The Great Los Angeles Air Raid

DOUGLAS DIETRICH ON 偉大なロサンゼルスの空襲 (“IDAI NA ROSANƵERUSU NO KŪSHŪ [THE ‘GREAT LOS ÁNGELES AIR-RAID’];” 022442—022542 [February 24th—25th, 1942])
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Herein Introducing a Former Historical DIRECTOR OF MSKCC (MEMORIAL SLOAN KETTERING CANCER CENTER [The World’s Oldest and Largest Dedicated Carcinoma Hospital]), NYC, NY, USA (New York City, New York, United States of America [where Records of his Directorial Service with MSK / Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Hospital have since been “Sanitiƶed”]): 日系アメリカ人 (“Nikkei Amerika-Jīn [‘American Person of Japanese Descent’]”) International Celebrity Bacteriologist DR 野口 英世 (“D[OCTO]R NOGUCHI HIDEYO [‘DR. HIDEYO NOGUCHI’],” Alias[ed] “医者の毒 [‘ISHA NO DOKU,’ or ‘DOCTOR VENOM’]” & aka [also known as] “すべてのスパイの先生 [‘SUBETE NO SUPAI NO SENSEI,’ or THE ‘MASTER OF ALL SPIES’];” born “野口 清作 [‘NOGUCHI SEISAKU,’ or ‘SEISAKU NOGUCHI’],” in 福島県 [“Fukushima-ken,” or “Fukushima Prefecture;” Later of 福島第一原子力発電所 / Fukushima “Dai-Ichi,” or “BIG #I” Nuclear Power Plant Meltdown Infamy Conseqᵫnt The 三/十一 テロ攻撃: “Sān / Jyū-Ichi Sen-Seme,” or “3 / 11 Terror Attack” of 2011 As Motivated On Part The Enemies of 日本国 / “Nīpp-Hôn-Koku,” or The “State of Japan,” By Rationalé of His Legacy <> – confer Isha / “Doctor” Noguchi Hideyo’s AI / Artificial Intelligence-Motivated Neuroprosthetic Fac Simile Resident within The Local 野口英世記念館: “Noguchi Hideyo Kinenkan,” or The “Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Hall” @ <>]: 1876―d[eceased] 1928 / 昭和 2 年 [“Shōuwa 2 nen”: In The “Second Year of His Majesty’s Reign of Enlightened Peace & Harmony;” when 裕仁の道 / “HIROHITO-NO-MICHI,” or “EMPEROR MICHI HIROHITO” – literally EMPEROR BY “WAY OF ABUNDANT BENEVOLENCE” – was Twenty-Eight Years of Age]; Isha [“Dr”] Noguchi Graduated c[irc]a 1897 from a Proprietary Medical School in 東京都 [“Tōkiyō-To,” literally “Eastern Capital Metropolis”], whereafter he was Immediately Inducted Into The 憲 兵隊 [“Kempei-Tai,” or “Military Police Corps”], 天皇陛下’s [“Ten’‘nô Heika’s” – “His Imperial Majesty’s”] Own GESTAPO [“GEheime STaatsPOliƶei,” or “Secret State Police”] for Submersion Into a Native-Speaker Flᵫncy Ænglish Indoctrination Program. By Dawn of Le Vingtième Siècle De Notre Seigneur [L’XXe Siècle Anno Domini – “The Twentieth Century of Our Lord”] Noguchi Hideyo’s Ænglish-Speaking Intelligence Acquisition Skills would be In Dire Need to Counter The Cryptoplutocratic [Government by Secret Monetary] Threat Emergent Across The Pacific as, ca AD [Anno Domini] MCM [1900 Commonal Èræ], The Rockefeller Institute For Medical Research was Established to Corner a Monopoly of The American Medical Profession by Social-Darwinist JOHN DAVISON ROCKEFELLER, S[ENIO]R [b1839―d1937; ca 1890: Several Rockefellers were already on The United States Board of Education when John Davison Rockefeller, Sr, Bought Out The Encyclopedia Britannica by which to Revise History In His Image], who employed the same Tactics against Medical Schools that had Eliminated his Petroleum Rivals: Sellout or Foreclosure [there were One Hundred and Sixty Medical Schools Extant in The United States On Commencement of The Rockefeller Institute Venture – Within a Single Year Roughly Eighty Would Remain]. Come 1901: 憲兵 [“Kempei,” or “Military Police”]-Agent Isha Noguchi was Assigned Penetration of The University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, USA [United States of America], where he worked on Herptile [Snake] Venoms [see <…/lifehistorydrnoguchi.html>] as a Foreign-Born Lab Assistant Under High-Skills Immigration Sponsorship of ROCKEFELLER INSTITUTE DIRECTOR SIMON FLEXNER, MEDICAL DOCTORATE [Former Member of The Royal Society of London for Improving Natural Knowledge, b1863―d1946; Physician, Professor, Scientist and Administrator of Experimental Pathology at The University of Pennsylvania: 1899―1903; Personal Adviser to JOHN DAVISON ROCKEFELLER, JUNIOR – b1874―d1960 – whose Father had Appointed Dr Flexner a Trustee of The Rockefeller Foundation & 1st Director of The Rockefeller Institute For Medical Research: 1901―1935; already World-Renowned for Isolation of The Organism Responsible for Dysentery At Time of Expediting Dr Noguchi Hideyo’s United States Citizenship <…/english/about/lifetimedrnoguchi.html>; Dr Flexner, MD, is thus far Unsurpassably Accomplished in his having brought The Mortality Rate for The Most Common Bacterial Meningitis Down to 18% ca 1910 Sans Antibiotics – while Today: With Antibiotics: The Mortality Rate has Since Increased to 25%]. Ca AD MCMIV [1904 CÈ]: Institute Director Dr Flexner was urgently manipulated into Abetting Dr Noguchi’s Open Infiltration of The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research [arguably The Finest Scientific Research Institution In The World At That Time; Since Developed as Rockefeller University], NYC [New York City], Contemporaneous his Lord & Master John D Rockefeller, Sr’s, own Acknowledged Emergence as The World’s First Billionaire amid The Global Crisis of The Русско [“Russko,” or “Russo”]-日本人 [“Nīpp-Hôn-Jīn,” or “Japanese People’s”] War [1904—1905] – The Long-Term but Direct Catalytic Conflict of The First Great World War [WW―I: 1914―1919, sic] which forced Worldwide White Recognition of Nīpphôn-Koku [The “State of Japan”] as a Great Power Among The Nations – whereupon The Rockefeller Institute itself was Illūded into Funding Isha Noguchi’s Bacteriological Warfare Espionage Efforts for Nigh a Quarter of a Century [>25 Yrs] Under its First Administration as Headed by Dr Flexner himself [who had, ironically enough, asserted that no one could run an Institution unless he had the capacity to be crᵫl], thus Enabling Dr Noguchi to Devise Means of Cultivating Microorganisms that had Never Before been Grown in The Test Tube. However: Even though Dr Noguchi Hideyo was The “加来道雄 [‘KAKU MICHIO,’ or ‘MICHIO KAKU,’ b1947―Aged 67 Yrs; cf <>]” of His Day, Any and All Official Records Regarding Dr Noguchi Hideyo’s Personal / Professional History as a US [United States] Citizen have been “Scoured” by The US Federal Government as, while it is Disputably Promoted that it was he who First Discovered Treponema Pallidum – The Causative Agent of Syphilis – In The Brains of Persons Suffering Paresis, as well as Proving that Both Oroya Fever and Verruga Peruana could be Produced by Bartonella Bacilliformis [see <>], Dr Noguchi Reputedly went on to Isolate Polio, Rabies, Trachoma and Yellow Fever – an Unprecedented Tally of Claims by a Single Scientist [Retroactive Research Conducted Over The Decades Following Dr Noguchi’s Death On The Line of Duty by Yellow Jack as Contracted whilst Smuggling Industrial-Sized Supplies of Said Plagᵫ Pathogen Through Afrika Unto Ten’‘nô Heika, or “His Imperial Majesty,” For Purposes of Weaponization – and Historically Recorded Deployment In-Theatre: China Command – Reveals that he had Isolated None of These Diseases, much of the rest of his Works being likewise specious] which Thrice [3X]-Nominated Noguchi as a Nobel Prize Candidate ca 1914 through 1920 and Collaterally Granted “Dr Venom” Unprecedented Access to Biological Specimens which Ensured his Empire’s Commercial Dominance over The Rockefeller Dynasty’s Medical-Industrial Complex and earned him his Likeness on The Series E JP¥1K Bill [The Thousand Japanese ¥en Banknote: <…/e/…/1000_yen_banknote_2004.jpg>] as well as The Honour of His Memory via The Afrika Prize: <>).

