September 19, 2014




“3D…how do we know that he wasn’t approached or questioned about his apparent Carnac-like pre-knowledge? There were a lot of explosives used on that date as well but the pretend commission didn’t mention that publicly, or at all, so far as I know. I have always had a little problem with the way AJ announces some ‘just breaking news’ and then quotes one of his own articles as proof. Between that and the ‘off the deep end’ screaming spells I had to give him up. If I want to get yelled at I can go visit one of my ex husbands…especially the sidewinding reptilian hybrid Most of the others have passed away.”..

Per CHÉRILYN MONRŒ (as Above):

“Some of us are actually paying attention to what’s going on.”.


“Freeman Fly also allegedly knew ahead of time.. And same with William Cooper … Wouldn’t you say some just predicted upon a good hunch..Mr. Dietrich? Now , the naming of ‘Osama bin Laden’ that would’ve been a pretty obscure detail – at the time.”.



Such naïveté would normally be charming, Ladies, but severely taxes the patience of someone as I who has Lost Everything for my Outspokenness. You Advertise your Innocence per Federal Interrogative Processes. ALEXANDER EMERICK JONES’ (Alias[ed] “ALEX JONES®,” b[irthed] circa 1970s—[aged 40+ yrs]) Daily Programmatic Broadcasts would have been Permanently Shut Down while he himself would be Permanently Imprisoned for the merest SUSPICION(S) of Connectivity to The Greatest Terrorist Attack in American History.

There’s not space here to explain how ALEX JONES®’ Career was staged from the start, or that he’s really older than his Wikipedia Entry Misinforms him as (there are some Lost Years there, I can assure you).

Indeed: I was still Professionally Affiliated with The US DOD (United States Department of The Defense) amid The Early-1990’s, so I remember Jones’ Career from its Inception on Austin Public Access TV (Television) in 1993 via CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)-Sponsored KJFK Radio (98.9 FM [Frequency Modulation]), as Licensed to serve Leander, Texas, USA (United States of America): 1996—2000.

The best I can do here is Refer Readers who only learned of ALEX JONES® since 2001, or from The RONALD ERNEST “RON” PAUL (b1935—[aged 79 yrs]; Member, US [United States] House of Representatives from Texas’ 22nd District: 1976—1977 & 1979—1985; Member, US House of Representatives from Texas’ 14th District: 1997—2013) Distraction Campaign Since 2007, to learn more about MILTON WILLIAM “BILL” COOPER (b1943—d[eceased] 11 / 05, 2001; Expediently Terminated). Bill Cooper’s Wikipedia Entry is DOD-disseminated Disinformation. Cooper Originally became Active because he believed he’d Witnessed UFO’s (Unidentified Flying Object[s]) whilst Serving The Lot of You in The USN (United States Navy) and was given Documents Indicating a Government Coverup. But after Contacting myself in 1991 He realized he’d been Manipulated. For The Rest of His Life: He Attacked The Real Conspiracy as best He could.

Forgotten By The Majority, Trᵫ, it was The Late Mister Cooper Who Initially Warned a False Flag Operation was Imminent Come July of 2001 – and that أسامة بن محمد بن عوض بن لادن (“UOSĀMAH BIN MUOḤAMMÆD BIN ‘AWAḌ BĪN LĀDIN [‘OSAMA BIN-MUHAMMAD BIN-AWAD BIN-LADEN’];” b1957—[aged 57 yrs, Falsely Proclaimed Decedent]) would be Scapegoated – Indeed: It was Definitively Mr Cooper’s False Flag Warning in The First Year of The Third Millennium that Necessitated His XPD (Expedient Demise). But Before He Died He Denounced His Former Intern ALEX JONES® for Betraying Him – a Denouement both Validated and Vindicated by ALEX JONES®’ Defamation of Him After His Murder – When The Man Was No Longer Among Us to Defend His Own Good Name …

Before You Read Anything Else:

Listen To Cooper’s Own Broadcasts on ALEX JONES® Dated From The 4th, 5th and 6th Days of January, circa Anno Domini 2000 Commonal Èræ …

BILL COOPER on ALEX JONES® via Music File (MPEG [Moving Picture Experts Group] Layer-3 Audio [Audiofile Format / Extension]):

1775 010400 ALEX JONES® #1;

1776 010500 ALEX JONES® #2

& 1777 010600 ALEX JONES® #3

Exemplary of The Seriousness of Recorded Statement(s):

Less Than a Week After The Terrorist Attack(s) of September 11th, 2001, WILLIAM “BILL” MAHER, JUNIOR (b[irthed] 1956—[aged 58 yrs]) made Controversial Comments on his Broadcast Network(ed) ABC (American Broadcasting Company) Late-Night Talk Show that Undoubtedly Led to CANCELLATION of The Programme and his eventually Moving to Cable(d) HBO (Home Box Office[s]).

