When the Penultimate American Dictator Was Put Down as a Rabid Dog

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“Douglas I was curious as to if you know of the truth surrounding FDR’s death. Suicide or natural causes or assinated?
“I’ve always wondered if he did indeed take himself out if it was over guilt to his insane,evil leadership.
“Strange how some evil men women seem to change their ways or have a sense of what is right and what is wrong when they see their end is near.”


— ON THE LAST OF OVER A HUNDRED D-DAYS IN THE PACIFIC – 040145 (April 1st, 1945): American Troops Landed on 沖縄島 (“Okinawa-Shjima [‘Okinawa Island’]”), Disembarking By The Largest Invasion Fleet Ever Assembled In Recorded Human History – Far Larger Than That Engaged In The Normandy Invasion On European D-Day – a Thousand Miles (1K [1000] Mis) Southwest of 首都圏 (“Shutoken [The ‘National Metropolitan Region’]”) of 大東京 (“Daï-Tōkiyō [lit The ‘Greater Eastern Capital’]”) – The Most Populous Metropolitan Area In The World – on All Fools’ Day. The Battle of April Fools Resulted in Nigh Fifty Thousand (Forty-Nine Thousand, One Hundred and Fifty-One [49 151]) Accounted-For American Dead and Wounded and The 日本人 (“Nīpp-Hôn-Jīn [‘Japanese Peoples’]”) Deathtoll was Given as One Hundred and Seven Thousand, Five Hundred and Thirty-Nine (107 539) Counted Dead Plus an Estimated Twenty-Three Thousand, Seven Hundred and Sixty-Four (23 764) Buried Alive In Caves Sealed by American Explosives. Since The Combined Number of One Hundred and Thirty-One Thousand, Three Hundred and Three Combat Fatalities Far Exceeded The Calculated Nīpphônjīn (“Japanese People’s”) Military Force on Okinawashjima (The Island of Okinawa), US Army Intelligence Approximated Forty-Two Thousand Civilians as Personally Murdered by United States Military Personnel Throughout “Operation: Iceberg.” It would ultimately be Acknowledged that More Native Okinawans had Committed Suicide to Escape Mass Gang-Rape and / or Torture at American Hands than Nīpphônjīn were to Die in The Nuclear Terrorist Attacks Against 広島市 (“Hiroshimashi [‘Hiroshima City’]”) and 長崎市 [“Nagasakishi [‘Nagasaki City’]”) Combined …

— Between Early February and Mid-April, circa Anno Domini MCMXLV (1945 Commonal Èræ): The Allies Bombed Berlin-Germania, Capital of Dæirs Dritten Reich (“The Third Empire-State”), Eighty-Three Times (83X). Berliner-Germanians were Subsisting without Water or Electricity and little by way of Food. The Bombs Accomplished Naught Strategically – but Satisfied Instead The Anglo-American High Command’s Okkulted Esoteric Objectives to make rubble bounce to Lethal Effect and thereby Mass-Murder Civilians From Afar.

— Come Mid-April: Drawing From History, a Statement of FRIEDRICH II DER GRÖßE (“FREDERICK II THE GREAT,” Alias[ed] “DER ALTE FRITƵ [‘THE OLD FRITƵ’],” b[irthed] 1712—d[ecedent] 1786; Elector of Brandenburg to Hohenzollern Dynastic Kingship in Preußen [“Prussia” – a Deutsch / German Kingdom Under The House of Hohenzollern: Established 1525—Interregnally Abolished 1947, sic]): 1740—1786; Friedrich II Der Größe was World-Renowned for his Military Victories, his Reorganization of The Prussian Armies, his Innovative Drills & Tactics and his Final Success Against Overwhelming Odds in The Decade-Long French And Indian Struggle of The Seven Years’ World War [1754—1763]) was being Applied Unto The Contemporary Condition of Der Völk (“The People”) of DER FEÜEHRER (lit[erally] “THE LEADER”) ADOLFUS (lit “WOLF-KING”) JACOB HITLER (NSDAP [NAtional-SoƵIalistiche Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei, or “National Socialist German Workers’ Party”], Alias “DER SCHŴARƵENFUCHS [‘THE BLACK FOX’],” Awarded Six Medals for His Service on The Western Front in WW—I [among which Hitler Received Two Iron Crosses: The Second Iron Cross in First Class, a Rarity for Footsoldiers; The Bavarian Medal of Military Service, 3rd Class with Bar and, as was Granted All Wounded Soldiers in Bavarian Service, The Cross of Military Merit – in Hitler’s Case: Third Class with Swords and, later, Wound Badge in Black In Acknowledgement of Hitler’s barely Surviving a Mustard Gas Attack Resultant In an Extended Period of Blindness], born a Hitler [sic], 04 / 20, 1889—[?]; Freelance Illustrator, Locale: Ŵien (“Vienna”): 1907—1918; Gefreiter, Deutschens Heer-Armee [“Lance-Corporal, Imperial German Army”] Squad Leader: 1914—1918; Vorläufige Reichswehr [“Provisional Empire-State Defense”] Agent On-Assignment: Infiltration of Radicalized Political Movements as Formed by Disenfranchised Veterans [one such Target-Organization being der DAP: Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei, or “German Workers’ Party”]: 1919—1920; Fëᵫhrer [“Leader”], NSDAP [Hitler’s Reorganized DAP]: 1921—1945 [+?]; cKhanƶcellor Dæirs Deutsche Demokratischen Republik [“Chancellor of The German Democratic Republic”]: 1933—1945; Der Deutschenfëᵫhrer und ReichscKhanƶcellor von Größdeutschland [“Leader of The German Peoples and Empire-State’s Chancellor of Greater Germania”]: 1934—1945; Entered Ŵoaumphyieorai Estate [?]: 1942—1945; Der Fëᵫhrer Dæirs Tausendjährigen Reiches-Im-Exil [“The Leader of The Thousand Year Reich-In-Exile”]?: 1945—[?]; Rumoured Decedent / Assassinated [?] / Slain [?])