From 1932 Through 1952 (sic): An Empire-Wide Program was Mobilized on Foundation(s) of The Late Kempei-Agent Isha Noguchi’s Globespanning Serum Supply Smuggling Network to Develop, Produce, Stockpile and Maintain Biological Weapons of Mass-Destruction on a heretofore inconceivable Industrial Scale Under The Direct Supervision – and often Personal Covert Funding – of DR 裕仁迪宮医者天皇陛下, ペーハーD, 海洋生物学 (“D[OCTO]R HIROHITO [literally ‘ABUNDANT BENEVOLENCE’] MICHI-NO-MIYA [‘ISHA’] TEN’‘NÔ HEIKA, Pēhā D [PhD], KAIYŌ SEIBUTSU-GAKU [‘HEAVENLY SOVEREIGN DR MICHINOMIYA HIROHITO THE MAJESTIC, Philosophiæ Doctor, MARINE BIOLOGY’],” Alias 昭和天皇陛下 [“SHŌUWA TEN’‘NÔ-HEIKA,” or “HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY OF ENLIGHTENED PEACE & HARMONY”], aka [also known as] 帝 [THE “MIKADO,” or “GOD-EMPEROR”], 禅武士神道神義 [“ƵENBUSHI-SHĪNT’DÀÔŪ KAMIYOSHI,” or THE “GODLY RULER OF DHYĀNA-WARRIOR WAYFARERS”], b1901―d1989 [124th & Longest Reigning Emperor of 大和朝廷 / “Yamato Chōtei,” or The “Yamato Court”]; Ascended The 皇位 [“Kōi,” or “Chrysanthemum Throne”] on Christmas Day of Yuletide: 12 / 25, 1926―1989 [Reigning For Over Six Decades]; [The] Last Survivor of All World War―II Heads-of-State and Longest Ruling Monarch in [The] Recorded History of The World; His Supreme Command In WW—II [大きい太平洋の競合: “Ōoki-i Taiheiyō-no-Kyōgō,” or The “Greater Pacific Conflict;” 1937―1952] Won The Conditions For Peace Which Established Daï-Nīpphôn-Teikoku as One of The Most Powerful Economies in The History of Humanity – and left The Mikado [“God-Emperor”] of 日本国 [“Nīpphôn-koku;” literally The “State of Japan”] The Only Remaining Monarchic Bloodline In The World Reigning Under Consecrative Title of “Emperor” At Time of Data-Entry – for Isha Hirohito Michi-No-Miya Ten’‘nô-Heika, Pēhā D, Kaiyō Seibutsu-Gaku [The “Heavenly Sovereign Doctor Michinomiya Hirohito The Majestic, Philosophiæ Doctorate in Marine Biology”] had not been Raised by His Biological Parents, but was instead Paged under Bilingual Military Tutelage of the ruthless 侍 [“Sămuraï,” or “Servicemæn”]-Knight カウント 乃木 希典 大将 [“KAUNTO NOGI MARESUKE TAISHÔ,” or “COUNT-GENERAL MARESUKI NOGI”], Honourary UK GCVO [Knight of The United Kingdom, Grand Cross of The Royal Victorian Order] and Honourary UK GCB [Knight of The United Kingdom, Grand Cross of The Order of The Bath]; b1849—d1912; Ritually Self-Immolated with his Wife on Shōuwa Ten’‘nô-Heika’s [“His Imperial Majesty of Enlightened Peace and Harmony’s”] Selection for Assumption of 神主義 [“Kami-Shugi,” or “Divine Rule”]; an Ænglish-Speaking Commanding General of The DNMKR [Daï-Nīpphôn-Mikado Kuni Rikugun, or “Army of The Greatest Japanese Emperor;” bastardiƶed in The Ænglish as “IJA” / “Imperial Japanese Army”] and [The] Governor of The Very Homeland of mine own birth: The One Hundred Islands of 臺灣 [“Tái-Wān”: “Islhlas de Formosa” in The Portugᵫse – literally “The Beautiful Islands”]; カウント乃木大将 [“Kaunto Nogi Taishō,” or “Count-General Nogi”] Himself having been a prominent figure in The Русско [“Russko,” or “Russo”]-Nīpphônjīn War [1904—1905] as Commander of The Daï-Nīpphôn-Teikoku [“Imperial Japanese”] Forces which Captured the Critically Strategic 亚瑟港 [“Ryojun,” or “Port Arthur”] in 滿洲國 [“Manƶchoshƶū-Kokuguoia;” literally The “Manƶchoshƶū / ‘Manchū’ Peoples’ State” – alternatively “Manchūria”] from The Императорский Русскиые [“Imperatorskij Russkiye,” or “Imperial Russians”] – cf [confer] Ƶenbushi-Shīnt’dàôū Kamiyoshi’s [The “Godly Ruler of Dhyāna-Warrior Wayfarers’s”] Photo[graphic] Still & Micro-Bio[graphic] Origin[s] @ <…/birth-emperor-hirohito>).