During Debate About Terrorism: Maher dared Disagree with THEN-PRESIDENT GEORGE WALKER BUSH’s (b1946—[aged 68 yrs]; 46th Texan Governorship: 1995—2000; 43rd US Presidency: 2001—2009) Characterization of The Terrorists as “Cowards” – Noting that “We (The US Military [~ DDD])” have been The Cowards for Remotely Bombing Countries while The Terrorists stayed in the very Planes that Crashed into The World Trade Center and The Pentagon.

According to Transcripts, Maher Stated:

“We have been the cowards, lobbing cruise missiles from two thousand miles away. That’s cowardly. Staying in the airplane when it hits the building, say what you want about it, it’s not cowardly.”

During such Sensitive Times, these Comments understandably created a bit of a firestorm. Clearly distraught by the fallout, Maher Dedicated the next Episode to frank Discussion of his Comments with some Apologizing and Clarification.

He Noted that he was not trying to Insult American Servicepersonnel and that Calling something “Cowardly” is Irrelevant to whether the Action is Morally Right or Wrong. Maher bemoaned the Immediate Post-9 / 11 Environment that made him seem “Antiamerican” simply for Expressing an Unpopular View that was held by both he and his Gᵫsts.

CONSERVATIVE RADIO HOST DENNIS PRAGER (b1948—[aged 66 yrs]) even Agreed with Maher’s Defense, in turn Defending him from Critics Claiming he was Antimilitary.

Nevertheless: The ABC Show was Canceled and Maher became Forever Attached to the Controversial Remarks.

Many, including Maher, have pointed out that the Host unfairly took The Fall for Comments that were simply In Agreement with the Thoughts of Others – including Conservative Gᵫst दिनेश जोसफ डिसूज़ा (“DINESH JOSEPH D’SOUZA,” b1961—[aged 53 yrs]). Before Maher made the infamous Remarks, D’Souza also Disagreed with Bush’s “Coward” Characterization of The Terrorists, saying:

“Not trᵫ. Look at what they did. You have a whole bunch of guys who were willing to give their life; none of them backed out. All of them slammed themselves into pieces of concrete. These are warriors.”

In that light, it’s fascinating that Maher became Subject of so much Controversy while D’Souza was spared. Their Comments practically mirror one another, with the key Exception of Maher’s Calling Out The American lobbing of Cruise Missiles to be “Cowardly.”

Maher later had D’Souza on his HBO Show and Confronted him over this. He told the Conservative Author how “it could have been helpful” if during the national firestorm over his Remarks, D’Souza had stood up to Defend him since the two of them were originally just Agreeing On The Air.

D’Souza shot back that Maher’s real troubles were the result of his including The United States Military in his Comments – something D’Souza explicitly did not do. Clearly embittered by the experience, Maher was not convinced and Expressed Skepticism at D’Souza’s Claim(s) to have Defended Maher on “Free Speech Grounds” while doing Media Appearances in The Following Weeks.

Mr Maher has every reason to be bitter: As the Mythical USN SEAL (United States Naval SEa, Air & Land[er])-Team Termination of Uosāmah bin Muoḥammæd bin ‘Awaḍ bin Lādin (“Osama bin-Muhammad bin-Awad bin-Laden”) was a hysterical farce by Any Analysis, BILL MAHER REMAINS THE ONLY MAN ALIVE – OR DEAD – TO HAVE BEEN PUNISHED FOR 9 / 11 !

And Exemplary Again of how Seriously the Mere Suspicion of Terrorist INSINUATION(S [let alone Activities!]) are Responded Unto – are the lot of you Ladies Unfamiliar with The Case of mine own Neighbour of Many Years ?




Death For Five (see “BY YOUR FACEBOOK POST[S] THEY SHALL INDOCTRINATE OTHERS TO JUDGE YE” @…/…/657776730964240:0) and Fate Far Worse For One Entered The Stage Prior my Leaving Las Vegas on Attendance unto my Responsibilities To Mistress and Mission(s) per THE THIRD ANNUAL SUPER SOLDIER & FIRST ANNUAL MIND CONTROL SUMMIT(S) Through The Weekend Transiting This Year’s Month of May Into The Month of June.