— In Emulation of Der Alte Fritƶ Friedrich II (“The Old Fritz Frederick The 2nd”): Der Schŵarƶenfuchs (“The Black Fox”) Adolf Jacob Hitler was Organizing a Force for a Strike Against The Lend-Lease bloated Human Tsunami of Большевик (“Bol’ševik [‘Bol’shevik;’ lit The ‘Majority’ in The Russian]”)-Communism Onrushing toward Bomb-Leveled Berlin-Germania – Asserting as Friedrich II Der Größe (“Frederick II The Great”): “… Triumphierend Steht Demjenigen Das Letzte Bataillon Im Kämpf Verpflichtet (‘Whomsoever Commits The Last Battalion To The Struggle Stands Triumphant’).”

— cƵОŴBЙЕТС (“sƵOŴJETS [‘SOVIET’];” lit[erally] “COLLECTIVE”) ГЕН-СЕК (“GEN-SEK [ГЕНЕРАЛЬНЫЙ СЕКРЕТАРЬ, or ‘GENERAL SECRETARY’];” THE sƵOŴJETS-“FEÜEHRER”) ИÓСИФ (“IJOSIPF [‘JOSEPH’]”) ВИССАРИÓНОВИЧ (“VISSARIONOVICH”) “СТÁЛИН (‘STALIN [lit MAN OF STEEL],’ alias ‘PAPA JOE’ – as Marketed By Madison Avenue To The American Electorate Whose Taxes Were Inordinately Funneled Into Reinforcement of His Criminal Régime Well Prior Lend-Lease – born იოსებ ბესარიონის ძე ჯუღაშვილი [‘IOSEB BESARIONIS ƉƵE JUGHASHVILLI’], 1879—d1953; 1-й Генеральный Cекретарь Центрального Комитета Коммунистической Партии cƵоŵвйетского Союза [‘1-j General’nyj Sekretar’ Central’nogo Komiteta Kommunističeskoj Partii sƵoŵjetskogo Sojuza,’ or ‘1st General Secretary of The Central Committee of The Communist Party of The Soviet Union’]: 1922—1953; Assassinated [sic])” Believed The British and Americans to be Working towards Separate Treaty with Der Deutschenvölk (“The German People[s]”) that would End Fighting on The Mediterranean / Italiano (“Italian”) Front – while leaving The Народов СССР (“Narodov SSSR [‘Peoples of The USSR’]”) Fighting on The Eastern / Pусский (“Russkij [‘Russian’]”) Front (Both Suspicions being Ultimately Vindicated).

— 040345 (April 3rd, 1945): The cƵоŵвйетский Cоюз (“sƵoŵjetskij Sojuz’ [‘Soviet Union’s’]”) Refusal To Release American POWs (Prisoner[s]-of-War) of Dæirs Dritten Reich Captured by The Advancing Рабоче-Крестьянская Красная Aрмия (“Raboche-Krest’yanskaya Krasnaya Armiya [‘Red Workers’ and Peasants’ Army’]”) and of The cƵоŵвйетскoий Социалистической (“sƵoŵjetskoij Socialističeskoj [‘Soviet-Socialist’]”) Policy of Not Allowing These US POWs-In-Qᵫstion Any Visitors (Press, Red Cross Organization Personnel, et c[etera]) was meekly Qᵫried Into by LIFE-TERMED AMERICAN-SOCIALIST DICTATOR FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT (Dem[ocrat], Alias “FDR,” b[irthed] 1882—d[eceased] 04 / 12, 1945; Assistant US Naval Secretariat: 1913—1920; Contracted Polio: C[irc]a AD [Anno Domini] 1921 CÈ [Commonal Èræ]; 44th New York Governance: 1929—1932; 32nd US [United States] Presidency: 1933—1945; Assassinated by Axis Agents [sic] – aka [also known as] “BOUCHE D’AYITI [‘THE BUTCHER OF HAÏTI’]” and Infamous as such Throughout The Southern / Panamerican Hemisphere] – Said Nomme de Gᵫrre appellāted when Personally Leading US Marines [as Assistant Secretary of The Navy] into Repiblik D’Ayiti [“Republic of Haïti”] to Overturn The Only Independent Black Republic In The World [The Only Other Contemporarily Independent Black Nation in the World was not a Republic but an Afrikan Kingdom: የኢትዮጵያ ንጉሠ ነገሥት መንግሥተ / The “Holy Abyssīnian Mängəstä ye-ÆĪthiyōṗ’ṗ’yā,” or “The Ethiopian Empire”] ca July AD 1915 CÈ on The American Front: WW—I [World War I: 1914—1919, sic]: By All Accounts FDR Administered D’Ayiti [“Haïti”] brutally and cruelly with no regard for the Lives of those he so obviously considered Less-Than-Human and was initially duped Into boasting Responsibility when Gross Atrocities Against Afrikan-America[ns] – as Haïtians are a People of Afrikan Descent in The American Hemisphere – were Reported In The Media Come 1920 but when such Admission[s] Triggered a Backlash that Threatened to Impede his Political Aspiration[s], he quickly Retracted his own Incriminating Statement[s]; still: One of The Worst of The First Men out of nothing less than a Rogᵫ’s Gallery of some of The Worst Men to plagᵫ Our Planet who have Occupied The Oval Office: PRESIDENT WARREN GAMALIEL HARDING [Republican, b1865—d1923 – mine own Late & Sainted Mother’s Birthyear – 28th Lieutenant Governor of Ohio: 1904—1906; US Senator from Ohio: 1915—1921; Chairman of The Senate Committee on The Philippines: 1919, mine own Late & Sainted Father’s Birthyear—1921; 29th US Presidency: 1921—1923 – The Shortest Term-of-Office of Any Twentieth Century US President – Assassinated in San Francisco: Location of my own Department of Defense Employment & Current Residence; Presidential Papers Destroyed – Incinerated In Toto – Won The Presidential Campaign of 1920 On-Basis his Opponent’s Murderous Infamy, Stating: “Practically all we know is that Thousands of Native Haitians have been killed by American Marines, and that many of our own gallant men have sacrificed their lives at the behest of an Executive Department in order to establish Laws Drafted by the Assistant Secretary of the Navy … I will not empower an Assistant Secretary of the Navy to Draft a Constitution for helpless neighbors in the West Indies and jam it down their throats at the point of bayonets borne by US Marines.”]).