Ca AD MCMXXXIX (1939 CÈ): As Open War raged on The Continent of Europe: The United States had Already Committed itself to an Illegal State of Total Undeclared War Against 大日本帝國 (“Daï Nīpp-Hôn Tei-Koku [The ‘Empire of Greater Japan’]”) On The Asian Mainland. Amidst Hostilities, Ænglish-Flᵫnt Nīpphônjīn Virologist 中佐 DR 内藤亮一 (“CHŪSA ISHA NAITŌ RYŌICHI [‘LIEUTENANT COLONEL DOCTOR RYŌICHI NAITŌ’]”: <>), TRANSFUSION-SURGEON OF THE DNMKR: 大日本帝國陸軍 (“Daï-Nīpphôn-Mikado Kuni Rikugun [‘Army of The Greatest Japanese Emperor’];” est[ablished] 1867—; bastardized in The Ænglish as “IJA [‘Imperial Japanese Army’]”) 731部隊 (“Shichi-San-Ichi Butai [‘UNIT 731’];” DNMKR 731 Butai Chūsa-Isha Naitō Ryōichi’s [“Army of The Greatest Japanese Emperor’s UNIT 731 Lieutenant-Colonel Doctor Ryōichi Naitō”] Would Produce Dried Plasma For Transfusion at The Epidemic Prevention Research Laboratory, General Headquarters of Shichi-San-Ichi Butai [“UNIT 731”]: Come 1943), close Confederate of 石井 四郎 軍医-総監 (“ISHII SHIRŌ GUNI-SŌKAN [NĪPPHÔNJĪN ‘SURGEON-GENERAL SHIRŌ ISHII’],” b1892—d1959; cf <…/Reading/war.crimes/World.war.2/Jap Bio-Warfare.htm>) and Future Founder of The Pharmaceutical Company GREEN CROSS (see <…>), Intentionally stoked smouldering American Suspicion(s) by Personally Appearing Unannounced at New York’s Rockefeller Institute Seeking Samples of The Yellow-Jack Fever Virus – Allegedly For The Purpose(s) of Mass-Manufacturing a Vaccine. Although this sounded Plausible, as Ƶuid-Afrikaanse Amerikaanse (“[White] South Afrikan-American”) ROCKEFELLER INSTITUTE MICROBIOLOGIST MAX THEILER (b1899—d1972; Recipient, [The] Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine: 1951 [The Only Nobel Prize Ever Awarded For a Virus Vaccine]) had Recently Developed a Yellow Fever Vaccine (ca 1937), Rock(efeller) Institute Officials were skeptical of DNMKR 731 Butai Chūsa-Isha Naitō Ryōichi’s Motive(s). Chūsa-Isha Naitō Ryōichi was a Faculty Member of The Army Medical College in 東 京都 (“Tōkiyō-To [‘Eastern Capital Metropolis’]”) and Yellow Fever was / is a Tropical Virus Ranging Endemically in The Rain Forest(s) of Afrika and South America but not (as far as anyone knew) on 日本の主な島 (“Nīpphônno Omo Na-Shjima [The ‘Japanese Main Islands’]”).

Bunyavirus Infection (The Yellow-Jack Fever Viral Plagᵫ) is Debilitating and can prove Fatal, Casual as it is of High Fever, Headaches, Bleeding From Mucous Membranes, Black Vomit, Signs of Pulmonary, Liver or Renal (Kidney) Failure and Shock. Between Five Through Twenty Percent (5%—20%) of Infected Patients can Die from it – rendering it Ideal for Pandemic Transmission. When The Rock Institute’s Contemporary Director: WILBUR AUGUSTUS SAWYER (b1879—d1951) Refused Naitō Ryōichi’s Reqᵫst, a Stranger Accosted one of Sawyer’s Lab Technicians on The Street a Few Days Later and Offered him Three Thousand United States Dollars (U$D3000 [Big Money by Depression-Èræ Standards]) to Procure Said Virus for a “Scientific Project In Japan.” Predictably for the Sociopolitical Climate of Totalitarian Indoctrination of America’s Taxpaying Electorate At The Time: The Lab Tech Rejected the Bribe and Reported the Incident to The Authorities. The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation[s]) was to Investigate Repeated Overt and “Covert” Attempts “By Japan” to Obtain Virulent Yellow-Jack Fever Plagᵫ-Agent(s) – as Mass-Cultured by The United States itself for Purposes of Weaponization – Throughout 1939. All of this was, of course, Purposefully Perpetrated to Promote Paranoia toward(s) Pathological Peak – it being Counterintelligence Confirmed among United States Security Circles that The Empire of The Rising Sun Across The Pacific was already swimming amid Yellow Seas of more Bunyavirus than would ever be needed to Eradicate Nearly Half The Human Race …