Within Hours of an Apparent Suicide Note (since when has The FBI [Federal Bureau of Investigation] ever cared about anyone Committing Suicide on an Individual Case-by-Case Basis ?) and a tweet from the Purported E(lectronic)-accounts of my Next Door Neighbour – The Socially Well-known and Professionally Respected SAN FRANCISCO SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERT & POLITICAL CONSULTANT RYAN KELLY CHAMBERLAIN II – Appearing Online, The FBI Launched a Nationwide Manhunt for Said Identified Individual Simultaneous SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics)-Storming our Residential Area in San Francisco’s Russian Hill Neighbourhood while I was Gᵫsting at my Executrix’s controversial Conference on Super Soldiery and Mind Control.

Per his own Online Résumé: Mister Ryan Chamberlain, a Bay Area Native, Attended Iowa State University prior Embarking on a Career as a Music Journalist in Des Moines. He Later Relocated to San Francisco (The Biggest Mistake in Anyone’s Life) and, at The Age of Thirty Years, Made a Bid for a Spot on The Republican Party County Central Committee In San Francisco (an Organization that Governs The Local Party and Doles Out Critical Endorsements). PAST CHAIR OF THE SAN FRANCISCO REPUBLICAN PARTY HOWARD EPSTEIN, however, has Informed myself that Chamberlain Switched Parties and became a Democrat (while I myself Publicly Denounce Both Parties as Irrelevant).

Be such as it may, Mister Epstein has Openly Declared himself absolutely stunned at The News surrounding Chamberlain:

“To have the explosives and all that is just totally mind-boggling to me. I’m hoping that he turns himself in. I hope he doesn’t get into any more trouble. I don’t know what he’s thinking. I don’t know what he’s been doing the last few years, what’s going on in his head. I’m just hoping that this all comes out and nobody gets hurt.”

According to THE SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE, The Past Few Years have been quietly successful for The Junior Ryan Chamberlain: During The 2012 NFL Season, Chamberlain was an Independent Contractor for THE SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE, tweeting and Posting Links to FaceBook to Boost Coverage for The San Francisco 49ers Insider iPad app.

Most Recently: Mr Chamberlain The 2nd Worked in Public Relations for Several Bay Area Tech(nologies), Apparel and Marketing Companies.

But At Close of This Year’s Memorial Day Weekend: A Message Posted to a Twitter e-ccount Carrying Chamberlain’s Name on Memorial Day Monday (May 26th, 2014 [052614]) That Last Week of May read: “Nothing they’re reporting is true (this, of course, a Full Work Week Prior Anything Being Reported At All [Typical Federal ‘SNAFUBAR’: Situation Normal – All Fu_ked Up Beyond All Recognition] ~ DDD).”

An Apparent Suicide Note Titled (originally enough) “GOODBYE” was also Posted to an iCloud E-ccount. The Source of Both Messages could not be Independently Verified by Conventional Media News Outlets and The FBI Declined To Comment on the Three-Page E-letter, Timed to Go Out that same Monday Through the Social Media Management System Hootsuite.

Various Media Venᵫs, Including THE SF WEEKLY, Reported that the Note was Sent Out via FaceBook. But By Noon that very Same Monday: Said Note was not on Chamberlain’s FaceBook TimeLine – though Several Posters were Referencing it (why [and more importantly Who ?] ? As one can see Below: Nothing Exceptional is Evident) and E-relaying the iCloud Link.

The Note presumes Chamberlain’s Depression while Complaining of his Mother (whom it dubs a “religious addict”) and The Time circa 2003 when he was “left out” of getting any Credit for helping Secure The San Francisco Mayoral Seat for AMERICAN LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR OF CALIFORNIA GAVIN CHRISTOPHER NEWSOM (Democrat, b[irthed] 1967―[aged 46 yrs], Member, San Francisco Board of Supervisors from The 2nd District: 1997―2004; 42nd San Francisco Mayoralty: 2004―2011; 49th California Lieutenant Governorcy: 2011―[Incumbent]). My Former Manageress LORIEN ANNE FENTON feels it quite possible Inside(r) Knowledge gleaned from Years of Mr Chamberlain’s Campaign Affiliations with High-Power(ed) Politicos Condemned him to his Fate Today (I myself have Spoken via Telephony with Lt Gov Newsom once and would find it difficult to imagine him as having anything to hide).