1-й Генеральный Cекретарь Центрального Комитета Коммунистической Партии cƵоŵвйетского Союза Ийосипф Виссарионович ДЗе-Югхашвилли (“1-j General’nyj Sekretar’ Central’nogo Komiteta Kommunističeskoj Partii sƵoŵjetskogo Sojuza Ijosipf Vissarionovič ƉƵe-Jughašvilli [‘1st General Secretary of The Central Committee of The Communist Party of The Soviet Union Joseph Vissarionovich ƉƵhughashvilli’]”) Openly Attacked President-For-Life Franklin Delano Roosevelt via his Public Persona of Сталин (“Stalin [The ‘Man of Steel’]”) – blatantly Accusing The Permanent President of The United States of Lying Treachery. Franklin Delano Roosevelt Immediately Retracted Any Interest(s) in The Fate(s) and / or Ultimate Destination(s) of American POWs Now Forever MIA (Missing In Action) Behind The Since-Collapsed Iron Curtain …

— 041245 (April 12th, 1945): Большевик-Коммунистической (“Bol’ševik-Kommunističeskoj [‘Bol’shevik-Communist’]”) Forces were Amassing just Outside Berlin and Preparing to Launch their Final Offensive when Expected Confirmation of SUSEX-CINC (Socialist United States Executive Commander-In-Chief) Roosevelt was Relayed Into Der Fëᵫhrerbunker. The Killing of Franklin Delano Roosevelt was nothing less than pivotal to The Human Chronology – far more Impacting than even The Death of ИМПЕРАТРИЦА-ТЗьСЦАРРИНА ЫЕЛИЗАВÉТА ПЕТРÓВНА (“IMPERATRICA-TƵ’SCARRINA YELIZAVÉTA PETRÓVNA [‘EMPRESS-CÆSARINA YELISABÉT PETRÓVNA’],” b1709—d1761 Julian Calendrical System [1762 per Communist-Imposed Gregorian Chronometry]; Empress and Autocrat of All The Russias: 1741—1761 Julian Calendrical System [1762 per Communist-Imposed Gregorian Chronometry]) in 1761 / 1762 – Whose Providential Passing Saved Friedrich Der Größe (“Frederick The Great”).

— Lifelong President Roosevelt’s Timely Demise provided The Historically Decisive Turning Point Immediately Exploited by Der Fëᵫhrer Adolf (“The Alpha-Wolf of Pack-Leaders”) Hitler and REICHSPROPAGANDAMINISTER (“EMPIRE-STATE’S MINISTER OF INFORMATION”) D(OKTO)R PAUL JOSEPF GŒBBELS (b1897—d1945[?]; Gauleiter of Berlin: 1926—1945; Reichsleiter: 1933—1945; Minister für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda [“Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda”]: 1933—1945[?]; cKhanzcellor of des Tausendjährigen Reiches-Im-Exil [“Chancellor of The Thousand Year Reich-In-Exile”]: 1945—[?]; Assassinated[?]). Reichspropagandaminister Dokter Paul Josepf Gœbbels Spoke of Divine Intervention. He Inspired Der Fëᵫhrer with his Congratulations, Assuring Hitler that a Tidal Change had been “… Steht In Den Sternen (‘… Written In The Stars’).”

— Hitler Accepted such Tidings gladly but knew even more – Specifically that NSDAP-Agents had Poisoned FDR – an Assassination Carried Out Under His Own Fëᵫhrer-Directive (“Direct Order[s]”). Sheltered Deep w / in His Subterranean Lair, AJ Hitler – The Black Fox and King of Wolves – Commenced Procedural Adherence to a mysterious Medical Regimen Known Only As Българският Лек (“Bălgarskijat Lek [The ‘Bulgarian Cure’]”) – even as He Drank a Champagne Toast To The Health of PRESIDENT HARRY SOLOMON-SHIPPE TRUMAN, COLONEL, UNITED STATES ARMY RESERVE (KKK-Dem [Ku Klux Klan Democrat], alias “PENDERGAST’S BELLHOP,” b1887—d1972; Missouri National Guard: 1905—1911; United States Army Major: Battery D, 129th Field Artillery, 60th Brigade, 35th Infantry Division: 1917—1919 [World War I: Western Front]; United States Army Reserve: 1920—1953 [sic]; US Senator from Missouri: 1935—1945 [a Minion of The Infamous Kansas City Pendergast Machine, Harry Truman Won a US Senate Primary Election in Fall of 1934 on Fifty Thousand Fraudulent Votes, his Sponsor “Stuffing Ballots” until Truman Garnered all but Eleven Thousand of One Hundred and Forty-Eight Thousand Kansas City Votes]; 34th US Vice-Presidency: 1945 [Two Months & Twenty-Two Days]; 33rd US Presidency 1945—1953; Sued For Peace w[ith] / 大日本帝國 [“Daï Nīpphôn Teikoku,” or The “Empire of Greater Japan”], Initiated Historically Unprecedented Process[es] of Monumental Reparation[s] to The Combined Axis of Nations’ Primary Member-States [大日本 – “Daï Nīpp-Hôn,” or “Greater Japan,” Groß Deutschland, or “Greater Germany” and Magna Italia, or “Greater Italy”], Survived a Consequent Militarily-Conspired Assassination Attempt [110150], Suffered Exposure via Corruption Scandals which racked The Truman Administration At The Highest Levels and Led To Arrest of The Majority of The Truman Cabinet: 1950—1951; Lost The Korean Peninsular Conflict In-Country: Daï Nīpphôn [“Greater Japan”]-NEATO [Northeast-Asian Theater of Operations]; Leaving Office w / an Approval Rating Score In The Twenty-Eighth Percentile [28%] – The Lowest of Any Executive Administration In American History).