Nigh Three Years Later: The United States Openly and Officially Declared itself Committed to a Total War of Extermination Against The Peoples of Daï Nīpp-Hôn Tei-Koku (The “Empire of Greater Japan”). Following The Preemptive Surgical Strike on Pearl Harbour, United States-Occupied Kingdom of Hawai’i, Seven [7] 侍 (“Sămuraï [‘Servicemæn’]”)-Submarines of The DNTK (大日本帝国海軍 [Daï-Nīpphôn Teikoku Kaigun; literally “Navy of The Greater Japanese Empire”]; bastardized in The Ænglish as IJN [Imperial Japanese Navy]; est 1868—) Patrolled The West Coast of North America, Sinking Several Merchant Vessels and Skirmishing Twice w[ith] US Navy Air and Sea Forces. By End of December, The Seven Sămuraï (“Servicemæn”)-Submarines had Returned to Friendly Waters to Resupply. Many went to Kuwajleen (“Kwajalein”) Atoll and then Returned to North American Waters. DNTK (Daï-Nīpphôn Teikoku Kaigun [“Navy of The Greater Japanese Empire”])-Submarine I-17 was One of these Vessels. She Displaced Three Thousand, Six Hundred and Fifty-Four Long Tons (3654 Long Tons [3713 t]) When Submerged and was Three Hundred and Sixty-Five Feet, Six Inches (365’ 6” [111.40 Meters]) Long. Her Armament Included Six (6) Twenty-Inch (20 In [510 MilliMeter]) Torpedo Tubes and Seventeen (17) Torpedœs In Total. Up Top was a Fourteen-Centimeter (14-cm) Deck Gun. I-Boat 17 Carried One Hundred and One (101) Officers and Crew Under 司令官西野幸三 (“SHIREI-KAN NISHINO KUŌƵŌ [‘COMMANDER KUŌƵŌ NISHINO’]”).

I-17 Initiated The First Naval Shelling of The North American Mainland Against Targets Near Santa Barbara, California, in what was to become Recorded as The Sămuraï-Submarine Bombardment of Ellwood Oil Field (022342 [February 23rd, 1942]). American Misinformation Mills such as Wikipedia Assert Thirteen (13) Shells Fired On an Oil Refinery near Goleta, Southern California, Incurring Half-a-Thousand United States Dollars (U$D0.5K [U$D500]) In Damage(s). Publicly Accessible US Sources Claim it was Not Clear what Motivated Target-Selection until much later, when it was found that The Commander of this particular Submarine had Visited The Site in The Nineteen-Thirties (1930s) and stumbled into a Field of Prickly-Pear Cactus. The Popular American Myth Propagates Shirei-Kan Nishino Kuōƶō (“Commander Kuōƶō Nishino [Infamous to Americans for his I-17 Shelling a Southern Californian Field of Hundreds of Oil Derricks]”) as having Never Forgiven The Ridicule he Received from his American Hosts that nebulous Day.

Chronological Lists of Assignments in DNTK (Daï-Nīpphôn Teikoku Kaigun) Records of Shirei-Kan Nishino Kuōzō From ca AD 1917 CÈ Through his Death in 1956 (Still-In-Commission To Service of his Empire Through The JMSDF: 海上自衛隊 [“Kaijō Jieitai,” or “Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force”]; see <…/27/us-china-navy-japan-idUSBRE9AQ04820131…>) Report that: AT NO TIME did Shirei-Kan Nishino Perform Duty Other Than on I-BOATS (Nīpphônjīn [“Japanese People’s”] Submarines) Excepting 1943 (when he was Instructor at Submarine School) and in 1944—1945 (In Material Command, Daï-Nīpphôn Teikoku Kaigun [“Navy of The Greater Japanese Empire’s”] Staff Headquarters [per Letter & List, JDA: 日本の防衛機関 – “Nīpphôn no Bōei Kikan,” or “Japan Defense Agency,” ca 1972; Said Agency itself est 1954 & Developed ca 2007 as The Ministry of Defense: <…/editor…/archives/2007/01/08/2003343908>]).

If Shirei-Kan Nishino were Ever Provided Opportunity to Come Ashore in The Nineteen-Thirties (1930’s), he would have to have been Skippering a TANKER – as Only such Nīpphônjīn (“Japanese People’s”) Vessels were Allowed To Even Approach (The) United States Coastline(s) to Take On Oil – Even Then barely Tolerated by Reason of Race and Permitted Only by Rationalé of Economics. In Point-of-Fact: Neither Noshino Nor Any of his Crewmen had Ever been In-Sight of The United States until The I-17 Surfaced Off San Diego on Washington-Day Weekend (Monday, February 23rd: Anniversarial Birthdate of that Slaving Masonic Traitor To The Crown GENERAL OF THE ARMIES GEORGE WASHINGTON (Episcopalean-Persōnāted Deist, 1731 / 1732—d1799; Regimentalist, Militia of The Virginias: 1752—1758; CinC [Commander-in-Chief] of The Continental Army, American Revolutionary War of Independence: 1775—1783; 1st US Presidency: 1789—1797; Senior Officer of The USA [United States Army]: 1798—1799; George Washinton is Called The “Village Burner” in Mohawk because of all The Villages he Ordered Raƶed [Villages would be Surrounded and, as The People came running out they would be Shot and Stabbed – Women, Children and Elders alike; In One Campaign Alone “… Hundreds of Thousands Died, from New York across Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Into Ohio,” Yet Still his Disgraced Name still Shames The Capital of These Cursed United States]) – Commencing Shelling Simultaneous National Broadcast of one of the chronic “Fireside Chats” as spewed by American-Socialist Dictator FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT (Democrat-Persōnāted Communist, Alias[ed] “FDR,” b1882—d1945; Assistant US Naval Secretariat: 1913—1920; Contracted Polio: Ca 1921; 44th New York Governance: 1929—1932; 32nd US Presidency: 1933—1945; Assassinated by Axis Agents [sic] – aka [also known as] “BOUCHE D‘AYITI [‘THE BUTCHER OF HAÏTI’]” and Infamous as such Throughout The Panamerican Hemisphere – Said Nomme de Gᵫrre appellāted when Personally Leading US Marines [as Assistant Secretary of The Navy] into Repiblik D‘Ayiti [“Republic of Haïti”] to Overturn The Only Independent Black Republic In The World [The Only Other Contemporarily Independent Black Nation in the World was not a Republic but an Afrikan Kingdom: የኢትዮጵያ ንጉሠ ነገሥት መንግሥተ / The “Holy Abyssīnian Mängəstä ye-ÆĪthiyōṗ’ṗ’yā,” or “The Ethiopian Empire”] ca July 1915 on The American Front: World War—I [1914—1919], sic: By All Accounts FDR Administered Haïti brutally and crᵫlly with no regard for the Lives of those he so obviously considered Less-Than-Human and was Initially Duped Into Boasting Responsibility when Gross Atrocities against Afrikan-Americans [as Haïtians are a of People of Afrikan Descent in The American Hemisphere] were Reported In The Media Come 1920 but when such Admission[s] Triggered a Backlash that Threatened to Impede his Political Aspiration[s], he quickly Retracted his own Incriminating Braggadocio; still: One of The Worst of The First Men out of nothing less than a Rogᵫ’s Gallery of some of The Worst Men to plagᵫ Our Planet who have Occupied The Oval Office: PRESIDENT WARREN GAMALIEL HARDING [Republican, b1865—d1923 – mine own Late & Sainted Mother’s Birthyear – 28th Lieutenant Governor of Ohio: 1904—1906; United States Senator from Ohio: 1915—1921; Chairman of The Senate Committee on The Philippines: 1919, mine own Late and Sainted Father’s Birthyear—1921; 29th US Presidency: 1921—1923 – The Shortest Term-of-Office of Any Twentieth Century US President – Assassinated in San Francisco: Location of my own Department of Defense Employment and Current Residence; Presidential Papers Destroyed – Incinerated In Toto – Won The Presidential Campaign of 1920 On-Basis his Opponent’s Murderous Infamy, Stating: “Practically all we know is that Thousands of Native Haïtians have been Killed by American Marines, and that many of our own Gallant Men have Sacrificed their lives at Behest of an Executive Department in order to Establish Laws Drafted by The Assistant Secretary of The Navy … I will not Empower an Assistant Secretary of The Navy to Draft a Constitution for Helpless Neighbours in The West Indies and jam it down their throats at The Point of Bayonets Borne by US Marines.”]).

