Douglas Dietrich Firing Lines Saturday November 26th 2016 11/26/16

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Drive By Clip:

THE AMERASIAN AGENT ‘O’ THE PEACOCK ǼNGÆL مَلَك طَاوُوس (“TAWÛSÊ MELEK [‘MELEK TAUS’]”) EXPRESSES WHAT HE BE (or may yet be) THANKFUL FOR ON THIS DATE (112641 [November 26th, 1941]) WHEN THE SECOND РУССКИЙ (“RUSSKIJ [‘RUSSIAN’]”)-SPONSORED PUPPET DICTATOR OF THE UNITED STATES (sic, The First being PRIVATE ABRAHAM LINCOLN, ILLINOIS MILITIA [National-Unionist Republican, birthed 1809—decedent 1865; Member of The Illinois House of Representatives : 1834—1832; Member, United States House of Representatives, 7th District, Illinois : 1847—1849; 16th United States Presidency : 1861—1865; Assassinated] and The Third being Reality-Television-Promoted Real-Estate Conman DONALD JOHN “DJ” TRUMP [Republican, birthed 1946—aged 70 yrs]) FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT (DemP-Comm [Democrat-Persōnāted Communist – sic], Alias[ed] “FDR,” birthed 1882—decedent 1945; Assistant US Naval Secretariat: 1913—1920; Contracted Polio: Ca 1921; 44th New York Governance: 1929—1932; American-Socialist Dictator-for-Life [sic, via 32nd US Presidency]: 1933—1945; Assassinated By Axis Agents SIGNED A BILL INTO LAW MARKING THE FOURTH THURSDAY IN NOVEMBER A NATIONAL HOLIDAY – THUS ESTABLISHING MODERN “THANKSGIVING (properly [per Postmodern reckoning] THE ORIGINAL PEOPLES’ HOLÓCAUSTOS [literally ‘SACRIFICE BY FIRE’] MEMȮRIAL DAY)” – BUT TEN DAYS PRIOR THE 日本人 (“NĪPPHÔNJĪN [‘JAPANESE PEOPLE’S’]”) PREEMPTIVE PEARL HARBOUR SURGICAL STRIKE (12 / 08, 1941 [December 8th, 1941]; 12 / 07, 1941 [December 7th, 1941] East of The ID [International Date]-Line)

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