Douglas Dietrich Firing Lines Saturday November 19th 2016 11/19/16

THE Ô’‘ĒRSEAS SERVANT ‘O’ THE SACRED CRANE RETURNETH HOME SOLO TONIGHT TO ANALYƵE WELTPOLITIK (“WORLD POLITICS”) W(ith)IN DOMESTIC ELECTORAL CONTEXT AND EXPOSE STATE-W / IN-STATE SUPPRESSION OF AMERICAN VETERANS AND EXPOSITION OF STATE-W / IN-STATE SUPPRESSION OF AMERICAN VETERANS (see Screenshot Referencing the Gangstalking Affiliates of “MrGunner65” – YouTube Avatar of the Psychotic DID’d (Dissociative Identity Disordered; id est, Multiple Personality Altered) Holócaust Denier “CAPTAIN” RC / RC (RICHARD COLE / RANDY ALAN “KAYE” CRAMER) – a Homosexual Obsessive Who Has Sworn To Rape and Murder DOUGLAS DIETRICH On Orders of New Zealander Multimillionaire (Net Worth : Seventy Million United States Dollars) STEVE(N) OUTTRIM (Aliased “ZOS DOTORG”), whom “RK (‘CAPTAIN RANDY KAYE’s’ own Initialization of himself)” conflates with The Commandant of The USMC (United States Marine Corps; we ourselves do not believe RICHARD COLE’s / RANDY KAYE’s Stated Life-Mission Objective commensurate with any Standing USMC Mission Statement) while Presenting himself as Acting with “Full Authority To Address The Public On-Behalf The Command Staff Of The USMC – going Public with his ‘Testimony’ about his ‘Service’ ‘Killing Aliens’ for The ‘Mars Defense Force’ ” – the lot-‘o’-them openly serving the Founder of TOS (The Temple-‘O’-Sēt’; established 1975) : Sēt’h-Theistic (id est, Satanic) High Priest and Primary WIKIPEDIA (established 2001) Contributor MICHÆL AQUINO D(OCTO)R MICHÆL ANGELO “MIKEY” AQUINO, PhD (Philosophiæ Doctor, Political Science), COL(ONEL), USA SPEC-FOR PSY-OPS (United States Army SPECial FORces PSYchological OPerationS, “RETIRED, birthed 1946—aged 70 yrs; Years of ‘Service’ : 1968—1990);” Reportedly US NSA (United States National Security Agency) Supergrade (The Federal Bureaucratic Equivalent of The Military Rank of General) – see Dr Michæl A Aquino, PhD, Col, USA, “Ret’s” aggressive Promotion of his “SECRET SPACE PROGRAM™”-Propagandist RICHARD MICHÆL “DISFO-DICK” DOLAN (birthed 1962—aged 54 yrs) w / in his own Posts Published on his GOOGLE+ page @

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Renegatus Humanus Arma ab Massa-Eruditio
(THE “Renegade Human Weapon ‘o’ Mass-Instruction”)

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THE Internationally Recogniƶed Military Historian
and Intraglobal Crises Analyst 林 一平 (“Lín yĪ-Píng
[‘Дукич Димитрич’ / ‘Đûkič Đimitrič;’ or ‘Douglas Duane Dietrich’]”)

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