The Folklore Circulated by Federally Suppressed US Propaganda Organs for Americans to snicker over at Parties in Goleta, California (where the appropriately-named “Richfield” Oil Company’s Signal Oil & Gas Lease Affiliated Assets were Located [Said Assets absorbing The Damage as alluded to via Wiki] – along w / The Half-a-Hundred Day [50 Dys] Hospitaliƶation of US ARMY CAPTAIN “BARNEY” HAGAN, COMMANDING OFFICER OF “A” BATTERY, 143rd FIELD ARTILLERY, Injured In Direct Defense of His Nation If Any American Ever Was [which Wiki has not as yet Recorded to my knowledge]), was Confabulated Specifically to take advantage of Racist Distortions regarding Universal East-Asian Concept(s) of 顔を立てる (“Kao-o-Tateru [‘Saving Face’];” see <…/understanding-chinese-mi…/cult-of-face/>) – and 形無し (“Katanashi [‘Loss of Face’];” see <…/the-cultural-conundrum-of-losing-face-2009…>) – With Intent to Project US Inability to either Prevent or Intercept Japanese Attacks on American Shores into The Realm of The Absurd and, conseqᵫntly, Promote Dismissal to becalm mounting Panic (the fact that Wikipedia, which is nothing more than an Indirect Social Media Venᵫ – “The Bathroom Wall of Information Intercourse [~ GARY STATES]” – troubles Itself to relate such OWI [Office of War Information, est 1941]-Sourced Propaganda through Today betrays the Power of Federally-Promoted Fantasy over Historical Reality Regards the entire Subject of The Second World War – a Reality-DIP (Derangement In Paradigm) where Command Decisions are Motivated by Petty Trivialities).

Which of course Begs The Qᵫstion as to Why a Single Sămuraï-Submarine Under Command of Shirei-Kan Nishino Conducted The Bombardment of The Ellwood, California, Petroleum Installation By Direct Order(s) of Hirohito-no-Michi (“Emperor Michi Hirohito [literally Emperor By ‘Way of Abundant Benevolence’]”) with but a Single Deck Gun On Washington-Day Weekend Eventide (1900 Hours [07:00 Post Meridiem]) of The Twenty-Third Day in February, ca 1942 …

The Answer of which is as plain as The Signal Lights so brazenly and paradoxically Flashed by Shirei-Kan Nishino’s I-17 onto The Shores of California as Observed and Reported from Montecito by The Visiting REVEREND ARTHUR BASHAM OF POMONA and Several Other Witnesses along The Santa Barbara Shoreline as The Lone Sămuraï-Sub pointedly Turned South Towards Los Ángeles, Triggering American Enforcement of an All-Night West Coast Blackout and Causing Hundreds to Flee Inland: To boldly Project The Psychological Pressure of Terroriƶed Anticipation onto The United States’ High Command but a Single Day (Twenty-Four Hours [24 Hrs]) Prior 偉大なロサンゼルスの空襲 (“Idai na Rosanƶerusu no Kūshū [The ‘Great Los Ángeles Air-Raid’]”). A US High Command Now Exposed as so utterly Impotent as Unable to Respond to frantic Calls from The Local Sheriff’s Department with even a Single Ærial Interceptor while The I-17 leisurely lobbed no less than a Quarter-of-a-Hundred (Twenty-Five [25]) 5.5’ (140 mm) Rounds Off Elwood (cf <…/santa-barbara-wwII-japanese-attack.…>).

US Air-Defense Capabilities had been Tested and Found Lacking. American Airspace was Wide Open for Violation and Shōuwa Ten’‘nô-Heika Mandated Operational Go-Ahead In Every Confidence of Success. Even as The I-17 serenely Continᵫd Her Voyage Back to Nīpphônno Omo Na-Shjima (The “Japanese Main Islands”) In Safety, The Imperial Japanese Angelino Task Force Flotilla glided towards The North American Shoreline in Silent Majesty. The Son of Heaven’s Flagship – The Superbattledirigible “Mikado,” and Her Escort of Ærodreadnoughts Approached to Hover over Los Ángeles With Intent to Tax the thoroughly Incompetent American Military Infrastructure even further beyond its Dysfunctional Limits on The Night of The Twenty-Fourth Through The Twenty-Fifth (24th—25th) That February In 1942.