— The Man Who (Had) So Dominated His Янки Сука Рузвельт (“Janki Suka Ruzvel’t [‘Yankee Bitch Roosevelt’]”): 1-j General’nyj Sekretar’ Central’nogo Komiteta Kommunističeskoj Partii sƵoŵjetskogo Sojuza Ijosipf Vissarionovič ƉƵe-Jughašvilli (“1st General Secretary of The Central Committee of The Communist Party of The Soviet Union Joseph Vissarionovich ƉƵhughashvilli”) was himself chagrined to witness a Mass Outpouring of Grief Expressed by The cƵоŵвйетс (“sƵoŵjets [‘Soviet’]”) Proletariat over The Death of FDR throughout his own CCCP (“SSSR [‘USSR’]”: Союз cƵоŵвйетских Социалистических Республик [“Sojuz sƵoŵjetskih Socialističeskih Respublik,” or The “Union of Soviet Socialist Republics”]) – The Communized Pусский (“Russkij”) Empire Seized from The Former Colonies of ТЗˈьсцаррист (“TƵ’scarrist [‘Cæsarist’]”) Dominion even whilst The People[s] of Said Domain[s] had been Celebrating Postmonarchist Independence Resultant The ТЗˈьсцарр’c (“TƵ’scarr’s [‘Cæsar’s’]”) 1917 Abdication (Note: By 1922 [but The Year Preceding That of mine own Late & Sainted Mother’s Birth] The SSSR [“USSR”] would comprise Forced Union of No Less Than One-Hundred and Twenty-Two [122, sic] Conquered, Formerly Sovereign States and Nationalities contiguous to Россия [“Rossija,” or “Russia”] or within its Geosynchronous Orbit[s]: The European Baltic-Littoral Nations of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania; The Caucasusasian Nations of Armenia, Georgia and Azerbjidzhan; The Innerasian Nations of Kazakhst̪ǣn, Kyirghyizist̪ǣn, Tajikist̪ǣn, Türkmenist̪ǣn and Uzbekist̪ǣn; Tannu-Tuvis and The Siberasian vastnesses Stolen from Монгол улс [“Monggγol Uls,” or “Mongolia Ulus;” literally “Outer Mongolia”]; along with The Euroasian Nations of Moldavijinæ [Anteroumanian Moldavia; Writ as Молдавийинæ in The Burning Protectorate of Transnistria, where The Cyrillic Alphabet is Still In Use], Белару́сь [“Bielaruś,” or “Byelaruss;” lit “White Russia”] and Україна [“Uukrɑˈjinɑ,” or The “Ukrayinæ;” lit The “Borderland”] – a Nation with the same Geographic Area-Size and Population-Ratio of Français [“France”] – etc; All Incorporated as De-Facto Colonies Under Dictatorship of The Коммунистическая Партия Советского Союза [“Kommunisticheskaya Partiya sƵoŵjetskogo Soyuza,” or “Communist Party of The Soviet Union”] – abbreviated КПСС [“KPSS,” or “CPSU”] – either as Советских Социалистических Республик [“sƵoŵjetskih Socialističeskih Respublik,” or “Soviet Socialist Republics;” Comprising All of The Above Excepting Tuvisia and The Mongolian Reaches of Central Asia] or even Lesser Internal Entities of Administration – Government of The SSSR Being Subject To Will of The cƵоŵвйетский Cоюз [“sƵoŵjetskij Sojuz,” or “Soviet Union”: Mere Euphemism for The KPSS, or “CPSU”] – what was done unto these Nations serving Template for what The Comintern [Communist Internationalé] Intended to Perpetuate Around The World – and so hideously Actualized Throughout Eastern Europe and The Balkan Peninsula via Anglo-American Effort[s]).

— Behind his Aliased Identity as Сталин (“Stalin”), The Prēmîer of The sƵoŵjetskij Sojuz (“Soviet Union”) Despatched One of his Sons to View The Body of “His Man In The White House (FDR)” but even One of “The Man of Steel’s (Stalin’s)” Own Sons was Denied this Diplomatic Courtesy. Why?..

— Less Than Half-a-Century (Forty-Six Years [46 Yrs]) Later: In BUDDHIST JEWISH-AMERICAN MILITARY VETERAN, SCREENWRITER, FILM DIRECTOR & PRODUCER WILLIAM OLIVER STONE’s (b1946—[Aged 67 Yrs]) Movie “JFK (1991),” Historic Inspiration for The Character of “MISTER X” was Personally Derived from a Former Pentagon “Blacks-Ops (‘Black [id est Covert] Operations’)” Agent who was Personally Acquainted with both of The Infamous DULLES BROTHERS:

— MAJOR JOHN FOSTER DULLES, US ARMY, RETIRED (b1888—d1959; US Senator from New York: 1949; 52nd US Secretary of State: 1953—1959), In-Office of Secretary of State Under FIVE-STAR GENERAL DWIGHT DAVID “IKE” EISENHOWER, US ARMY, RETIRED (Rep[ublican], b1890―d1969; 5-Star Generalcy: 1942―1943; SACEUR [Supreme Allied Commander, Europe]: 1944―1945; 1st Governor of The American Zone of Occupied Germany: 1945; 16th Chief of Staff of The Army: 1945―1948; 1st Supreme Commander, NATO [North Atlantic Treaty Organization]: 1951―1952; 34th US Presidency: 1953―1961)