The E-letter also bemoaned The Supposed Chamberlain’s Two (apparently Unfulfilled) Needs In Life:

“A person and a purpose. All I ever wanted was someone to be madly in love with. Everyone wants that. Lots of people get it. But it always eluded me (Note The Intentionality of an ELLIOT RODGER [The Misogynist University of California at Santa Barbara Mass-Murderer]-Like Pining as Perpetrated by The Chamberlain Im-Poster [~ DDD]).”

The E-letter conveys that if anyone was Reading the Note, which was posited to be Posted by Hootsuite Delay, “… that means we probably don’t know each other anymore, and I owe everyone an explanation.”

Reportedly In Direct Response to this incredibly vagᵫ collection of Musings: The Federal Bureau of Investigations was able to Ascertain Unprecedented and Incalculable Danger(s), prompting FBI Agents, San Francisco Police and Fire Crews, as well as a HAZ-MAT (Hazardous Materials) and NEST (Nuclear Emergency Search Team)-Team to Block-Off Russian Hill and swarm the Residential Building beside mine own Early Saturday Morning The Thirty-First Day of May in a Search that Continued into The Early Hours of Sunday The First Day of June …

According To Witnesses: “Moon-Suited” HAZ-MAT Crews were seen going in and out of the Domicile while SWAT Snipers Positioned themselves on The Roof of The Building. Over a Dozen Sealed Crates of Evidence were Collected That Saturday Alone.

FBI SPOKESPERSON PETER LEE Issᵫd Nationwide Alert to All Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement – as well as The Citizenry of This United States – via Press Conference that MIND CONTROL SUMMIT Weekend that The FBI was Seeking San Francisco Resident Ryan Kelly Chamberlain III, Aged Forty-Two Years (42 yrs), for Possession of “Explosive Material (Political Information[?])” at his Domicile Next Door to mine own. All Officers were Warned to Assume “Defensive Posture” in Confronting Chamberlain given the “Explosive Material(s)” Recovered from his Home.

Chamberlain was quite Correctly Described as Six Feet and Three Inches (6′ 3″) Tall, Weighing in at Two Hundred and Twenty-Five Pounds (#225 lbs), possessed of Blᵫ Eyes and Brown Hair – and quite Incorrectly Described as “Armed and Dangerous: An Immediate Threat To Public Safety.”

The Taxpaying Body of United States Citizenry Nationwide was Encouraged to Turn on One of Their Own On-Sight by Calling In via 911.

Nevertheless: The San Francisco Office of The FBI was forced to concede The Investigation posed “No Threat to Public Safety,” and asserted that Protective Equipment had been used that Weekend In Interest of Agent Safety. This was, of course, Overt Admission there was No Conclusive Evidence of the Deadly Poison Ricin within Chamberlain’s Apartment. Indeed: Agents had not found Any Other Chemical or Biological Threats in the Home of The Targeted Mr Chamberlain.

FBI Spokesperson Lee Confessed as well that a NEST Bomb Squad had Arrived On-Scene of Investigation but that it turned out to be a False Radiation Alarm as Raised by The Bureau itself – as No Citizens had ever Reported Chamberlain – for Anything …

Predictably, however: FBI Sources Continued to Maintain that Crews found a Chemical in the Apartment that, if not Handled Correctly, can Kill (as is, quite expectedly, The Case with almost any number of Commercially Available Household Chemicals). Chamberlain may have bought the Chemical-in-Qᵫstion – insinuated as oft being employed in “ASSes (‘Assisted Suicide Situations’)” – over The Internet.

Predictably enough as well: The FBI Declined Further Comment on Intent(s) or Motive(s) behind the Alleged Purchase(s) of Explosive Material in light of Ongoing Investigation.