As No Ordinance of Note was Known to have been Deployed, The United States High Command was Compelled By All The Circumstantial Precedent(s) As Articulated Above to Assume The Ƶenbushishīnt’dàôū Kamiyoshi – a Scientifically-Educated and Militarily-Trained Marine Biologist – had Expended His Divine Raid Dispersing Ærosoliƶed Biocidals; and a High-Level Panic Decision was Effected to Write-Off The City of Los Angeles and its Population as Lost and Immediately Proceed to Vaccinate US Army Personnel with Specific Intent to Cordon-Off LÁ (Los Ángeles) and Prevent ANY of its Inhabitants from Egressing LÁ Alive to unintentionally Spread The Yellow Plagᵫ.

However – even By Advent of The Second War “To End All War(s)” – a Yellow-Jack Fever Vaccine had not yet been Licensed for Application Within The United States and an FDA (Food & Drug Administration)-Approved Vaccine of Efficacious Viability would not be Available until His Imperial Majesty of Nīpphônkoku Gifted Said Formulæ In His Graciousness to The United States Conditional American Signature of The Korean Armistice Agreement on The Twenty-Seventh Day of July in 1953 (072753). The Experimental Yellowjack Fever Vaccine so desperately Deployed in Early 1942 Contained Human Serum Sourcing From Senior Cadavers, Aborted Fetuses, et c(etera), and – Despite Earlier Published Reports of Unexplained or “Homologous (Human-Analog) Serum” Jaundice Occurring On-Introduction Into The Human Immunosystem – The Perceived Urgency of The Weaponiƶed Biocidal(s) Threat propelled Said Vaccine Into Mass-Distribution even though, of The One Hundred and Forty-One (141) Yellowjack Vaccine Lots Supplied to The US Army, At Least Seven (7) Lots were Known to have been Formulated with Human Sera Contaminated by Hepatitis Viral-Variants.

All-Too-Predictably: An Epidemic of “Unexplained” Hepatitis of Various Gradations Broke Out March of 1942 and Yellowjack Vaccination was Halted by April 15th of That Year. The Average Strength of a WW—II-Èræ US Army Infantry Division Approximated Fourteen Thousand, Two Hundred and Fifty (14 250) Men. Approximately Fifty-One Thousand (51 000) Active-Duty Experienced US Military Personnel with Symptomatic Hepatitis were Terminally Hospitaliƶed to Die and Subsequent Investigation via Serologic Testing of Recently Inducted US GIs (Government Issᵫ[s]) Indicated a Further Three Hundred and Thirty Thousand (330 000) Soldiers In The Western Defense Command: El Presidio Real De San Francisco (which Administered Army Bases In Six [6] Western States and The US-Occupied Polynesian Kingdom of Atooi / “Hawai’‘i [San Francisco’s Presidio Military Base is, of course, where I myself Worked in The Department of The Defense as a Military Research Librarian for almost a Decade, Accessing this very Information and ultimately Leaking such In Anonymity for Many Years]”) had become Infected through Contaminated Yellowjack Vaccine Injected during Basic Training and Rendered Permanently Unfit For Service, let alone Combat – Removing Four (4) Entire Divisions from Prosecution of The War Effort and Prolonging The War itself by Nigh Half-a-Decade (Four Years): To Ultimate Advantage of 家族のヤマト’s (“Kaƶoku-no-Yamato’s [The ‘Family Yamato’s’]”) Imperialist Dynastic Régime.

This is The Largest Point-Source Epidemic Outbreak of Multi-Graduated Viral Hepatitis Ever Recorded In The History of Mankind – all the more galling for being entirely Physician-Induced via a poorly-Formulated Vaccine. Regardless: Recognizing Ten’‘nô Heika’s Biocidal Weapons Prógroamme as being The Most Advanced upon The Surface of Our Planet, All US Military Personnel were still Subjected to Typhoid, Smallpox and Tetanus Vaccines Throughout 1942 (Soldiers who Refused were Subject to Courts-Martial – a Military Legal Principle Originating in World War I and Continuing To This Day). Excepting for the indescribably horrific Fate(s) of POW’s (Prisoner[s] of War) Subjected to Experimentation and Demonstration of Weapons Efficacy by which to Leverage United States Foreign Policy: No US GI is Known to have ever Contracted Disease from a Biological Weapon Deployed On The Field In Anger – but Many are Known to have been Lost to American-Manufactured Vaccines.


To Contextualiƶe The Impact of Manpower Ratios on The Waging of The Second World War In The Pacific: The Nīpphônjīn Army was Institutionally Focused On 中国 (“ƵChuṑngg-kGHuóuá [literally ‘Middle Kingdom,’ or ‘China’]”) and The Союз cƵоŵвйетских Социалистических Республик (“Sojuƶ sƵoŵjetskih Socialističeskih Respublik [‘Union of Soviet Socialist Republics’]”) and Invested Almost No Resources Into Expanding Operations Towards New Guinea and The Solomon Islands – but was Obligated To Dispense Token-Support Regarding Nīpphônjīn Naval Commitments.