— and The US Secretary of State John Foster Dulles’ Younger Sibling – The First Civilian and Longest-Serving Director of Central Intelligence To Date: ALLEN WELSH DULLES (American Diplomat & Attorney-at-Law, b1893—d1969; 5th Director of Central Intelligence: 1953—1961), who Sat On The Warren Commission to Enforce Aggressive Suppression of Evidence in wake of his Participation In Assassination of his own President Following his Termination From Employment as CIA [Central Intelligence Agency] Director by Same Executive: PRESIDENT JOHN FITZGERALD “JOHN-BOY” KENNEDY (Dem, Alias “JFK,” Awarded US Navy & Marine Corps Medal + Purple Heart Recipient for His Service in WW—II [World War II: 大 きい東アジア太平洋戦争 / “Ōoki-i Higashi-ajia Taiheiyōusensōu,” or “The Greater East-Asian Pacific War”: 大日本帝國 / “Daï Nīpp-Hôn Tei-Koku,” or The “Empire of Greater Japan” versus The Anglo-American Allied United Nations; Hostilities Commencing with USS / United States Ship Panay & HMS / His Majesty’s Ship Ladybird Co-Incidents: 12 / 12, 1937―Cessation of Hostilities: 08 / 28, 1952 – 日本人 / “Nīpp-Hôn-Jīn,” or “Japanese People’s” & Anglo-American Peace Treaty of San Francisco Effective as Recognized by The United Nations – of which both The United Kingdom and United States are Founding Member-States], First Gǽilge [“ÉIrelish,” or “Irish” in The Ænglish]-Catholic President of a Then-Predominantly WASP [White Anglo-Saxon Protestant] & Papaphobic United States, Youngest US Executive Ever Elected To Office [Aged 43 Yrs] + Shortest-Lived of All Presidents To Date, b1917—d1963 [the year of mine own late sister’s birth]; Rejected by [The] US Army but Commissioned into Junior Grade Lieutenancy w / in The USNR [United States Naval Reserve] through Influence of “The Man Who Made JOHNNY-K”: Then-DIRECTOR, ONI [Office of Naval Intelligence], CAPTAIN ALAN GOODRICH KIRK [b1888—d1963; Expiring: 101563, Little Over a Month Prior Executive Action Against his President]; US Naval Attaché, London: 1939—1941; Director, Office of Naval Intelligence from March 1941 but Obstructed and Opposed by entrenched US Naval Administrative Élite from developing ONI into effective Office along line[s] of [The] British Royal Naval Operational Intelligence Centre [which he had Liaised with whilst in London]; Senior US Naval Commander: Normandie [“Normandy”] Landings of 060644 [June 6th, 1944]; Retired in Full Admiralty: Ca 1946; Combined Posting, US Ambassadorship to Belgium / US Envoy to Luxembourg [Bruxelles Residency], 1946—1949; US Ambassador to [The] Союз Советских Социалистических Республик [“Sojuz sƵoŵjetskih Socialističeskih Respublik,” or “Union of Soviet Socialist Republics”]: 1949—1951; Director of The Psychological Strategy Board, In Planning & Co-Ördination of Government PSY-OPS [Psychological Operations]: 1952; US Ambassadorship to mine own Homeland 民族主義者的中華民國在臺灣一個百島 [“Mín-Zú-Zhǔ-Yì Zhě Dí Zchuōngg-kHouá Míng-Kuó Zài Tái-Wān Yī Gè Bǎi Dǎo,” or “República da China dos Nationaliasts, a em um cem Islhlas de Formosa” – The “Nationalists’ Republic of China on The One Hundred Islands of Táiwān”]: 1962—1963 – Former Naval Attaché to The Founding Father of The Kennedy Dynasty: GǼILGE [“ÉIRELISH / IRISH”] MAFIA GODFATHER JOSEPH PATRICK “JOE” KENNEDY, S[ENIO]R [b1888—d1969; 1st Chairman of The Securities & Exchange Commission: 1934—1935; 1st Chairman of The Maritime Commission: 1936—1938; 44th US Ambassador to UK-GB / NI [United Kingdom of Greater Britain & Northern Ireland]: 1938—1940; His most Celebrated Son: Lt [jg] John F Kennedy Himself Serving PTO [Pacific Theater of Operations]: 1941—1945 – Meritoriously Earning Rank of Full Lieutenancy Consequent [The] PT [Patrol Torpedo]-109 Incident when 海軍少佐花見耕平 [“KAIGUN SHŌSA HANAMI KŌHEI,” or “LIEUTENANT COMMANDER KŌHEI HANAMI”], Commanding Officer of Nīpphônjīn Destroyer HIJMS [His Imperial Japanese Majesty’s Ship] 天霧 [“Amagiri,” lit “Heavenly Mist”], Ordered his Two Hundred and Forty-Five [245]-Man Crew to Bear Down At High Speed and Ram US Cruiser PT-109 with Kennedy At The Helm – cleanly slicing the American PT-Boat In Twain [2] w / in Ten Seconds [10 Scnds] w / out Opening Fire and thereby potentially Exposing The Amagiri’s Position [see ]; Nīpphônjīn Destroyer Captain Hanami Surviving The War and Attending President Kennedy’s Inauguration Come 1961 By Personal Invitation From The President-Elect Himself [sic]; Lt JFK being Honorably Discharged Months Prior to Cessation of Proactive Prosecution of Hostilities Concomitant Publicly-Suppressed Medical Issues [incontrovertibly involving Lifelong Spinal-Injury Symptoms Collateral The Ramming of The PT-109]; Member, US House of Representatives: 1947—1953; US Senator from Massachusetts: 1953—1960; 35th US Presidency: 1961—1963; Assassinated: 112263 [November 22nd, 1963: ]).