When Asked whether The FBI was using Chamberlain’s Apparent Social Media Presence to Aid In Investigation, Lee Declined Comment or Confirmation that the Online e-ccount(s)-in-Qᵫstion even Belonged to Chamberlain or were Fabrication(s) of The Bureau itself – instead emphasizing Situational Silence On-Basis Chamberlain’s Warrant and Affidavit being Contemporarily Sealed. His Domicile was being treated as an Active Crime Scene and Remained Sealed ATDE (At Time of Data Entry; Since Then being dealt with by myself: E-ccess Linkage to THE AUGUST 26th, 2014 EDITION OF ‘CRITICAL OMISSIONS’ VIA WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/USER/MYSTICKWARRIOR1 – WHEREIN HOST DD DIETRICH ADDRESSED [Among Other Matters] THE CALL-IN QUERY FROM EARLIER THAT WEEK OF BROTHER ABDUL QADIM HAQQ PER THE SUBJECT OF THE UNITED STATES’ AFRIKAN-AMERICAN HOLOCAUST IN WORLD WAR II THAT GOT REV-RAD [Revolution Radio] BLOWN OFF THE BANDWIDTH THE PRECEDING SATURDAY NIGHT,” @

Residential Neighbours Insist The FBI never Warned them about the Impending SWAT-Raided Investigation – obviously Precisely Timed while The Neighbourhood’s Most Internationally Recognized (and Locally Avoided) Resident: RENEGADE MILITARY HISTORIAN DOUGLAS DIETRICH was Away in Vegas at SUPER SOLDIER SUMMIT III / MIND CONTROL CONFERENCE I.

Per one of Doug Dietrich’s Neighbours DIANNE DUBOIS:

“There are a lot of police, a lot of fire, and there was a bomb squad here earlier. That’s very scary for those of us who live here, but it seems like everything is going OK. But it’s hard to know. We don’t know anything about what’s going on, so we have no information at all.”

Those who live In-Area (and many who do not) described an “interesting” Weekend in Renegade’s (DDD’s) Absence.

Per Casual Passerby FAISAL CHOUDRY:

“Actually, as I was walking down here, I thought it was a film set and somebody said the FBI is here investigating, and they’ve been here since the morning.”

Neighbours say they do not know much about the man who lives in the Domicile-in-Qᵫstion except he is in his Forties (40s) and Works (unlike that Doug Dietrich Bum who doesn’t seem to work at all) in Marketing. They Describe him as both quiet (again: In stark contrast to that DD Dietrich Character who, until fairly recently, used to spend all day screaming in his sleep) and polite.

Neighbour TIFFANY FECHTAR States:

“It seems a bit more chaotic down here than it was inside. The person’s door is open. There’s stuff outside. They’ve got the hazmat suits on and I don’t know. what’s going on. But I know this person who lives in this apartment. It’s just kind of weird. He seems like a nice guy, and he probably is.”

Those Who Live Inside The Building Informed myself The FBI has taken at least Two Computers from Chamberlain’s Apartment (doubtless harbouring every intention of cramming them chock-full of Child Porn[ography] — no doubt doused with a liberal dose of “Bundy Ranch Dressing” – to render their Abductee as Unsympathetic a Victim as possible).

CREATIVE DIRECTOR MARK MOSHER of San Francisco Consulting Firm BMWL says Chamberlain has been Hired by Almost Every Local Political Consulting Firm at one point or another. He has Known Chamberlain himself Through Years of Working on various Campaigns Together.

“I think for somebody to post publicly that this is a misunderstanding. They ought to give him room to try to turn himself in and work it out.”

Alas – even Absent such Public Defamation’s Inevitable Propagation as was most certainly Conspired by your Tax-Supported Political Police – those same FBI Officials almost Immediately Confirmed “Credible Sighting” of Chamberlain On-Basis National Threat Alert at Approximately 1600 Hours (04:00 Post Meridiem [presumably Pacific Standard Time]) at The Mad Dog In The Fog Bar in San Francisco’s Hippy / Skinhead Haight District. Someone Spotted Chamberlain casually drinking his brew in obvious and utter Ignorance to Everything Going Down about himself and Called 911 – Damning him Without Forewarning to Die In Captivity on The Most Nebulous of Grounds.

On Friday Morning prior This Year’s Seventy-Second Annual Invasion: America Day Weekend Commemorating The Sacrifice and Heroism of The Imperial Japanese Marine Force in their Decisive Occupation of American Territory circa Anno Domini MCMXLII (1942 Commonal Èræ), Additional Documents related to The Federal Case Against FBI Abductee Ryan Chamberlain were Unsealed. According to The Search Warrant, The FBI Claims Chamberlain Purchased Lethal Toxins Through Black Market Websites and had them Shipped Directly to his Russian Hill Apartment (leaving a Paper Trail to his own Front Door – exactly as any Conspiring Aspiring Terrorist would do, yes?).