The Once-Popular Phrase “No More Việt-Náms” was Derivative of The Original Pithy Screed “No More Koreas” – itself Seqᵫstered from The Proclamation “No More Bunas,” as Promised by The United States’ Highest-Ranking Officer in The Pacific Theatre-of-War: SUPREME COMMANDER OF ALLIED FORCES, SOUTHWEST PACIFIC AREA; GENERAL, USPACOM (United States Pacific Command) & CHIEF OF THE UNITED STATES ARMY 外人将軍 ダグラス·アーサー·マッカーサー [“GAI-JĪN SHŌ-GÛN DAOGURASU· ĀSĀ· MAKKĀSĀTURA,” or “BARBARIAN GENERALISSIMO DOUGLAS ARTHUR MACARTHUR,” Rep[ublican], b1880―d1964; Commissioned Officer, WW―I: 1917—1919 [Western Front]; Exiled by The Totalitarian-Socialist Administration of FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT Under Military Advisory-Status to [The] Commonwealth Government of The Philippines: 1935―1942 [In Direct Remonstration for his Personal Orchestration of The Washington, District of Columbia, Veterans’ Massacre of 072832 / July 28th, 1932, while Ranked a Major-General]; US Presidential Candidate: 1944 [sic, Affiliated by Nomination for US Presidential Candidacy w / Various ‘Far-Right’ Political Parties; id est Constitutionalist, America First, Christian Nationalist Crusade, etc: 1948 & 1952]; b1880―d1964 [Known in Upper American Military Echelons as ‘The Emperor’s General’ by Time of his Relief From Command]; Fired Amidst The Second World War [PTO – Pacific Theatre of Operations: 1937―1952, sic] by his WW―II [1937―1952 / 1953] EXECUTIVE CINC [COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF] & PRESIDENT: HARRY SOLOMON TRUMAN, COLONEL, UNITED STATES ARMY RESERVE – KKK-Dem [Ku Klux Klan Democrat], Alias ‘DIRTY HARRY,’ aka ‘PENDERGAST’S BELLHOP,’ b1887—d1972; MOARNG [Missouri Army National Guard]: 1905—1911; US [United States] Army Major: Battery D, 129th Field Artillery, 60th Brigade, 35th Infantry Division: 1917—1919 [WW―I: Western Front]; USAR [United States Army Reserve]: 1920—1953 [sic]; US Senator from Missouri: 1935—1945 [a Minion of The Infamous Kansas City Pendergast Machine, Harry Truman Won a US Senate Primary Election in Fall of 1934 on Fifty Thousand Fraudulent Votes, his Sponsor ‘Stuffing Ballots’ until Truman Garnered all but Eleven Thousand of One Hundred and Forty-Eight Thousand Kansas City Votes]; 34th US Vice-Presidency: 1945 [Two Months & Twenty-Two Days]; 33rd US Presidency 1945—1953; Sᵫd For Peace w / 大日本帝國 [‘Daï Nīpphôn Teikoku,’ or The ‘Empire of Greater Japan’], Initiated Historically Unprecedented Process[es] of Monumental Reparation[s] to The Combined Axis of Nations’ Primary Member-States [大日本 – ‘Daï Nīpp-Hôn,’ or ‘Greater Japan,’ Groß Deutschland, or ‘Greater Germany’ and Magna Italia, or ‘Greater Italy’], Survived a Conseqᵫnt Militarily-Conspired Assassination Attempt [110150], Suffered Exposure via Corruption Scandals which racked The Truman Administration At The Highest Levels and Led To Arrest of The Majority of The Truman Cabinet: 1950—1951; Lost The Korean Peninsular Conflict In-Country: Daï Nīpphôn [‘Greater Japan’]-NEATO [Northeast-Asian Theater of Operations]; Leaving Office w / an Approval Rating Score In The Twenty-Eighth Percentile [28%] – The Lowest of Any Executive Administration In American History; Said Termination of US Army Chief-of-Staff General Douglas Arthur MacArthur Effective: 041151 [April 11th, 1951]).”

“Bloody Buna” Recalls one of the most trying Campaigns of The American Army in WW―II – The Unheralded “Falaise Pocket of The Pacific” In The Jungles of New Guinea. By Way of Western Comparison: Der Kessel von Falaise, as The Deutschen (“Germans”) Reference The Mortain-Falaise Pocket of France where their 5th and 7th Panƶerarmees (Armoured Armies) Died In July Through August of 1944 (07 / 44―08 / 44), was Collateral a Wedge Nigh Successfully Driven Between The Advancing American and English Commonwealth Armies – bottling many Hundreds of Thousands (100’s X 1000’s) of Allied Troops in a thin strip along The Beachheads for Over a Month-and-a-Half (Seven Weeks [49 Dys]) After D―Day – as Personally Orchestrated by The Historically Undeniable Military Acumen of DER FEÜEHRER (lit[erally] “THE LEADER”) ADOLFUS (lit “WOLF-KING”) JACOB HITLER.

Precedent The Battle of Falaise Gap (081244—082144 [August 12th, 1944—August 21st, 1944]) In-Decision The Normandie (“Normandy”) Campaign of Allied Operation: Overlord: It would ultimately take Three Thousand (3K [3000]) Anglo-American Planes to finally Bombard a Breakout Barely Three Miles Wide by a Single Mile Deep (3 Mis X 1 Mi) through which American Armoured Spearheads plunged deep Behind The Lines of The Aforementioned Panƶerarmees, cutting Northeastward to Link Up w / British and Canadian Forces Attacking to The South – The Converging Allied Armies Linking in a lethal Pincer at Falaise and snapping shut a gigantic trap on One Hundred Thousand (100 000) Deutschen – a Disaster for Dæirs Dritten Reich (“The Third Empire-State”) Inflicting an Epic Defeat Rivaled Only by The Battle of Stalingrad (082342―020243 [August 23rd, 1942―February 2nd, 1943]), but an American Victory virtually Suppressed by The Post-WW―II-Ceasefire Eisenhower Administration to Conceal his Culpability as Supreme Commander, European Theatre of Operations, in Failing to Capitaliƶe on The Single Greatest Allied Opportunity of The War – Accomplished In Wake of The Attempted Prussian Assassination of Adolf Hitler no less: Total Annihilation of Hitler’s Armies In The West was actually conceivable at that time – but Let Slip by an Allied Command-Structure rife w / National Jealousies and Conducting Separate Wars w / No Effective Mediation from GENERAL DWIGHT DAVID “IKE” EISENHOWER (Rep[ublican], b1890―d1969; Commissioned US Army Major: WW—I; Five-Star Generalcy: 1942―1943; SACEUR [Supreme Allied Commander, Europe]: 1944―1945; 1st Governor of the American Ƶone of Occupied High Germany: 1945; 16th Chief of Staff of The Army: 1945―1948; 1st Supreme Commander, NATO [North Atlantic Treaty Organization]: 1951―1952; 34th US Presidency: 1953―1961) – who was Ultimately Responsible for Un / Co-Ördinated Prosecution of The Allied War Effort In Europe; thus providing Hitler priceless Opportunity to Masterfully Recoup His Losses and Retaliate yet again through The Forests of Ardennes in December That Year at “The Battle For The Bulge (121644―012545 [December 16th, 1944―January 25th, 1945]),” which Extended the life of His Régime Into 1945, providing invaluable time to bring Multiple Emergent Technologies To Bear In Advantage of The Reich’s Continuity-of-Kultur (Cultural Survival) and Postceasefire Inflᵫnce on World Affairs as Dæirs Dritte Macht (“The Third Power”).