Oliver Stone’s Professionally Vetted Inside Source Fulfilling The Above Criteria was None-Other-Than The FORMER CHIEF OF SPECIAL OPERATIONS FOR THE JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF UNDER PRESIDENT JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY: THE (Now) LATE COLONEL LEROY FLETCHER “FLETCH” PROUTY, USAF (United States Air Force), RETIRED (b1917—d2001; The Late Col[onel] Leroy Fletcher Prouty’s In-Depth WW—II Experience[s] Behind “Enemy” Lines led him to Publicly Admit that World War II could easily have been Concluded with Neither The Terrorist Atomic Bombings of Hiroshimashi (“Hiroshima City”) and Nagasakishi (“Nagasaki City”) Nor The Planned Invasion of 大きい日本語ホーム諸島 [“Ōkii-Nīhôŋgo Hōmu-Shotō,” or The “Greater Japanese Home Islands”] whose Obviation was The Ostensible Justification for those International War Crimes. Indeed: It was ultimately In Protestation of such Military Criminality as Perpetrated by That Same Military Junta which Assassinated his Contemporary Commander-In-Chief [John F Kennedy] that Col Fletch Prouty Initiated Severance from Military Service to become a Bank Executive. Ironically: His subsequent Subscription to The Theory of Abiogenic Petroleum Origin [Positing that Oil is Not Derivative of Fossils but instead Sources from Carbon Deposits deep w / in Gǣĩǣtellus – Our Planet “Earth”] consequently prompted his Vocal Criticality of US Foreign Policy – particularly the Covert Activities of The CIA, about which he had gained considerable Inside Knowledge; Exemplary of such being when Col Prouty Informed Leaders of The Church of Scientology that The Military Discharge Papers of OTO [Ordo Templi Orientis: “Order of the Temple of the East,” or “Order of Oriental Templars”] FRĀTER [“BROTHER”] LAFAYETTE RONALD “L-RON” HUBBARD [American Fābuliste, b1911—d1986; USMCR / United States Marine Corps Reserve and WW—II USN / United States Navy – Commissioned Officer Status – Commanding Two Ships In Succession: The USS YP-422 and USS PC-815] were “Sheep-Dipped [meaning Two Sets of Government Records were Generated Documenting Frāter L Ron Hubbard’s Service]” – Said Revelation Emerging when Pulitzer Prize-Winning American Author & Screenwriter LAWRENCE WRIGHT [b1947—Aged 66 Yrs; Staff Writer, THE NEW YORKER Magazine] Published Exposition on the Subject Revealing that Official Government Documents Contained No Mention of Any Injury Suffered by “Brother” Hubbard In Service to his Nation. Note[s]: As the Literary Character of ROYAL NAVY COMMANDER JAMES BOND [CMG: Of The Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michæl and Saint George], RNVR [Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve] b.ca [born circa] 1917 / ca 1924—[Aged 90—97 Yrs; see ] was Modeled on the Life of his Creator: English Author, Journalist and Naval Intelligence Officer IAN LANCASTER FLEMING [b1908—d1964; while working for Britain’s Naval Intelligence Division during The Second World War, Fleming was involved in Planning Operation: Goldeneye and in the Planning and Oversight of Two intelligence units: 30 Assault Unit and T-Force – his Wartime Service and his Career as a Journalist providing much of the Background, Details and depth of The Original Series of James Bond Novels as Set in a Contemporary Period: Between May of 1951 Through February of 1964], so too was Award-Winning American Mystery Writer GREGORY MCDONALD’s [b1937—d2008] Literary Creation IRWIN MAURICE FLETCHER – an Irreverent Former US Marine-cum-Investigative Journalist who prefers The Sobriquet of “FLETCH [1974; Portrayed On-Screen by American Comedian, Writer, Television & Film Actor CORNELIUS CRANE ‘CHEVY’ CHASE: b1943—Aged 70 Yrs]” Modeled on the Historical Character of Prouty, The Series of Fletch Novels and Literary Spinoffs [the Extrapersonal Name Attributed to McDonald’s Character functioned as unto a genuine Ancient Roman Cognomen in that The Citizen-Subject of The Novels Passes it Down from Father-to-Son] as well as Screen-Interpretations [there being Two Fletch Films Starring Chevy Chase] being Contemporaneously Set From Time[s] In Wake of The JFK Assassination Through Today).

Per One of The Published Nonfiction Historical Works by The Late Col Fletch Prouty (Not To Be Confused of course, with The Late Greg McDonald’s Fictitious “Fletch” & Company Novels as Inspired by Prouty’s Life), Stalin is Paraphrased as having Said: «Они пытались Oтравить Mеня. Интересно, если Oни Получили Mою Cучку Рузвельт (“Oni pytalis’ Otravit’ Menja. Interesno, esli Oni Polučili Moju Sučku Ruzvel’t [‘They tried to Poison Me. I wonder if They Got My Bitch Roosevelt.’].”).» Obviously Prēmîer Ген-Сек (“Premier Gen-Sek [‘First General Secretary’]”) Stalin Suspected that Someone had Assassinated FDR, but a man like Stalin would, of course, have been Axiomatically Incapable of Assuming Anything Else …

Yet Now: In Context of his Latest Book: “CLOSELY GUARDED SECRETS,” Social Commentator & Protocol Consultant WILLIAM HANSON’s Years of Research and Interviews of Key Witnesses have inevitably Exposed How The FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) Assassination of 4 / 12, 1945 was Carried Out and Why The True Cause of FDR’s Demise was carefully Covered-Up for well Nigh Seven Decades (Sixty-Nine Years [69 Yrs]).

The Hanson Investigation into The Roosevelt Assassination (041245 [April 12th, 1945]) began with a Former NSDAP-Mann (“National Socialist German Workers’ Party-Man”) – an Escapee from an American Internment Camp – who had discovered that “Democratic” President-For-Life Roosevelt had been Poisoned. Hanson was subsequently Hampered by Sources ranging from The Staff of The Roosevelt Library to The US State Department. Nevertheless: Hanson’s Investigation(s) eventually Uncovered a multiplicity of Hidden Facts:

1. Nineteen (19) Federal Agents of The US$$ (United States $ecret $ervice [The Currency Symbol U$D Applied In Duplet has Ever Covertly Denoted The American $ecret $ervice since 1883, when Said Office was Officially Acknowledged as a Distinct Organization w / in The United States Treasury Department – The Executive Branch of The United States Being Subsidiary to The Federal Department Responsible for Formulation and Recommendation of American Fiscal, Financial, Economic and Taxation Policies, as rendered Demonstrable by The Mundane Fact that The Very Well-Being and Personal Security of The First Family-In-Executive Office is Beholden Unto – and Thereby Literally Hostage To – That Bureaucracy which Specifically Serves as Financial Agent for The United States Government]) were Assigned Warm Springs, Georgia, to Protect The President but The Axis still managed to Infiltrate an Assassin into Roosevelt’s Vacation-Estate in Warm Springs.

