O’-TRUMP IF ONLY WHITE MEN COULD VOTE (c[irca] 2012; had The Vote been Restricted to European-American Males [of course were such the case American Women would be Illiterate, Slavery would still be Legal, and Asians in North America – as well as Native Americans – would have been Exterminated en masse; all long agone by now]).

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Renegatus Humanus Arma ab Massa-Eruditio
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THE Internationally Recogniƶed Military Historian
and Intraglobal Crises Analyst 林 一平 (“Lín yĪ-Píng
[‘Дукич Димитрич’ / ‘Đûkič Đimitrič;’ or ‘Douglas Duane Dietrich’]”)

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