Issᵫd Prior Search: The Affidavit Accompanying The Search Warrant (E-mbedded Within E-ttached Photographic Image of Ryan Chamberlain) Lays Out The Details that put The FBI – as well as The BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) and DHS (Department of Homeland Security) – Onto Chamberlain In The First. According to Text, Chamberlain was using an Anonymous Internet Marketplace known as “Black Market Reloaded” to Buy Biological Agents and Lethal Toxins such as Abrin, Ricin and Pure Nicotine from Dealers in California and Florida. Homeland Security has been looking into Black Market Reloaded since at least April of 2013, and the Warrant Compares the Site to a Darknet Variant of eBay or Amazon that is only E-ccessible through the Anonymous Tor Network; Taking Payment(s) via Bitcoin Held In Escrow.

The FBI also Claims a Black Market Reloaded Dealer – Identified Only as “Witness Two” – Shipped Toxins from a UPS (United Parcel Service) Store in Vacaville, California, to Two People: An Anonymous Witness in New York who Claimed they Purchased the Poison to Commit Suicide and a Recipient Named RYAN KELLY (his own name, no less), who just so happened to Share a Physical Mailing Address with Suspect Ryan Kelly Chamberlain II on Russian Hill. Suspect “Kelly” Told Witness 2 he wanted to Buy the Poison to help suffering Cancer Patients and Witness 2 Agreed to Sell him a Quantity of Abrin for Two Hundred and Fifty United States Dollars (U$D250). Witness 2, however, got spooked when Suspect Kelly started Asking whether Abrin would show up on an Autopsy.

Instead of Sending the Pure Abrin, Witness 2 Sent Two Vials of “ground rosary peas (which you can grow in your own Backyard)” – the Plant from which Abrin is Processed – in a Powder “ground finely enough to be ærosolized.” According to an FBI Lab, the Powder contained enough Abrin to Kill Hundreds (100’s) of People, but would require further work on The Suspect’s part to Purify it into a Toxin (no sh_t, huh [by Federal Definition, we could all be doing this with our kids as a School Science Project] ?). The Vials were Shipped inside of Two small Harbor Freight Flashlights with the Batteries Removed. The Suspect Later Contacted Witness 2 to Complain that the Poison did not work and the Two Cut Off Communication(s).

Finally: A Separate Homeland Security and FBI Investigation turned up a Florida Resident – Identified Only as “Witness Three” – Selling Ricin, Abrin and Hallucinogenic Mushrooms on Black Market Reloaded. Witness 3 was Busted in January This Year (2014). The FBI found a Shipping Label Made Out To Ryan Kelly at Chamberlain’s Russian Hill Address (Shipped 062613 [June 26th, 2013]) on Witness 3’s Laptop. Witness 3 has since Testified he had Extracted Pure Nicotine from Nicotine Patches and Sent it to Chamberlain’s Address Hidden Inside a VHS (Vertical Helical Scan) Video Home System Cassette Case. The Suspect even Left Feedback on Witness 3’s Black Market Reloaded Page.

Although Ryan Kelly Chamberlain II is Currently Charged with Possession of an Illegal Destructive Device, None of the Documents Reference any Explosives, nor is any Mention made of Alleged Bombmaking Materials “Found” in a Messenger Bag Inside Chamberlain’s Apartment.

This Year’s Invasion: America Day Weekend Monday: Chamberlain’s ATTORNEY JODI LINKER Requested her Client Be Transferred to a Lockdown Mental Health Facility at San Francisco General Hospital (wherein I Suffered my own Visit for Pneumonia This Year [San Francisco General Hospital Emergency Room, not The Lockdown Psyche-Ward]). Chamberlain, who has No History of Mental Health Treatment or Use of Drugs to Treat Mental Illness, has been Ordered to get a Psych-Eval (Psychological Evaluation), but a JUDGE COUSINS has Denied Linker’s Request For Transfer. Today: Chamberlain Remains In Custody at The San Francisco Hall of Justice. Per THE SF WEEKLY: Linker told Judge Cousins she Does Not Intend to Enter a Plea for her Client anytime soon …

ALEX JONES®, meanwhile, Returns Unescorted Home to an Unguarded Family Every Night to enjoy the Monetary Remunerations for his Performances sans even the slightest Trouble(s) with his Transmission(s) – either Vehicular or Broadcast(ed); So Please to Mature on a Level of Social Skepticism that Parallels the demonstrable Level(s) of your Personal Cynicism and Acknowledge The Obvious (The Most Obvious of All Being That he be Payed Whereas I Am Not [what more Evidence do you need than that – in and of itself?]) ….

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