2. FDR went Comatose just Minutes after having been Served a Cyanide-Laced Bowl of Porridge and Died One Hundred and Fifty Minutes (Two-and-a-Half Hours) Later.

3. To The Surgeon General of The United States, The Head of The US State Department, The Chief of The American $$ ($ecret $ervice) and THE LONGEST SERVING FIRST LADY OF THE UNITED STATES ANNA ELEANOR ROOSEVELT (Alias “FIRST LADY OF THE WORLD” On-Basis her Active Affiliation[s] w / The UN [United Nations] her Husband [FDR] had Established, b1884—d1962; First Ladyship of New York: 1929—1932; First Ladyship of [The] United States: 1933—1945; First Ladyship of [The] United Nations: 1942—1945), it was Immediately Understood that FDR had been Assassinated by Agents of The Axis – but All Parties Conspired to Conceal The Facts from a Taxpaying Electorate Under Unlimited State-of-Emergency.

4. The US / $$ ($ecret $ervice of The United States) Required The Household Staff to Swear that they would Never Reveal what had occurred at The Roosevelt Vacation-Home.

5. One Individual Broke that $$-Imposed Vow-of-Silence: The Deceased President’s Attending Physician, who insisted that – per Georgia Law(s) – an Autopsy Must be Performed upon Poison-Victims but was still Forced to Relinquish FDR’s Cadaver as it was Immediately Evacuated Out-of-State to Prevent Official Medical Examination.

6. Per Documents which I myself Incinerated Under Orders: The Axis Assassin was an Ǽngælic Underage(d) Nordic-Aryan Fräulein (Quite Probably Between 14—16 Years of Age) whom Lifetime President Roosevelt insisted on being Left Alone and Unattended With as Often as Possible – a Precondition which expedited her Escape.

7. Within Fēowertyne Niht (The “Fortnight [‘Fourteen Nights’]”): A Dozen (Twelve [12]) of The Above-Mentioned Nineteen $$ Agents were “Retired” from The American $$ and The Remaining Seven $$-Men Laterally-Transferred Into Frontline Military Service (as The United States was Still At War [Most Proactively In The Asian Pacific]) – In-Punishment – To Spite The Fact these same $$ Agents had worked incredibly hard over the years in Carrying and Transporting The Executive (FDR could not walk [once they had even built a block-long Platform for FDR to Speak on because he wanted to walk slowly – by means of braces on his legs – up The Ramp to Speak; thereby Concealing his Disability as he Concealed Everything Else about himself and his own from The Very American Electorate which had so Willingly Surrendered Unto him such Unlimited Powers]), Acting The Role of Servants as much as Security – as unto Mediæval Nīpphônjīn 侍 (“Sămuraï [lit ‘Servicemæn’]”)-Palanquin-Bearers.

— From The Moment Stalin Learned of The FDR Hit he Proceeded to Effect Mobilization of The COMINTERN Worldwide to Overthrow The Contemporary British Government.

— 071245 (July 12th, 1945): Within Precisely Sixty Days (Two Months): The Labour Party in The Commonwealth of Australia Won Control of The Government Down Under in a Nationwide Election. This Alone was a strong sign that The People(s) of The British Commonwealth were Moving Away from The Leaders That Had Brought Them War Towards Leaders Who Might Bring Them Peace. With His Янки Сука (“Janki Suka [‘Yankee Bitch’]”) Put Down As Unto a Rabid Dog, The cƵоŵвйетс (“sƵoŵjets [‘Soviet’]”) Dictator Stalin most certainly had no more need to suffer the pretensions of Wartime ARCH-CONSERVATIVE BPM (BRITISH PRIME MINISTER) SIR WINSTON LEONARD SPENCER-CHURCHILL (“Half-Yank” Son of LADY RANDOLPH “JENNIE” CHURCHILL [Herself Recognized By The Imperial Order of the Crown of India & L’Ordre très vénérable de l’hôpital de Saint-Jean de Jérusalem, or “The Most Venerable Order of The Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem,” born JEANETTE JEROME, 1854—d1921; Jennie Churchill was an Élite United States Citizen of The American Monied Class], Sir Winston Churchill himself being Recognized By The Most Noble Order of The Garter, L’Ordre du Mérite [“The Order of Merit”], The Order of The Companions of Honour; as well as Decorated Territorial, Deputized Lieutenancy and Granted Fellowship of The Royal Society & Membership of The Royal Academy of Arts, born 1874—d1965; Home Secretary: 1910—1911; Chancellor of The Duchy of Lancaster: 1915; Minister of Munitions: 1917—1919; Secretary of State for Air: 1919—1921; Secretary of State for The Colonies: 1921—1922; Chancellor of The Excheqᵫr: 1924—1929; First Lord of The Admiralty: 1939—1940; 64th & 65th UK-GB / NI PM [United Kingdom of Greater Britain & Northern Ireland Prime Ministry]: 1940—1945; Leader of The Conservative Opposition: 1945—1951; Secretary of State for The Defence: 1951—1952; 67th UK-GB / NI PM: 1951—1955 [Nobel Prize In Literature Recipient: 1953]) …

— 072645 (July 26th, 1945): Within Seventy-Four Days (Two-and-a-Half Months) of The Axis Execution of FDR as The Preeminent War Criminal of Le Vingtième Siècle De Notre Seigneur (L’XXe Siècle Anno Domini [‘The Twentieth Century of Our Lord’]): Elections were Held in Britain w / Blockbuster Result(s). An Overwhelming Большевик (“Bol’ševik [‘Bol’shevik’ ];” or “Majority”) Voted the grotesquely Mistitled “Right and Honourable” BPM Sir “Winnie” Leonard Spencer-Churchill Out-of-Office.