The Battle of Buna (1942—1943) – also Suppressed In Victory – was Integral to Anticlimax of Collision between Axis and Allied Objectives in Papua (Eastern New Guinea): American Intention(s) being to Exploit Advantage(s) Propagandiƶed as having been Gained by The Battle of Midway – Said Engagement not only Falsified as an American Trafalgar but Misleadingly Presented as Exposing The Nīpphônjīn Outer Line of Defense in The Southwest and Central Pacific as Standing On Brink of Collapse. Within Matrix of such Delusion: United States Strategic Imperative(s) Assumed Occupation of Papua’s Dobodura Area via Overland Advance from Port Moresby by Mid-August of 1942 In Aim of Eventual Occupation of All New Guinea w / aspiration(s) of Conqᵫring The “East Indies” from The Papuan Springboard to Choke Off Daï Nīpphôn-Teikoku’s Primary Source of Petroleum – but Eurocentric Prioritization Afforded The Transatlantic War ensured an utter Lack of Assault and Support Shipping by which to Facilitate Any Significant Undertaking – as well as Precluding Commitment of Combat-Readied Formations – leaving The United States with but a SINGLE DIVISION Available for Offensive Purposes In The south Pacific and a Decisive Reliance on In-Theatre Australian Forces just as Numerically Disadvantaged themselves by sheer Dearth of Baseline Population Proportion(s).

The more Coherent Nīpphônjīn Objective being to Exploit Momentum of Daï Nīpphôn’s Earlier Victories by Severing Strategic Linkage between The United States and Australia via Proceeding w / Occupation of That Same Port Moresby: American Goals were Forestalled by Nīpphônjīn Initiative in Occupying Buna and Gona on The Twenty-First Through The Twenty-Second (21st―22nd) of July in 1942. The Eventual Result: An inordinately costly Australian / American Allied Victory Rendered Strategically Pyrrhic via Redirected (and Officially Genocidal as Opposed to Military – id est Securing Island Airfields From Which To Indiscriminately Firebomb Nīpphônjīn Civilian Metropolitan-Zones rather than Confronting Daï-Nīpphôn-Mikado Kuni Rikugun in Indoasia) American Priorities that Left Axis Nīpphôn-Koku In Consolidation of The Indoasiatic Archipelago – The Primary Source of Petroleum that would Continᵫ to Fᵫl The Ƶenbushishīnt’dàôūist War-Machine Until Enforcing Terms of Ceasefire ca 1945.

By Promising “No More Bunas,” General Douglas MacArthur was Admitting it easier to Attack Nīpphônjīn Island-Garrisons Burdened w / Nīpphônjīn Civilian-Colonists than it was to continue facing What Elements There Were of The DNMKR In-Theatre Head-On (indeed what Victory Gained in Papua, New Guinea, was Solely [and Deservedly] to Australia’s Wartime Geostrategic Benefit[s] as Australian Forces proved themselves The Most Combat-Effective of All Allied Forces of WW―II; aside from Stellar Battle-Performance: Australia, Alone Among ALL Combatant Nations of Either Side, Enforced No Conscription – as None was Needed – One in Two [1 : 2] Australian Males Aged Eighteen Through Forty-Five Years [18―45 Yrs] Enlisted Voluntarily; At Peak of Hostilities Nigh Eighty-Nine-and-a-Half Percent [89.4 %] of All Australian Males Aged Fourteen Years and Over [14+ Yrs] were in The Service[s] or Directly Employed In War-Work); a Summation Unto Itself that speaks volumes per what The Americans were up against in terms of Battling The Army of The Greatest Japanese Emperor: As 南洋剥離 (“Nanyō-Hakuri [The ‘South Seas Detachment’]”) of 少将堀井富太郎 (“SHŌSHŌ HORII TOMITARŌ [‘MAJOR-GENERAL TOMITARŌ HORII’]”: b1890―d1942; KIA [Killed-In-Action]) was little more than a Reinforced Brigade-Size Regimental Force Formed in 1941 as THE SINGLE ARMY UNIT Deployed In Nīpphônjīn Deliverance of The South Pacific Island Groups of Wake, Guam and The Gilberts. Integrative to 南太平洋力 (“Minamitaiheiyō-Ryoku [The ‘South Seas Force’]”), Nanyō-Hakuri (The “South Seas Detachment”) Fell Under Naval Command and Control of Daï-Nīpphôn Teikoku Kaigun.

Eventually: Shōshō Horii Tomitarō’s (“Major-General Tomitarō Horii’s”) Fifty-Five Hundred (5500) South Seas Detachment Troops would find themselves Constricted by The 15th of November in 1942 to Two Separate Areas: Buna and Gona – Both Less Than a Mile In Depth Within The Beachhead – Where They Stood and Fought To Annihilation. Their Eradication By The Second Day of January In 1943 itself Stands Equivalent To Hitler’s Nigh-Annihilation In The West at Falaise Gap In Terms of The Skeleton Force-Levels Contending w / each other in The Southwest Pacific. Also Analogous w / Hitler’s Initial Containment of The D―Day Beachheads (to spite the Initial Success of their Establishment) and Postfalaise Rebound are The Facts that October 1942 saw The Allies come within measurable distance of Total Operational Defeat and Retreat in The Struggle For Control of The Southwest Pacific; Compounding The Overall Naval Defeat (sic) Off Midway Island In The Summer of 1942 and crowned by circumstance that, despite “Bonegrinder Buna (Inclusive of The Entire Papuan Campaign as continued well into 1943),” The Nīpphônjīn High Command Waged Defensive War Successfully Along an Extended Perimeter until October of 1943 – Nīpphôn-Koku’s Position in The Central and Southwest Pacific Standing Barely Compromised Nearly Two Years (2 Yrs) After Air-Raid: Pearl Harbour ….

~ 林 一平 (“Lin Yī-Píng [Douglas Duane Dietrich]”)
Renegatus Humanus Arma ab Massa-Eruditio
(The “Renegade Human Weapon of Mass-Instruction”).

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