— Taking The Aforementioned Villain’s Place was The HEAD OF THE LABOUR PARTY: HER MAJESTY’S PRIVY COUNCIL, THE RIGHT HONOURABLE PRIME MINISTER FIRST EARL MAJOR CLEMENT RICHARD ATTLEE, BRITISH ARMY, RETIRED (Granted Fellowship of The Royal Society & Recognized By L’Ordre du Mérite [“The Order of Merit”], The Most Noble Order of the Garter and The Order of The Companions of Honour, as well as Awarded The Victory Medal and British War Medal for Service in The Gallipoli, Mesopotamian & Western Front Campaigns of WW—I [w / 1914—1915 Star], b1883—d1967; MP [Membership of Parliament] for Limehouse: 1922—1950; Chancellor of The Duchy of Lancaster: 1930—1931; Deputy Leader of The Labour Party: 1933—1935; Leader of The Labour Party: 1935—1955; Leader of The Opposition: 1935—1940 & 1951—1955; Lord Privy Seal: 1940—1942; 1st UK-GB / NI [United Kingdom of Greater Britain & Northern Ireland Deputy Prime Ministry]: 1942—1945; Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs: 1942—1943; Lord President of the Council: 1943—1945; 66th UK-GB / NI PM [United Kingdom of Greater Britain & Northern Ireland Prime Ministry]: 1945—1951; MP for Walthamstow West: 1950—1955). The British People Had Turned Suddenly and Sharply Away From The Policies of Winnie Churchill. The World Was Stunned – Not So Stalin …

And The 大きい太平洋の競合 (“Ōoki-i Taiheiyō-no-Kyōgō [The ‘Greater Pacific Conflict’];” 1937―1952 / 1953) Had Only Just Begun To Escalate – Having Not Even Yet Gone Nuclear … Firebombing Had Directly and Indirectly Killed Well Over One Hundred Thousand (100K+ [100 000 +]) People on 日本列島 (“Nīpphôn-Rettō [‘The Japanese Archipelago’]”) Since February of 1945 and Intensive Conventional Bombing Would Continᵫ In Anticipation of Attempted Allied Invasion. Indeed: A Complementary Operation Against JR グループ (Jeiāru Gurūpu [The ‘Japan Railways Group’]”) on The Core Home Island of 本州 (“Honshū [lit “Main Province”];” The Largest and Most Populous Island of 大日本 [“Daï Nīpp-Hôn,” or “Greater Japan”]) was about to Commence – Operational Objective being Isolation of The Ancient Southern Imperial Culture-Hearth Containing Approximately Fifteen Percent [15%] of Daï Nīpphôn’s [“Greater Japan’s”] Population: 京阪神 (“Keihanshin [‘Kyōtoshi-Ōsakashi-Kōbeshi’] – Daï Nīpphôn’s Second Most Populated Metropolitan Region After 首都圏-大東京 [“Shutoken Daï-Tōkiyō,” or The “National Metropolitan Region of The Greater Eastern Capital”]) from Food grown elsewhere on Ōkii-Nīhôŋgo Hōmu-Shotō (The “Greater Japanese Home Islands”). The Actual American Military Intention was the Total Eradication of Caucasian Allied POWs – Numbering Over One Hundred Thousand [100 000 +], sic) – In Denial their Continuity as a Resource, both as an Ongoing and Readily Cross-Referenced Source of Voluminous Amounts of Exploitable Information / Translation Services and as a vast Labor Pool of Physically Larger Workers.

Indeed: The Submarine Blockade and The United States Army Air Forces’ Explosive Sea-Mine-Seeding Operation(s), all-too-rudely Code-Named: “Operation: Starvation,” were both Intended to Entirely Sever Daï Nīpphôn’s Imports precepts that Her High Command would be forced to choose between Feeding their own Native Population or Continuing to Maintain this Priceless Resource of Foreign Man / Brainpower(s).

The American High Command was Betting On Precedent. Logistically-Isolated Nīpphônjīn-Held Islands were Garrisoned by Staffs that had been Forced to Resort to Cannibalizing their Caucasian Allied POWs to ward off Mass-Starvation when Choked-Off from Resupply (sic). The Pentagon was banking on The Nīpphônjīn literally being pushed into Eating their Investment and thereby Denying themselves an Invaluable Asset-Population (Unknown to The Americans, The Nīpphônjīn War Ministry had already Preempted their Enemy’s Diabolic Planning Processes On-Basis their ongoing “Quarantine” Campaigns in The Pacific, where The Majority of Nīpphônjīn-Garrisoned Islands had Never Been Invaded but simply Cut-Off from Supply-Lines wherever possible. On August 1st of 1944: Imperial Orders were Issued Instructing Mass-Execution and Bodily Disposal of All Allied POWs if an Invasion of 日本の主な島 [“Nīpphônno Omo Na-Shjima,” or The “Japanese Main Islands”] Were Ever To Occur – Practical Logic Motivating Said Order[s] being that Mass Breakout[s] of Caucasian POWs attempting Runs towards any Established Allied Beachheads and / or Lines could cause incalculable chaos behind Nīpphônjīn Lines).

Nigh a Decade Later (ca 1953 [8—9 Yrs On]): Upon The Death of Stalin and The Consequent Cessation of Proactive West Pacific Korean Peninsular Hostilities In Ignominy of a Cease-Fire Still Extant On Part of The United Nations and Communist 민주주의 인민 공화국 (북한)의 (“Min-Ju-Ju-Ui-In-Min-Gong-Hwa-Gug [Buk-Han] Ui,” or “Democratic People’s Republic of [North] Korea”) Today: The By-Then Reelected Wartime-Conservative Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill Publicly Admitted: “… to quell the Japanese resistance man by man and conquer the country yard by yard … well require the loss of a million American lives (Churchill did not dare upset his Countrymen any further by Factoring-In the Inevitable Imperial British Fatalities to be Expended in such an Operation [and his Estimate per American Losses was Calculated to be as Conservative as his Politics]).” ..

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